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Toby Wallace & Oystershack – November 2014

November 2014: these two fine ocean rowing boats go head to head in a battle to Barbados.  They left Puerto de Mogan, Gran Canaria on Monday 24 November 2014 at 2159hrs to begin their Atlantic row.  In order to beat the 32 day speed record, they must arrive into Barbados before 2159hrs (GMT) on Boxing Day!


The 7 man crew of the “Toby Wallace” will be on its fourth mid Atlantic crossing having completed crossings in 2012, 2013 and in February 2014 with the quickest crossing time being 32 days, 22 hours, just 22 hours shy of the current Atlantic speed record.

Oystershack” is a 5-man crew in this boat with two previous Atlantic crossings in 2007/08 and 2011/12.  It holds the “fastest crossing time into Antigua” with a time of 37 days and also holds the “fastest female crossing time” with a time of 45 days.  The boat has just had a complete re-fit.

You can see the CREW PROFILES by clicking here; BOAT TRACKING below; view the DAILY STATS by clicking here; leave your messages of support and encouragement on the MESSAGE BOARD beneath and see all the PHOTOS of the boats and the crews adventure.  Read the latest NEWS here!

Day 39.5Day 39 1800hrsDay 39.5 Stats ( to 3rd January 2015 at 1000hrs UK time / 0600hrs Barbados time ) :

Toby Wallace: Daily mileage 46nm at halfway point of day.

0930hrs Barbados time: 20nm from North Point of Barbados.  The crew food orders are in and it’s mainly salads, chips and only the one steak (Noel of course!) – oh yes and a Ploughmans platter (cheese, breads, chutneys, pickles)…seriously Roland, in Barbados!?!  Cold beer is also the order of the day!!

1400hrs Barbados time: (1800hrs UK time) The Toby Wallace crew are just off North Point, Barbados and will be arriving in the next few hours into Port St Charles.  Photos and update to follow later tonight.

TW Crew On Water Nov 14TW Crew Photo Nov 20141515hrs Barbados time: (1915hrs UK time) The Toby Wallace crew are holding off on a mooring just outside Port St Charles as Roland’s family are rushing from Barbados airport to be here to see him arrive!  They will come into PSC Yacht Club when his family arrive!

Toby Wallace: Completed their row after 39 days, 23 hours and 21 minutes.  Well done everyone!

Another fantastic crossing – making the “Toby Wallace” the most successful ocean rowing boat in history with four under 40-day crossings and holds the 24 hour distance-speed record at 103.88nm in 24 hours whilst on this latest crossing!  With thanks to the Ocean Rowing Society for confirmation and verification:

OysterShack news – &

Toby Wallace Tracking Nov 14 - Jan 15

Tracking for the boats against the 32 day Atlantic speed record is also kindly being provided by the Ocean Rowing Society at:

406 thoughts on “Atlantic Row Nov 2014

  1. Well done Mr Webb and the Toby Wallace Crew! What a fantastice achievement you all must be so proud and exhausted!!! We are currently drawing pictures of you Mr Webb with your long beard!!! Hope to see you soon x

  2. Rols what acheivement!!! So very proud of you and the TW Crew ! Look forward to all the stories and seeing a new slim line Roly !
    Love Botts x

  3. A huge well done all, so proud of the stamina and strength you all have.

    Sassafras crew

  4. Well done to all, congratulations on this epic event. John F – digging the grey dude!

    Dave L

  5. Steve and the crew of Toby Wallace.
    Well Done, FANTASTIC.

    All the best Tony Sammons at Wrekin Circuits .

  6. I just want to thank you Simon for all your guidance and expertise in bringing this venture to such a safe and successful conclusion. It was so exciting yesterday and now I also can relax!!! Wishing you and Gemma all the very best for 2015.
    Barbara (Roly’s Mum)

  7. Much respect stephen on an epic achievement ..well done to all. Keep that beard intact .. We want to see it for real in coxes seat back on the river!!! Just

  8. Stephen- this comes as no surprise to us but may do to you but it appears you have sprouted a full on ginger beard ! Oh and well done on the row

  9. Congratulations on your great journey, glad you have arrived safe and sound, enjoy your last few days together and safe trips home to your families.

  10. Steve and crew. Well done on your fantastic row through all sorts of adversity. Take a well deserved rest and more than a few beers. See you on the river again soon.
    Stuart & Julia

  11. Many congratulations Simon and crew, enjoy every moment arriving on dry land and that first beer….sorry Gemma I meant hug really!
    What an amazing journey this has been, wish we were with you all, love and best wishes, Matt, Elaine, Chris and Dave xxx

  12. Congratulations John and the rest of the crew on an amazing journey! Enjoy the beer!! So proud of you Bro X love Sarah x

  13. Well done Stephen and Co – hope to see you out on a Tuesday night soon! Enjoy some fine food, drinks, hot shower/bath and a comfy bed!

  14. Stephen. I am so very proud of you and your crew. What an achievement and adventure. I bet food and bear has never tasted so sweet! Enjoy the moment and I very much look forward to your full and unabridged account when you get back. Again a massive well done. Steve.

  15. Congratulations John F & the rest of the crew, been following your journey by the day. Enjoy your cold beer 73 Smurf

  16. Well done to Simon and crew of ‘Toby’ on completion of a tough row
    enjoy the ‘delights’ of Port St Charles, a few cold beers and ‘normal’ food !!
    love and best wishes to Simon [am so proud of you ] and crew

    Lesley [Simons Mum] xx

  17. Magnificent Jez and the rest of you guys…..Lynda and me will raise a glass to you all tonight in Tenerife….

  18. John F, Proud of you mate.
    Respect to all of the TW crew.
    Enjoy dry land and a very wet night!
    Nick Fiona Eve Agnes

  19. Congratulations to all the crew on an amazing row! Look forward to seeing the arrival photos soon XXX

  20. Well done, what a brilliant effort. Enjoy the celebrations.

    James, Claire & Alfie

  21. So many congratulations to Stephen and all the crew now approaching/rounding the helicopter pad and into the yacht club of Port St Charles… to a noisy welcome. WELL DONE- an amazing achievement. love Alison and Peter Howard

  22. Wow you are so close now we are counting down the hours! Enjoy the final moments on TW and celebrations when you reach dry land. Looking forward to seeing all the photos xx

  23. Fantastic effort Noel and team. Enjoy those beers and salad, all earnt 1000 time over.

  24. Well done all of TW, row the last bit like you stole it.
    See you soon Steve enjoy the beer.

  25. Steve what a man fantastic achievement , I bet you are ready for a half a beer now !!

  26. Steve
    You must be feeling so good seeing the lights of Barbados. Will be even better feeling the sand between your toes. Absolutely fantastic achievement.

  27. Well done Steve The Boss – you’ve very nearly done it! Please keep the beard until we’ve all seen it at work. Hope you’re not too broken and we’ll see you back in Telford soon!

  28. Roly,
    Congratulations, amazing achievement, enjoy Barbados with your family. Can’t wait to hear some stories. Love Chris & Joe Plumb

  29. WOW that is amazing speed fantastic effort guessing you ll be in soon well done Stephen and crew , epic achievement !!

  30. Last few strokes, Toby would be very proud of you all, as are we. Thank you all for helping to keep Toby’s name alive, all the charities he supported will all be in your debt. Well done everybody.
    Ian and Denise

  31. Congratulations to you all. What a magnificent row today and getting faster every day this week. Barbados tomorrow! Great news and great achievement. Wish we could have been there to see you arrive. Love M.

  32. almost there steve – well done!! a beach in barbados sounds rather attractive from where we’re sitting – hope you get to enjoy some r&r before flying home’
    john, jill, anna and shivani

  33. Hi Rolls, we’ve been following you daily and called your sat phone a few times. Nearly home now!! Looking forward to hearing all about it! You’ve done well boys!! xx

  34. Come on Tony…. Empty the tank! There is no point thinking you could have done more whilst on ‘plane home.

  35. On finals guys… impressed with what you have done, look forward to hearing all about it Jez, we should book you for an IPGC evening and you can tell us all about the scenery….and the buckets!

  36. Happy New Year Simon, Noel and crew. I guess there will be a few stories to tell after this trip about weather, currents etc, but all will be better for a cold beer or three.
    Best regards
    Ian and Denise

  37. Happy New Year from Norway.

    I am following you every day on
    the web pages.
    Very exiting.

    Øivind Pedersen

  38. Happy New Year Noel & TW crew. Hope Barbados is ready for you! Wishing you calm seas, dolphins and the wind behind you for your last days. What an awesome feat. Look forward to hearing your stories. XX

  39. Awesome effort chaps. Happy new year Roly. I pity the first bar you wander into next week! Keep going, nearly there.

  40. Stephen, well we are getting fed up of fresh coffee, cold beers, turkey, crackers & cheese, chocolates etc and wishing we were with you in those warmer climes doing a spot a rowing! Only 20 Montfords to go – put some effort in….

  41. Thanks Noel, for your tip about seeing you on the internet. Having looked at your updates almost every day, amazing cool trip. Daniel and sister in Sweden, we met in Mogan.

  42. Hey Team TW,

    What an unbelievable thing to have done… You are all incredible! Rols, just think of that first nice crisp cool Corona & lime… Not long now flower! Go team TW!!!!!!

  43. Happy New year Toby Wallace crew, we all had an extra drink for you last night. Not long now to land. Looking forward to seeing you Noel.

  44. Just left golf club – everyone wishes all on TW happy New Year
    Keep rowing – Barbados beckons
    Love Mum XXX

  45. Just past midnight and fireworks are going off. Happy New Year, Stephen. Thinking of you all and it won’t be long before you reach land and achieve your varied dreams. Love to everyone, M.

  46. New Year Greetings to Simon and crew on ‘Toby’
    just watching fireworks from London and raising a glass to you all – you are doing so well and you will soon be in Barbados – decent food, comfortable ‘stable’ bed and a beer or two!!
    love Lesley xx

  47. Happy New Year to all on TW, not long now till celebrations in Barbados. You are all doing very well, will raise a glass or two to you all tonight, Neville and Elodie xx

  48. Happy new year Daddy. We will save some champagne for you, if George doesn’t drink it all. Charlie, George, Coco and Issy xx

  49. Brilliant Jez and guys, wishing u all a fantastic New Year, quick pee then row back is it?

  50. Hi guys,
    All the legeais family wish you a very happy new year. We are following you every day. We have been ski touring today. Tell Stephen we already think to his next challenge – chamonix- zermatt.
    With love to all of you.

  51. Steve,in awe of your fantastic challenge. Superb effort by everyone involved, all rooting for you. Happy New Year! Colin Heywood

  52. Stevie Boy – Rexy here – well impressed mate – don’t forget only put any effort in when others are watching & there’s only one finish line !!! Good luck & hopefully catch up with you when you get back – Rexy

  53. Roly and crewmates, well done for keeping up the pace over the last few days. Hope you have taken some pleasure in missing out on the sprouts, pictionary arguments, Rudolph jumpers etc. According to the map you should almost be able to smell the rum by now. Time for the final sprint! From the Millses

  54. Stephen- reckon about 125 hours until you get the T shirt , make the most of it …… It’s simply amazing

  55. Thinking of you out there Noel “Merry Potato and Potato New Year”
    Sassafras in the Bay of Islands

  56. Hope you enjoyed your Xmas swim Noel. We had a wine or two for you..well quite a few actually. Keep it up fulla. Cheers

  57. A belated Merry Christmas to John and the crew of Toby Wallace.
    Keep on rowing lads.
    All the best
    Nick Fiona Eve Agnes

  58. hey Jez
    Wow still rowing! we are so proud of you ‘don’t count the days make the days count!’
    I am in sunny Nelson, it is far too hot of course but fabulous to see the girls.
    I can just see the smiles M, M & S will have when you arrive on land – keep it in your mind : – ) see you in the New Year much love linda xxxxx

  59. Happy Christmas .having drinks with the oas boys the all wish you well .goodluck not far now x

  60. happy Christmas Simon and crew, what a memorable Xmas day for you all. I hope you have felt the good wishes coming your way, love and best wishes Elaine, Chris and Matt xxx

  61. Here’s some specially-selected festive fare:
    1) When is a boat like a pile of snow?
    When it’s adrift.
    2) Which sea creatures come calling at Christmas?
    Coral singers
    3) What did the sea say to Santa?
    Nothing! It just waved!
    We’re thinking of you, John, and never tire of dot-watching. Merry Christmas, and hurry home soon!

  62. Stephen and all the crew , you are simply my hero, an inspiration have a great Xmas and don’t forget to enjoy it , any way off for some nice fresh turkey, red wine and festivities see you soon — everything ends !

  63. Hi to Simon and all crew on ‘Toby’
    Christmas best wishes to you all
    ( know it’s quite early over ‘here’ !) am raising a glass of Champagne to you all. Barbados is not too far beyond the ‘horizon’ then you can have the well deserved Champagne!
    row as fast as you can
    thinking of you and love to Simon
    Lesley xx [Simons Mum}

  64. Stephen Happy Christmas to you and all the crew. You are doing wonderfully and are in our thoughts. love Alison and Peter.

  65. Merry Christmas Commador steve
    Hope you have a time to enjoy your rehydrated Turkey and sprouts! All the best to you and your crew Grex
    P.s don’t get eaten by sharks!

  66. Merry Christmas everyone, this is one you will certainly remember! Thinking of you all the time love Nev and Els xxx

  67. Happy Christmas John F and all the Crew, great to be following your progress. Hope the expedition rations choice for xmas dinner was ok! Looking forward to seeing all the action captured on the go pro. 73 Smurf

  68. Christmas Day here now and just contemplating what a feat of endurance you guys are achieving. On the home straight now so keep rowing. Proud of our man Mr Harpin, well done mate.

  69. Hi John F,
    Hard to imagine Christmas Day in the middle of the Atlantic! Slightly choppier than Saul Marina I’m guessing?!? Hope you are really enjoying the challenge. Have a good day tomorrow and enjoy the rest of the Big Adventure. Happy Christmas!! Linda P & family x

  70. Dear Steve, missing you here in frosty Farnham, wishing we were in Barbados , expect you do to! Merry christmas.
    Everyone including Nikki

  71. Thinking about you all the time and track your progress with Elizabeth Lowdon after 11.15pm when the charts are up-dated. Your in laws sent a card saying that they are very proud of my son – as I am and I enjoyed a bit of reflected glory! Happy Christmas! We will toast you tomorrow. Lots of love Mother

  72. Hi Stephen, Have a great Christmas .All of Stocksfield will be thinking about you and counting the days to the end. Well done you brave boys. Elizabeth L.

  73. Hi uncle Stephen,

    Hope you have a great christmas out at sea, i would have been better if you could have been at home so we could come down to your house, but hopefully you will make it back in time to see us in January. Try not to get eaten by any sharks!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!! See you in the new year.
    Good Luck

  74. Hi Roland, we are all thinking of you. On the map you are bang on target, heading in a straight line. for Barbados and less than 2 inches away. You are closing the gap fast. Keep it going boys and a very Merry Christmas to you all.
    Love Mum x

  75. ……the Cliff Christmas special on telly tonight…I’d rather be out there….almost! Love to you all. J&G xxx this time next year you’ll be looking back fondly.

  76. Oh no! Looks like you might miss all the Christmas brussel sprouts Noel! Was this a deliberate ploy?? Proud of you- keep up the good work, we’re willing you on. love and Happy Christmas from all us Haywardys xxx

  77. Stephen, pull your finger out and row harder. You might be back in time to pay for the Christmas Party bill! We’re all tracking your progress and really proud of your achievement so far. You’ll be in our thoughts over Christmas. Keep up the hard work. Best Wishes from the Choiceshops Team!

  78. Thinking of you with a 1000 miles to go, keep it up and good luck for the rest of the journey. Jim

  79. Keep it up Noel. We are pushing from our end here too! I will abstain from beer Xmas Day just for you…..Yeah Right!

  80. Steve, just had the last row before Christmas. Stuck in the curry house with FU and the Tuesday night gang drinking ice cold beers. 799 miles to go – how many Monfords is that ? Put a wiggle on, the Frenchman has finished ! Xxxxxxxx

  81. Hi John F, keep going mon ami, if I win the lottery I’ll fly out to see you land (so see you back in the Masham).

    Wrote a sea shanty for you to sing and while away the hours:
    “Row, row, row your boat, gently across the sea, please don’t get too upset, there’s dehydrated food for tea.”

    I will buy you a massive cuzza on your return, until then, edit your movie.


  82. Keep pushing Noel – you guys are doing great ! less than 850 miles to go woohoo !

  83. Rolsworth and the rest of the TW crew, fantastic work on making it this far, particularly now you have “only” 1,000 nm to go!

    Roly, I was delighted to read that your DIY skills have come to the fore too. I would have expected you to have picked up some building skills over the last few years!
    Great effort so far, keep it going! Rusty

  84. Hello Mr Webb you stranger! I’m sat sorting out my desk as its my last day at RGB tomorrow. I’m taking the Monkey World Pencil and Notepad you got me don’t worry. They will sit on my desk up the hospital.

    Gemma was off last week and I said to Linda I had really missed you that day as you would always come and keep me company when I was on my own. 2 hours later Mr Dave Ryan came up and sat in Gemma’s seat just like you used to do! So he’s doing a good job at taking over your role.

    We are all missing you and think you are doing so well. Keep checking everyday and reading the updates. Keep strong. We are all laughing at the buckets you have broken!

    See you soon. xxx

  85. Well, Simon and Noel, maybe look at this adventure this way. Most things that are fun are not good for you, but that which kills you fastest is having no fun at all. It will be over soon and you will be in the bar relating stories…….

  86. Come on Noel
    You’ve got a business to join in 10 days :).. Go hard mate watching you every day.

  87. Steve H, keep pulling mate. Only you can arrange a trip that leaves you mid-atlantic on Christmas day – bloody Navy planning! Andi and I are off to Tescos at midnight tonight. Monitoring progress daily. Enjoy Barbados. Best Toby

  88. Stephen. So proud of the work you and your team are putting in. I keep sneaking an update at every opportunity as it lifts an otherwise mundane day. Best of luck with the last 1000nm. Steve

  89. Brilliant effort boys, take heart! Despite poor conditions you are still managing to maintain a good speed (approx. 70m per day /6 man crew cf Sara G’s 90m per day /8 man crew).

  90. Wonderful to see how close TW is now to Barbados and how those miles are whittling away. You will soon be down to 3 numbers so keep going guys. Love Roland’s Mum x

  91. We can now see Barbados on your tracking map! Fantastic effort Roly and team, keep going on your amazing journey x

  92. Stephen we track your progress daily. what an amazing effort and achievement over half way. row on for a safe arrival in Godmother Alison and Peter

  93. Matt is an inspiration to many. His Determination and drive is extraordinary and I’d like to wish him all the luck and success in his attempt to become the youngest man to row across two oceans. Keep going Matt. With very best wishes Ben Fogle

  94. Hugely proud of you guys – your doing a great job keep it up its all down hill from here!! Uncle Noel you better get home quick your boat is waiting to catch fish!

  95. All the boys are extremely proud to know a man bonkers enough to do what your doing .keep up the good work .sparky

  96. Keep them oars going and you will be home in time for your birthday!! All thinking of you jez cant wait for u to get home so we can get you drunk!!!!!!!!!!! Love Jo Andy and Luca xxx ooh Maizey says woof woof xx

  97. Hooooray to Simon and crew on ‘Toby’
    great to see you are over half way there,
    lots of love Simon
    Mum xx

  98. Almost half way – take it up to 80% – warm up is over – you need to earn your Shropshire Gold!

  99. Thank you all for today. Don would have been proud to be part of your fantastic voyage. You are great people doing a great job. Stay safe. xx

  100. Last half looks like it’s downhill! Well done men – you are going at a fantastic pace today. We will miss the boss doing his russian dancing on Saturday night but we will raise a glass to Half Pint Harpin as we drink the bar dry!

  101. Stephen, simon, this looks like great progress , you are almost up to Bishop speed , good work keep it going ,

  102. Roly and crewmates, just to say very impressed that you’re still posting such good distances every day. Keep an eye out for those mermaids.

  103. So good to see you are now on the move, you guys deserve a break. You are so close now to halfway. Thinking of you Roland all the time.
    Love Mum x

  104. So impressed with your progress Jez.Two days away from the halfway mark and you’re still going strong. We”re rooting for you and all of the Toby Wallace crew. Keep going.

  105. Jez where are you when I need to ask a question about remote access? ah yes! rowing the Atlantic… miss you xx
    PS Well done everyone amazing progress.

  106. Dear Roland,
    Lisa and Amy have arrived in Dubai. We all send you our warmest wishes and congratulations as you pass half way point. We are all so very proud of you! We are thinking of you daily. Love Laurie, Lisa and Amy x

  107. To Steve on Toby Wallace.

    Keep it going you are all doing well. The Gym Mostyn rowers and Circuits training group had an Xmas Curry in Wellington last night.
    We raised our glasses to you and your colleagues on board TW.

    All the best stay strong .Keep safe

    Tony Sammons at Wrekin Circuits

  108. Almost half way now Roly – stay well and happy – life’s just not the same without you. xx

  109. Vous suivre sur la carte est très impressionnant … vous semblez déjà à mi parcours. Exceptionnel. Je suis très admiratif. Bravo, ne lâchez rien et un très joyeux Noël si je n’ai pas l’occasion de vous renvoyer un message d’ici là. Guillaume.

  110. Noel, Guys Good Progress yesterday keep going strong.. we are all behind you.

  111. My heart sank when I read news of OysterShank and dreams shattered but nothing detracts from the courage to start and put medical needs first. Bonus is a family Christmas. Row on TW. Love to all. Stephens mother

  112. Go Toby Wallace, you are on your way now….willing you to Barbados, night night, matts mum xx

  113. Oh Jez, not the bucket, surely the most important piece of equipment on the boat and you’ve broken one of them!!! Glad to hear you are all well and making steady progress, keep it up mate wishing you all the best.

  114. glad to hear paul and all our pals are safe…being close to ships is bloody terrifying. hope the boat is safe too. go simon go. love Geoff and jane. xxxxx

  115. Steve, great to see you are having an adventure. The students at Walsall Academy are following you and looking forward to your talk at the Outward Bound Sea School on the 6th February. You also owe me a fortune for all the ceramics the family painted. Keep going.
    Jon Clarke

  116. Jez breaking things……surely not?!? haha! How many broken stretchers was it last year jez? Hope all is well – sounds tough. Keep on rowing!!

  117. So glad you are safe and on your way again. How very sad for the O,S, boys. Keep going!!Thinking about you all. Elizabeth Lowdon..

  118. Roly and shipmates, very well done on cracking progress so far. Keep focusing on the positive! Having sailed the same route I have a TINY idea of how tough this is. Best of British from the Millses

  119. To Rols and the TW team , Dig in there with the weather and hope your not too sore ! We are all willing you on !! Sad about OS but most importantly all are safe .
    Love Bottsy x

  120. Hi to Roly and guys. So sorry to hear abut OS and to read of the strong winds holding you back. This just has to change to be in your favour very soon and you can really get a move on. So Chins Up. Just want you safe, well and on terra firma a.s.a.p
    Love you……Mum x

  121. Hi Christophe and Steve. I bought the promise of a signed photo of the two of you at the end of this adventure and it will be a most treasured possession. Will be very happy to see you both on dry land however you get there. Follow the bubbles. Quentin

  122. Hi to Mads from Australia we are very sorry to hear your news this morning but glad to hear you and your crew are safe. Wishing you all a quick recovery.

  123. Good night Simon and crew, so sorry this is proving to be a real toughie but you are all doing brilliantly. We are all willing you across now…but safely…I hope tomorrow brings better weather for you all while your buddy’s are having 3 square meals and sleeping in comfy beds on a bit bigger boat…bet they’d rather be with you guys though! Night, night, matts mum xx

  124. Christophe, good to finally speak to you today after 5 weeks off, even if devastating news. Kids and me so pleased to see you soon. Thanks Lord you heard our prayers…xx

  125. Dear Roly
    You are doing brilliantly! We’ve been watching progress and it looks amazing. Well done to you and the rest of the crew and keep pushing on!
    From the Luhde-MacLarens

  126. Sad news about the premature end of Oystershack’s voyage but very pleased to know all the crew are safe.

    BCE Support Team

  127. So proud of you Tof and team. Tu vas pouvoir voir le Père Noel. Bon retour. On t’embrasse fort

  128. Keep going Rolly we are all thinking about you and keeping track of your progress.
    There isn’t many people that can say they have rowed the Atlantic mate. Woody + everybody on site.

  129. Hi to Steve on Toby Wallace.

    Hope the training at Wrekin over the past year is helping .

    Take care all the best

    Jim Mostyn

  130. Sid Harpin – how’s the beard coming along? Hope the rest of the crossing is drama free because we don’t want you back here spoiling the Christmas party! If you get back by New Year though, there might be a couple of quid left in the bank account ;-) Good luck to you and the rest of the crew!

  131. christophe – just got yr news in transit in singapore on way home from oz – am gutted for you – upside is that we can share that bottle of fizz before xmas!!

  132. Christophe, I am so sorry for you and the rest of your crew. We were all rooting for you and the other boat. I was positive you were going to make up for the weather delay early on in the row. On the plus side, you will now be home for Chritmas. Steve

  133. Christophe, c’est triste de ne pas finir mais l’important c’est d’avoir participé et surtout de revenir en bonne santé. En espérant te voir prochainement.

  134. Alors notre TOF, ça a l air de ramer sec ? on est avec toi bien sûr, en particulier tous les samedi matin en voyant ptits rameurs sur le grand canal à Versailles
    bises et bons vents

  135. Guys Im gutted for you all main thing is your all safe and well .
    Toby wallace crack on boys heads up God speed
    Kez Titan 2013

  136. OS Christophe … gutted to hear it ended this way but thankfully you re all safe !
    TW .. Stephen AKA Tony I suspect lumpy bumpy , have a banana , dig deep and keep going , all of SARC are behind you, you must do this now for our mate Christophe

  137. Oystershack so glad you are all safe. well done lads you have done something sofew have done. You may not have made Barbados but you stood on that boat together and gave it aright good go. That is so much more fantastic than standing on a beach wondering what it would be like to give such an adventure a go.come on Toby Tobias take Oystershacks endeavours to Barbados. Kevin if you could grab a ton of coal and bring it home that would be good. See you soon.

  138. yo ingo,in life when you fall its what you do when you get up, so proud of you,good luck and gods speed to the toby wallace,we have got west ham at home in the FA CUP,you have always want to play football in brazil,love you mate…dad

  139. We are proud of you Christophe. Good to know the crew is safe. This was just a rehearsal, next you will make it.
    See you soon in Paris
    Sylvie, Jean, Marie-Laurence

  140. Oystershack crew: Broken dreams are not so fun.. So sorry guys! My thoughts are with you all. And most importantly: you’re safe and sound! Family/ friends are longing to see you again!
    Mads: Hvordan går det med dig?.. og dine inficerede sår?.. Jeg tænker på dig! Ha det rigtig godt.. indtil vi skrives ved igen. :-)

  141. Kevin, very sad to hear the news of Oystershack. But great to hear everyone is safe. Your great adventure will stay in your memory for ever.
    Janet and Arthur

  142. hi Tof and all Oystershack crew. you must be devastated but remember we love you. very brave men in the thoughest conditions. i am so proud of you Christophe. more important is that you are safe. speak to you soon. aude xxx

  143. Hi Paul
    Our hearts go out to you and your crew. Good news is that you are all well. Just have to do it again I guess! Our best wishes to you all
    Ian and Denise Wallace

  144. Aww Matthew and the crew on Oystershack, my heart is bleeding for you. I know this will come good and the weather will be kind to you. Keep doing your best and keep supporting each other and remember there aren’t many men who have rowed an ocean, you are up there with the best, love you Matthew, Mum xx

  145. The weather sounds really bad. hope it clears up soon and ye can really get on your way to Barbados. Anybody whois following your adventure can benothing but proud of you all.

  146. Noel and the teams

    Keep going boys, we are all watch you push forward every day. Great work!

    P.s I will mow the lawn for you… Again.

  147. Well done so far Toby Wallace Crew. Hey Mr Webb this is the Robins class here we wanted to say, keep going you can do it! We were so excited to hear that you have seen a shark. We have tracked you on the map and see that you are winning! The children are really excited to see how long your beard will be and are drawing lots of pictures! Love Year 2 Robins at Calmore Infant School

  148. Morning Mr.Webb!
    Looking at your progress everyday, your doing so well. Hopefully your sea sickness hasn’t been too bad and you haven’t lost too much weight.
    Everyone at RGB is asking daily about how your getting on. Gave us a shock the other day when it looked like you were rowing towards Morocco but glad to see you are well on your way now.
    Sending positive thoughts.

  149. yo ingo,got robbed 1 0 by man city never a pen and they should have had two men sent off..keep going

  150. At this stage Oystershack you will have gone under the 2000nm mark. Yahoo a huge congratulations major milestone over, keep up the good work. Thinking of you all.God speed.

  151. Hi Oystershack! good going today and under 2000 miles….brilliant! Hope this continues for you, have a good night, love you Matthew ( and yes I know it’s embarrassing) mum, xx

  152. Less than 2000 miles Oystershack – not far now! Kevin, you’ll be glad to have missed Christmas shopping, Oxford Street was mad. Great to hear from you, take it easy (when not rowing…)

  153. Both boats.
    4 strong days in a row; great progress, catch that pair before Xmas.

  154. Go Matt and Oystershack still thinking of you stil rooting for you ant the team and have have asked Father Christmas to grant your wish of a record. Saw the video about Kerry absolutely amazing xx

  155. A Smuggler’s Song
    IF you wake at midnight, and hear a horse’s feet,
    Don’t go drawing back the blind, or looking in the street,
    Them that ask no questions isn’t told a lie.
    Watch the wall my darling while the Gentlemen go by.

    Five and twenty ponies,
    Trotting through the dark –
    Brandy for the Parson, ‘Baccy for the Clerk.
    Laces for a lady; letters for a spy,
    Watch the wall my darling while the Gentlemen go by!

    Running round the woodlump if you chance to find
    Little barrels, roped and tarred, all full of brandy-wine,
    Don’t you shout to come and look, nor use ’em for your play.
    Put the brishwood back again – and they’ll be gone next day !

    If you see the stable-door setting open wide;
    If you see a tired horse lying down inside;
    If your mother mends a coat cut about and tore;
    If the lining’s wet and warm – don’t you ask no more !

    If you meet King George’s men, dressed in blue and red,
    You be careful what you say, and mindful what is said.
    If they call you ” pretty maid,” and chuck you ‘neath the chin,
    Don’t you tell where no one is, nor yet where no one’s been !

    Knocks and footsteps round the house – whistles after dark –
    You’ve no call for running out till the house-dogs bark.
    Trusty’s here, and Pincher’s here, and see how dumb they lie
    They don’t fret to follow when the Gentlemen go by !

    ‘If You do as you’ve been told, ‘likely there’s a chance,
    You’ll be give a dainty doll, all the way from France,
    With a cap of Valenciennes, and a velvet hood –
    A present from the Gentlemen, along ‘o being good !

    Five and twenty ponies,
    Trotting through the dark –
    Brandy for the Parson, ‘Baccy for the Clerk.
    Them that asks no questions isn’t told a lie –
    Watch the wall my darling while the Gentlemen go by !

  156. 2 days with an orange dot. Well done! Hope the increase in speed signifies the end of sea sickness! Watch your progress every day after 11.15pm with Elizabeth. Remember that you are supposed to be enjoying yourselves! Lots of love Mother

  157. Looks as though Oyster Shack is making ground… Is Tony tiring or is Christophe in the bubbles?

  158. Morning crews, another good day for you both, keep closing the gap Oystershack the second half is going to be all yours to take….have a good day Matthew…love Mum xxx

  159. Well done Oystershack moving up the gears, getting into the swing, keep it up. be safe. Kev dont lose anything else ( or break anything ) because when they are gone they are gone.

  160. hi dad,
    hope you are having a great time out there! GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  161. hey dad see u are beating Christophe always good to see that the French are loosing :)
    see u soon love u but not in a kissy way …. charlie

  162. Hey Jez – WOW amazing pace I can almost see that marker moving! positive thoughts for you and all aboard – from a very very cold Sunday afternoon in Devon x

  163. Roly,

    we don’t seem to have your starter, main and dessert choices for the lads xmas lunch on the 19th???

  164. Roly,

    Been following you and the TW progress fantastic pace. Just wanted to be the first to ever give you that compliment!!!

    Keep going brother Barbados, family and cocktails beckon x


  165. Message from the boys at Coolsense sharkbait (Noel)
    go hard!!! We’ll have a toast to you at the Christmas night out SharkBAIT OO Ha HA….all the best !!!!

  166. Come on Oystershack…row, row, row your boat you can catch Toby Wallace! all still to play for! hers hoping for a special day tomorrow! night , night Matthew, love Mum xx

  167. Hi jez hope you are doing ok? Thinking about you every day, so proud of you!! Keep them oars going!!!!! Love Jo, Andy and Luca x x

  168. Push hard Noel and crew, we are all praying you make the time. 20 young blondes all waiting on the dock for you Noel!!!

  169. Allez les mecs …. La patate aujourd’hui ! On ne lâche rien …
    Vous êtes déjà des héros complètement crazy mais on y croit tous !! Plein de bisouxx

  170. Less than 2000 nm!! Piece of cake Rols! Just remember.. Eat. Sleep. Row. Repeat.
    Love the Herries Clan xx

  171. Wow Oystershack getting faster cutting down the gap by a few miles. Toby Wallace they are coming to get you. Magic rowing lads. Keep it up.

  172. Hurry up Kevin. We are planning an Octopussy’s night out in Howth for you when you get back.

  173. Well what can I say matt Inglesby! you have helped to get kerry on her feet…she has her ReWalk and has been walking today both inside and outside! she looks wonderful. #mumproudofherson hope you have a great night crew, love matts mum xx

  174. Vous êtes sur le bon cap, courage et toutes nos forces! Pensons bien à vous. Allez Tof… Bisous

  175. yo ingo,drew 1 1 with hull RUBBISH, BOOED OFF got you card is that you in santa outfit cheers mate, dad

  176. Been following you, keep it up!
    Why does a rowing boat have a wind generator, whats wrong with solar panels. Does this not count as assisted windage?

  177. Progress getting better and in the right direction, keep upping the pace .Freezing in UK so lucky you are getting closer to the equator.

  178. Well done Steve and Christophe, great recovery, dig deep and row hard! We raised more than enough for a new boat – so more to look forward to when you get back!!

  179. At last the weather is going to be in your favour! Good rowing, guys. Time to start racing! Dig deep!

  180. Magic Oyster Shack. Good rowing. From here in Ireland you seem to have a strategy to catch and overhall the Toby Wallace. Guess race on in earnest. Best wishes to you and indeed the Toby Wallace.

  181. Well done for today. Oystershack, you’re getting faster every day! Keep going, you’re doing a great job.

  182. TW AND OS Stephen and Christophe come on you SARC boys it’s all looking good now we had a great Xmas row and every one missed you won’t be long until you can have a pint in the Boathouse GO BIG

  183. Goodnight crews, great day today, keep making progress and you’ll be in Barbados in no time, night Matthew, love mum xx

  184. Uncle jez, row row row your boat
    Over to the shore if you see lion there you had better row some more!!! Love you uncle jez lets smash this record, love luca

  185. Bra jobbat och starkt av dig Mads att göra din psykologitenta under sådana förhållanden. Håll ut!! Hälsningar Bibi & Björn (som du träffade i Puero Mogan)

  186. Hi Christophe, Go west, young man, go west. Keep tapping it along. Best wishes from the team, Greg

  187. Great to see you back on track Oystershack, now chase Toby Wallace with every ounce of energy you have, go, go, go and row your boat, thinking of you all ( ok, including Toby Wallace crew) but especially you Matthew my son! love mum xx

  188. Your doing well lads. First week over going strong and getting stronger. Kevin you are not to lose anything else nor break anything except the record. Chin up lads we are all cheering for you. Kevins Dad.

  189. Hi Christophe – am with Mike and Frankie in Sydney – they send their love and best wishes – see you’re making good progress after what sounds like a tough few days – keep it up! All the best, John

  190. Christophe, j’ai visité ta maman. Elle s’impatiente mais va très bien. Bisous. Sergio

  191. Now it looks as if race on with OS. Beware Roland them losing a toilet bucket, I think they are lightening their load!!!
    Thinking of you all
    Love Mum x

  192. Cooool …. Enfin la vrai direction
    On ne cesse de penser à vous !!
    Bravo ! Vous êtes formidables
    Tof … Rame, enjoy et profite ! On prend soin de ta Bebaude et de ta famille pour les retrouvailles à Toulon ! Bisouxxxx

  193. Well done to both crews. You are providing a lot of excitement and interest. Everyone is asking for updates.

  194. You guys are all legends… Row boys row… And go Uncle Noel Go! We are all so proud and check your progress very often :)

  195. Ok Oyster Shack – that’s a far enought head start you’ve given them! Come on boys! Glad the weather is turning more favorable for both crews xx

  196. Looking forward to your phone call Xmas Eve from Barbados Noel! (or earlier is just fine..ha ha)

  197. Now you have got the hang of it and the weather has improved, you can challenge for the world record! keep rowing hard and fast and you have a chance!
    Love Richard, Kate, Tom, Jemima, Woozy

  198. Sorry to hear you have had a rough time with weather & loosing a crew member. Time to catch up & go hard. Stay positive team! You can do it!! Kels xx

  199. Looks like you’re making good progress Rolls.

    best of luck mate, will be keeping tabs.


  200. hi ingo,got beat by spurs 2 1 kevin scored a worldie,fury won the boxing,you need to turn right and get a move on,dad

  201. What great progress you’ve made guys…you’ve given me a spring in my step this Monday morning!
    keep rowing and smiling and we’ll keep dot watching…love to you Matthew, mum x

  202. TW.
    Great news that conditions have improved.
    Still all to row for.
    Watch out for that bivalve mollusc primitive shelter close on your tail.
    Watching & supporting all the way.
    Love Mick.

  203. Fantastic to see the progress you’re making now. Kevin, we’re all avidly watching the dot that is you – the kids will be super excited to hear about Mr Doyle and the storms (& broken oar…) tomorrow!

  204. Toby Wallace, row on, row hard and get a move on to Barbados, will be supporting you and Oystershack all the way. Love Elodie (Ollie’s Mum) xx

  205. Hey Jez remember the best is yet to come – if positive thoughts work you’ll be there in no time. Godspeed xx

  206. I do hope the Toby Wallace team isn’t too downhearted at Ollie’s departure. Keep up the great work. Stephen, your mother is so proud and lots of us Stocksfield residents are wishing you well in your awesome and slightly insane progress. Good luck!

  207. Ollie, so sorry to hear you’ve been airlifted off Toby Wallace, you must be gutted…better to be safe than sorry…speedy recovery and take care, love Elaine xx

  208. To all the very brave rowers on Toby Wallace & Oystershack, your all barking mad… my thoughts are with you all, good luck and may fair weather steer you home. Noel – Kiwis have peaked & England for the 2015 rugby WC!

  209. Morning crews, the dot looks like you may be on your way…yippee!
    Dig deep and row hard, hope you have a great day, love to you Matthew, mum xx

  210. Using para-anchors… amateur rowers are becoming old salts! Best things to come ahead, Go go go! Love, Aude & kids

  211. Hey Roly & TeamTW! We can’t begin to imagine how tough this challenge must be feeling at the moment, but keep your spirits up… Better weather approaching. Go Team TW!

  212. Guys what a day for you all, keep your spirits up ‘cos this S— weather will pass and you will once again be on your way…so proud of you all..remember so few have done this are all amazing…go Oystershack and Toby love Matts mum xxx

  213. @Mads Fabricius/OysterShack
    All of us from “Grand Tours Challenge2016”, are cheering at you and your colleagues @OysterShack.
    Keep on doing the good job!!

  214. Thinking of you daddy. We’ve had a lovely day at the Mistletoe Fair in Hythe. Keep on rowing – we’re proud of you! Lots of love from Millie, Maddie and Sullivan xxx

  215. We know its been a hard couple of days, but the weather is improving so keep with it. This challenge is awesome, so row on and your goal will be achieved!! Love to both crews – Ollie’s Mum, Nev, Christian and Team Ship xxx

  216. Wow
    the day that they have all been waiting for the day that is the hardest day of there lives.
    sharks bite as dad rows and rows whilst others sleep.

  217. Using my iPad more this week than ever before.Now realise the enormity of this challenge. Thinking of you and your friends constantly. Hope the wind is now in the right direction.
    Love you, Mum x

  218. Am up in lake district with cousins. Obviously its a bit rough at the moment, but we all know you can get through this. Stay tough and focussed. With a bit of luck and a following wind all is still possible.
    Love everyone.

  219. Looks like it was pretty tough yesterday. Fingers crossed the wind changes today. Keep your spirits up, you’re doing an amazing thing. Not many people would do what you’re doing! Best of luck to you all. Lucy, Steve and Jane.

  220. this looks like the sporting equivalent of finishing Passout – use that fighting spirit Roly :)

  221. Morning gents
    we are about to go for our Christmas row in an hour.
    I can see you having a struggle at the moment.
    so we going to smoke the blades and hope you receive the energy from us. However hard it may be take one step after the other and pull through. Face doubt and weakness with force and beat it to the bottom of the sea.

  222. Keep the chin up lads a lot of family, friends and well wishers rooting for you. Kev “row ya pup”, your brother and sister used to call you ” Duracell”. Loads n loads in them therebatteries lads.Thinking of you, Dad, head down n keep rowing. lots of love.

  223. Hi guys on both boats…must have been a tough day today for you all…just keep rowing your boat and all will come good!
    Thinking of you all and of course a special mention to our Matthew…night night, mum x

  224. Hey guys. Everyone here willing you on in the bad weather. Will be so worth it when you push thru. Keep at it. Dawn and the girls

  225. Steve and Christophe the whole club will be raising a toast to you in the Wingfield tomorrow. Remember the ski training. More eefort. Quentin

  226. hi ingo,everton won 2 0 last night against wolfsberg luka and kevin scored,going to watch us against spurs in town on sunday with the lads

  227. Hi Matthew and oystershack crew! hope you’ve had a good day and are rowing hard but enjoying the ride. Thinking of you always, love mum xx

  228. Hello Christophe and Oystershack, excited to see that you are off at last. You are making great progress – fine strong legs!

  229. Well done Steve and all the crew
    great start .Hope you soon get over
    the sickness. Charles Mansell

  230. …..what a start ! I wish I had the courage to be out there with you folks….then I think of the coffin berth ! Geoff xxx

  231. You guys are awesome! Best of luck to both boats! Mads, we are rooting for you and we are so proud of you! From Caro, Cath, mum and dad.

  232. Looking like a great start for both crews, will be checking progress daily. Keep it up John F best wishes, Smurf

  233. Progress is looking good guys! Keep up the hard work. Thinking of you all. hope its smooth sailing all the way!!

  234. Good day today Oystershack and the gap gets closer, early days as I well know. I hope you are all feeling better today and the sickness subsiding. In my thoughts always Matthew. Be safe crew and enjoy….mum xxx

  235. Hola! Having briefly sheltered with Toby’s team in a cafe at Puerto Morgan last week, it’s good to see you got to sea finally, it was horrible weather. I think the week we were in Canaria the annual rainfall fell in a week. Wishing you a smooth and speedy crossing now you are off!

  236. What a wonderful start. If you can keep it up you will be home for Christmas! Hope the sea sickness passes soon. Very proud of you. Lots of love Mother

  237. Awesome start guys – hope the seasickness disappears and you can focus on smashing the record

  238. Very impressive start Toby Wallace, keep it up! Hope the currents speed you all onwards, good luck!

  239. Hope the sea sickness is not troubling you too much! I’m keeping in touch with your Mother, She’s very proud of you.

    eep in touch with your Mother.

  240. Good luck to you all, will be watching your progress Noel and fingers crossed for the record, all our best

  241. Jez and all the crew hope the first 12 hours have been ok thinking of you all safe journey love jo and and luca

  242. Go Matt and crew got you bookmarked so we can track. All the best may the waves be small and the weather kind to you xx

  243. we met matt and the boys in the harbour in mogan 9th nov and were amazed at the journey you were about to undertake we wished you Godspeed then and now you have set off be safe and Godbless you all x

  244. It was great to meet you all last week and to spend a few minutes in the company of such strong characters. Stay fit, race well, and keep your spirits high.

  245. Courage Christophe. Je vais suivre avec attention ta progression. A très bientôt au chaud et au sec.

  246. Well is has been a long wait to see you off, but now here’s wishing all the best for the challenge, especially to Matt hoping the sea sickness isn’t as bad as last time and to Ollie hoping Vesuvius doesn’t return! … Ollie’s Mum xx

  247. Christophe and Steve – see you’re on your way – hope the seas are calm and the skies blue – -3 degrees here last night, so you’re not missing much – will be thinking of you.
    All the best, John, Jill, Anna and Shivani

  248. Morning Matthew and crew of Oystershack….first night complete and hopefully only another 30 to go to beat the record…if you say it quick it doesn’t seem so bad!
    Thinking of you all and hoping sickness isn’t too bad….mum xxx

  249. Go Steve & Christophe.
    Off off and away. The Shropshire Adventure Rowing Club are all behind you, and a row to Montford will not seem so daunting now!
    Good luck and I hope you arrive before Christmas.

  250. Go for it Jez
    Keep the “Rash off” close by!
    All the best from Ilfracombe Pilot Gig Club.

  251. Steve & Christophe
    Let the competition begin. I am so proud and jealous in equal measures. Well done for upholding the spirit of SARC and best of luck to both crews. I will now be glued to the charts until you arrive. Best Wishes Steve (5 star)

  252. Good luck Christophe , whishing you a safe return back to Aude & the kids in time for New Year! :-)

  253. Matt Inglesby “Someday this pain will be useful” well those days are here! Good luck and be safe my son and all aboard Oystershack and Toby Wallace….mum x

  254. From Norway: Wishing you all a fast and safe and happy row – I know that is asking a lot – but you can do it!
    And if it turns out to be a 30-day neck and neck race – even better!

  255. All the very best to both boats, I hope that the weather is in your favour and the record gets broken!! Proud of you Noel Watkins we are all watching from little old NZ!!

  256. Good luck to both crews. It was great to see you all getting ready for your epic race last week. Row hard and stay safe.

  257. Stephen, Christophe have a great time. If you get bored I’m sure you can always play I-Spy. Be safe and enjoy the row!

  258. Best wishes to Mads and team OysterShack. Keep rowing!
    Arvid Bentsen Star Atlantic, Norway, 1997

  259. Good Luck. I have so much love to the crew party because I know this type of adventure that are harsh to live. Strength and Courage!

  260. Good luck John F in Toby Wallace & Paul W in Oystershack.
    May the best boat win!!
    Have a safe trip. Linda

  261. Finally setting off: good luck, ENJOY, be fast so you don’t miss New Year’s Eve by -15°C in the Alps! Love xxxxxx

  262. Good luck to you all very exciting be following you all the way to Barbados , row hard The Toby Wallace may the winds blow you in the right direction ! Xxxxxxxx

  263. Christophe, Stephen, (after all the waiting), have a great row and all best wishes for a safe and fast trip.

  264. Best wished to both crews especially Oyster Shack. See you in January Kev. Sjourney faior winds.

  265. Oliver and crews

    It’s -1deg C. here
    20 deg C. Gran Canari
    26 deg C. Barbados
    Looks like you are g oing in the right direction.
    Safe journey to you all.

  266. Bon voyage et bonne chance pour le record. Ce serait un beau cadeau de Noël pour les 2 équipages.

  267. Enfin le départ ,bon courage pour ce périple,vous avez su patienter vous tiendrez bon

  268. crews must be exhausted after 3 weeks spent in the harbor with no children/wives/pets! Hopefully Santa is better organised on his sleigh!

  269. Pengwern Boat Club in Shrewsbury wish Christophe and the rest of the crew and safe and fast crossing. May the blisters be few and the sun shine.

  270. Good luck Steve and both crews. An amazing undertaking, we’ll be tracking your progress all the way.
    Bon voyage,
    James, Claire & Alfie

  271. Come on Stephen and Christophe have a great trip it equates to about 200 runs to Montford Bridge back to back , this time next year you’ll be rowing down The Amazon , that’s why you re called steely Steve !!

  272. Hey you guys, thumbs up! We met and talked in Puerto de Mogan on Friday 7th before taking over our ship and a week later when coming back. Are you on your way now? Enjoy it.

  273. ‘to gather’ should read ‘together’. Why do computers ‘help’ like this!

  274. The late George Burns said “The secret of a good sermon is to have a good beginning and a good ending, and to have the two as close to gather as possible”. Let’s hope you guys can apply this thought to rowing the Ocean. Our thoughts are with you.

  275. safe journey to you all! A special salute to Christophe who we met on the bus from Mogan this afternoon! Hope the conditions will be perfect soon!

  276. Good luck Noel and Co, expect nothing less than a world record!!

    PS Noel don’t fall overboard this time!

  277. Best wishes & God speed to both crews for a successful crossing.

    Thank you for all your help to Phil & Dan plus the send off you gave them.

    Good luck

    Geoff (Shore Side Manager for Bexhill College Endeavour)

  278. Hi Kevin, good luck to you and I hope it all goes well. I hope both crews have a safe passage.

  279. Had a fantastic week with in Gran Canaria idly standing by whilst you all worked so hard to prepare the boats. Now can’t wait to start dot watching again!

  280. Our best wishes and prayers go with you Jeremy and to all the crew members of both boats. Looking forward to hearing about your adventure on your return.

  281. Kevin, loads of luck with the crazy adventure.
    safe journey to all on the two boats, and I’m sure the record stands no chance!

  282. ici il faut des bras et une tête !!
    et une ligne de vie bien établie …
    bonnes rames à toute l’équipe .

  283. Hi, we are students from class Morisset Public School aged 6 and 7, Australia and would like to wish you well on your trip. We are learning about TRANSPORT at the moment and some of us think that you might break the record if you add some sails to your row boats. GOODLUCK with your journey from all the kids in 1/2o

  284. Dear Christophe and team, have a good last days preparation. You must be very eager to go ! Enjoy this uncommon moment ! Friendship
    patrick and Seégolène

  285. To John Farndale and the crew of “Toby Wallace.”
    Row safe and break the record.

    Nick Fiona Eve Agnes

  286. Hey Jeremy it really is happening now! safe travels and good luck to all of you. I want to see the group shot with that trophy ok? – I will be watching all the way x

  287. Good luck Steve we are going to watch your progress. Jon Clarke and the students at Walsall Academy.

  288. Good luck Steve and the team. There is a lot of talk and interest about your adventure round here. We are all behind you, get that record. Jim

  289. Good luck Kevin and to all in the team. safe travels to both boats! Hope you folks have the best weather possible and the records books are needing to be re-printed when you arrive safe and sound.
    Alan, Nathalie & Emily

  290. Good luck on your 4th/5th row across the Atlantic, really hope you break the record this time ! stay safe and have a fantastic row.

  291. Wishing you all for the best adventure, fair weather and camaraderie to be remembered for a life time.

  292. To the crew of the Toby Wallace and Oyster shack. Just wanted to wish you the best of luck on your adventure, i hope you all have a brilliant time! I wish I could come with you!!! Although I’m not sure I need to see Simon in his c**k sock again ;) good luck skippers, I’m praying for perfect weather and happy rowers :) all my love and massive respect to you all x Mikey

  293. All the very best Stephen and Christophe, may the best boat win, but may you both return safe, well – and British!

  294. Have a wonderful adventure guys and the best of luck for weather, current and record breaking from everyone at Wrekin Rowers.

  295. Good luck Paul. We can’t believe that you are doing it AGAIN! Best of luck for the speediest (& a safe) crossing.

  296. Hello, we are a class called 3/4B age 8/10 year old from Morisset, NSW, Australia. We hope you have a safe journey and hope you break the record. We will be keeping track of your journey in our classroom over the coming weeks.

  297. Favourable weather, safe passage and determined rowing to all crew but a big bon voyage and you still owe me a beer to Noel Watkins of the Toby Wallace!