Passing the Naked Rower!

With the weather staying fine both crews have enjoyed another 24 hours of good progress.

Toby Wallace passed Fire Ant during the night and then today they also moved further west than our friends in the French 6-person crew on Audeamus (follow their progress at: ) .    The speed of the Toby Wallace has increased this afternoon, so we expect the current 24 hour period to result in a greater distance travelled than the passed few days.

Simon (Captain of Toby Wallace) reports all on board are well. Nobody is suffering from any significant sores, they have looked after themselves well, helped by reasonably dry conditions.   Ewan is enjoying rowing in the stroke position and the Zimbabwe boys continue to supply a significant amount of power.

Fire Ant continues on their more southerly track and have just moved to the south of the Toby Wallace. Though they are still more than 100 miles north of the French crew.  Gemma (Captain of Fire Ant) says everyone is in good health. Apparently Liv has followed the example of many previous ocean rowers and is now rowing naked!

Thanks to Geoffrey Baker for some great pictures of The Toby Wallace setting out.   More to following when I have resized them to fit this website.

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