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2 Simons Atlantic Project – March 2015

Simon Chalk (UK) and Semen Deyak (Russia) headed off in March 2015 to row from Gran Canaria to Barbados as a pair onboard their boat “Sevlush” (formerly FireAnt).  Following some steering problems within the first 24 hours it was decided to accept a tow back to port to re-group.  As a result, the project was postponed and will be re-established at a later date.  All the details of the 2 Simons Atlantic Project can be viewed HERE.

Toby Wallace vs. OysterShack November 2014 – Atlantic Speed Record Attempt

The Toby Wallace and OysterShack ocean row boats went head to head across the mid-Atlantic in November 2014 with a crew of 7 men onboard Toby Wallace, skippered by Simon Chalk, and 5 men onboard OysterShack skippered by Paul Williams.  Sadly after 14 days at sea, the OysterShack crew had to be rescued due to a infection onboard that was worsening.  Bad weather and a crew member lifted off by helicopter for medical reasons onboard the Toby Wallace meant the crossing time was 39 days – another fantastic crossing time and making the “Toby Wallace” the MOST SUCCESSFUL OCEAN ROWING BOAT IN HISTORY with 4 under 40-day Atlantic crossings and now holding the 24 HOUR DISTANCE-SPEED RECORD at 103.88nm in 24 hours! With thanks to the Ocean Rowing Society for confirmation:  All the details of Toby Wallace vs OysterShack November 2014 can be viewed HERE.

Titan renamed to the Toby Wallace February 2014 – Atlantic Speed Record Attempt

Titan 2012 crew member Toby Wallace was sadly killed in a cycling accident in July 2013.  Titan ocean row boat was renamed and rowed in his memory in February 2014 with a crew of 8 men, skippered by Simon Chalk.  The fastest Atlantic crossing time Simon has done to date in a superb 32 days, 22 hours, 31 minutes and 25 seconds – just shy of the 32 day record!  All the details of Titan Row – Toby Wallace February 2014 can be viewed HERE.


Titan Row January 2013 – Speed Record Attempt

Due to unfortunate last minute crew changes through illness, Titan went out as a crew of 6 and Simon Chalk once again as skipper, in January 2013.  With a crossing time of 35 days, 13 hours and 50 minutes exactly, the crew arrived into Port St Charles, Barbados on the 19th February.  A remarkable effort regardless of the elusive record having slipped from their grasp with adverse weather conditions mid-Atlantic……next time?? All the details of Titan Row 2013 can be viewed HERE.


The ‘Imagine’ Russian Project – December 2013

‘IMAGINE’ was a brand new 6 man ocean rowing boat built by Rossiters in Christchurch.  The boat and international crew (of three Brits and three Russians) left Puerto Mogan in Gran Canaria on 17 December 2013 at 2206hrs, heading to Barbados. Sadly after 30 hours on the water they had complete rudder failure and had to be towed into La Gomera.  Reports and updates on this challenge can be viewed HERE.

IMG_3156"Imagine" Last Practise RowIMG_3074IMG_3063IMG_3089

Titan Row February 2012 – Speed Record Attempt

With a crew of 8 and Simon Chalk as skipper, ocean row boat Titan went out in February 2012 in an attempt to break the mid-Atlantic speed record which is currently at 32 days. With lack of prevailing weather and counter-current, the crew managed a respectable 34 days!  Toby Wallace was part of the Titan 2012 crew – read about the extraordinary Toby Wallace: a life well lived by clicking here. All the details of Titan Row 2012 can be viewed HERE.


Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge 2011

Running the Atlantic Rowing Race in 2011, we saw 17 boats leaving from La Gomera in the Canary Islands. Various changes of heart, rescues and dramas later with ultimately everyone safe and well, 11 boats made it all the way across to Barbados and big celebrations with family and friends.


Indian Ocean Rows 2011

Being such a grueling and tough row across the Indian, we had two boats leaving Western Australia towards Mauritius. Indian Runner 4 and Indian Runner 2 went head to head and managed safe passage all the way to Mauritius!

Allum Cup 2011

We had the maiden voyage of Britannia III, with a crew of 14 and Simon Chalk as skipper from Gran Canaria to Barbados – a new BIG boat with eight sweep rowing positions! She managed a respectable time of 42 days with lessons learnt in weight on-board for speed records in the future.

1 Jan 2010(10)1 Jan 2010(4)1 Jan 20101 Jan 2010(2)1 Jan 2010(9)

Woodvale Atlantic Rowing Race 2009

30 teams set out from La Gomera to Antigua making it the largest number of people who set to sea on ocean rowing boats EVER! It is also the only rowing race in history that had a 100% success rate as every single boat made it across to celebrate their good fortune in Antigua!

1 Jan 2010(150)1 Jan 2010(143)1 Jan 2010race 09 003_PFA6734

Woodvale Indian Ocean Rowing Race 2009

No other boat until this race had been successful in crossing the Indian since Simon Chalk crossed in 2003. It was the first time fours had attempted to cross the Indian and the first race of this kind on the Indian. There was ten boats in the race plus Aud Eamus with Simon Chalk on-board with a crew of 8. Five of the boats and Aud Eamus had successful ocean rows to Mauritius with the remainder changing their minds; sustaining injuries; fall outs of personalities and being towed back to Australia!

1 Jan 2010(23)1 Jan 2010(187)1 Jan 2010(50)1 Jan 2010(73)1 Jan 2010(313)

Oystershack Atlantic Speed Record Attempt 2007

Heading out straight after the Atlantic Rowing Race left from La Gomera, Simon Chalk was skipper on this fast boat with a total crew of 6. In a crossing time of 37 days, they became the fastest sculling boat of the time. And despite starting 21 days after the race start, they overtook all but the last five boats of the race – and giving Simon his third ocean row!

Woodvale Atlantic Rowing Race 2007

Woodvale North Atlantic Rowing Race 2006

Woodvale Atlantic Rowing Race 2005

The 2005 race saw 26 teams (20 pairs; 4 fours and 2 solo rowers) depart from La Gomera on 30 November 2005 to race to Antigua. Unprecedented bad weather during the event led to 6 boats retiring from the race.  This was also the famous Fogle & Cracknell race!!

Race Start 2005 (5)Atlantic 4 (10) (4) Mission Atlantic (16) Colin Briggs and Bobby Prentice and their boat Move Ahead (2)

Woodvale sponsored Atlantic Rowing Race 2003

On completion of his successful Indian solo row, Simon went on to agree to buy the Challenge business from Sir Chay Blyth and Woodvale sponsored the 2003 Atlantic Rowing Race whilst the company hand over was completed.

Support Vessel (25)

Simon Chalk Indian Ocean Solo Row 2003

After his previous years attempt, Simon Chalk went solo and had a very successful crossing of the Indian ocean from Geraldton to Mauritius in 107 days – becoming the first Briton, youngest and fastest modern day crossing. He opened up the route that hadn’t been tried since 1973!!

Simon Chalk Finshing His Row Across The IndianSimon RowingSimon - Indian OceanSimon Chalk and His Boat True SpiritArriving In Australia

Simon Chalk attempt with rescue on Indian Ocean as a pair 2002

Simon Chalk and Bill Greaves left from Geraldton in Western Australia to row across the Indian. Two days in, they got hit by “something”, there was a large bang and the boat went upside down. Sixteen hours on the up-turned hull awaiting rescue in shark infested waters gave them a lot of time to think – and Simon came back next year to try again!

Ariel Photo Of Elssea When She CapsizedSimon and Bill Setting OffSimon and Bill in KalbarrieSimon and Bill On Their Boat ElsseaPutting Elssea Into Water (2)

Simon Chalk entry into first Atlantic Rowing Race 1997

Simon Chalk took part in the 1996 BT Global Challenge sailing on-board “Save The Children” Challenge yacht around Cape Horn, which gave him the bug of being at sea braving the elements.  He entered the first Atlantic Rowing Race in 1997 organised by Sir Chay Blyth as a result.