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A Life-Changing Experience!

Oceanus Rowing provides individuals from a wide variety of ages, abilities and backgrounds with the chance to row an ocean.

We have a fleet of specifically designed ocean rowing boats to offer a unique experience for prospective ocean rowers on-board one of our incredible boats.

Rowers can apply for places and pay a single fee on a Pay-Per-Place basis, which covers all your costs to do an ocean row (excludes flights & port accommodations, which we can help with discounted rates).

It is an ideal solution for adventurous people who may be unable to devote the time or be able to run their own ocean rowing campaign – it is a cost effective, fun and exciting way to do an ocean row with a outstanding, knowledgeable and experienced professional skipper to give you a one off experience!

So join us today – be involved at the cutting edge of ocean rowing with the added incentive of having an adventure of a lifetime rowing an ocean!

Email us now for further details on spaces available on our crossings.