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Oceanus Rowing provides ordinary individuals with the extraordinary opportunity to take on a LIFE CHANGING challenge and push themselves beyond their mental and physical limits.  Formerly Woodvale Challenge, this exciting Company will broaden your horizons (literally!) and help you to fulfil your dreams of rowing an ocean. And you get to join the elite club of ocean rowers in the bargain!

So Who’s Involved?

Simon Chalk, arguably the worlds most experienced ocean rower. To date Simon has rowed the Atlantic seven times and the Indian twice, skippering all number of crews and holds lots of Guinness World Records for his endeavours, including the “most ocean rows by one person”

Simon Chalk

Originally starting his adventures on the water with sailing in the BT Global Challenge in 1996, Simon began ocean rowing in 1997 in the first Atlantic Rowing Race as one of a pair. 2003 saw him row across the Indian Ocean solo – the first modern day ocean row of the Indian ocean – and became the first Briton as well as the youngest and fastest person to row the Indian in 107 days!

Taking over the Atlantic Rowing Race in 2003, Simon Chalk has inspired and enabled 100’s of individuals to row the Mid Atlantic, North Atlantic and the Indian oceans. His tireless work in this field; his numerous ocean rows, as well as being at the forefront of ocean rowing boat building has meant that his Top Ten place in the Daily Telegraph “Adventurer of the Decade 2000-2010” was well deserved.  Simon is also a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society in London.

Finishing with the Atlantic Rowing Race in 2012, Oceanus Rowing Ltd was created – dedicated to promoting the sport of ocean rowing through constant review and improvement in order to provide the best opportunity for ocean rowers to safely achieve their goals.

Simon ChalkGemma Chalk is the first port of call for budding (or indeed seasoned!) ocean rowers who want to get onboard one of our boats. Highly organised and a great communicator, she has worked in managerial and event organising positions for the past ten years. She will help get you sorted in every aspect of your ocean row and has plenty of contacts at hand to assist too. Gemma also deals with all port clearances and can help with travel arrangements and any media/PR enquiries – so get in touch with any of your questions or queries!



“For over twenty years I dreamt of rowing across the Atlantic Ocean, and to be honest I always thought it would only be a dream. Oceanus Rowing took a rowing novice and gave me the chance and the confidence to not only do it, but enjoy almost every moment of it. To be part of an authentic world record breaking attempt was incredible, weather frustrated our record and us because our chances were very realistic. They were realistic because we were in arguably the best ocean rowing boat ever built, with an incredible crew, and with the most experienced skipper to ever row an ocean. My crossing of the Atlantic engaged not only myself but my family and whole local community, it was a truly life changing experience. I cannot recommend enough people to take on the challenge of the Atlantic Ocean!”

Liam Steevenson, Titan crew member 2012

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Simon Chalk

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