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Oceanus Rowing offers a wide range of services to both ocean rowing race teams and independent ocean rows.

The sport has expanded dramatically over the past fifteen years – mainly as a result of the organised ocean rowing races that have allowed far more people from all walks of life – take part in the adventure of a lifetime.

The majority of all ocean rows use the boats that were designed for the races, equipment lists and safety standards have been well established again set as benchmark by the race organisations.

The race principals of maintaining classes of boats have regulated and supported the second hand boat market – this in turn has reduced costs to future ocean rowers joining the sport.

Ocean Rowing is constantly evolving and we are proud to be leaders in the field of ocean rowing. ┬áThis knowledge is now open to all….

Any independent rower – crossing any ocean of the World can now be supported by Oceanus Rowing. From help with boat design and construction; assistance with shipping, expedition┬átracking, boat fitting out and even complete project management. No one company knows more about what you need to make your project a success – we hope to assist all ocean rowers and the continuing development of the sport.

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