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IMG_1529Gemma Chalk, Clare Lanyon, Jane McIntosh & Olivia Wilson are  rowing the Atlantic – the start date is 1000hrs UTC Tuesday 26th January 2016.

And they are away. Exactly to the latest schedule the Girls on board Rowing Boat Fire Ant left Puerto De Mogan marina, Gran Canaria en route to Barbados.

Unfortunately due to broken oars and damage to navigation and safety equipment, the girls have made the difficult decision to abandon their record attempt for this year.  On the evening of Saturday 13th February they transferred to a passing ship. They will be dropped off at the ships next port of call in Canada.    The girls would like to thank all of their supporters. They are also very grateful to Falmouth Coastguard for coordinating their safe transfer to the ship.

Raising money for Barnardo’s Children Charity and the Forces Children’s Trust, they have a target of £20,000 for these worthwhile causes.

This crew of four women are rowing some 2994 miles (2602nm) from Gran Canaria to Barbados chasing the current female speed record of 45 days, 15 hours and 26 minutes, as well as raising some much needed funds for these two charities. ALL the money raised is going to Charity!

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Jane has organised for teams to “race” us from their own gyms whilst we are on the water – see the details by clicking here

You can read about the CHALLENGE and the CREW here,  Any messages of support and encouragement for them can be posted below.

Click here to see all the PHOTOS & BLOGS of their adventure and read the latest here!


235 thoughts on “Female Atlantic Row 2016

  1. Ladies first of all I am glad you are all safe and well.
    I have the upmost respect and admiration for you all I truly don’t think anyone on dry land can comprehend what you have all gone through over the last 48 hours.
    It’s a dangerous journey which you have undertaken and rowing across the Atlantic is certainly not a given,its an incredibly dangerous and arduous challenge which you have taken head on unfortunately as you know things happen which is totally out of your control . Im sure you are all gutted but you are all alive hold your heads up high and pat yourself a on the back as I am sure you will be back again.
    All the best
    Kez Bostock

  2. Dear ladies,
    Be proud of your attempt in such challanging conditions.We are sorry you didnt get to finish your challange,But most importantly your all Safe now.x

  3. so sorry you have had to abandon your journey- saw you all in Puerto Mogan before you left at the Marina Pub- best of luck in the future

  4. …oh, Gemma, what sad news, and what a horrible experience. So glad you are all safe. Love Jane and Geoff xx

  5. Truly admirable achievement for you. So glad you are safe. Huge support for you from so many! Nicola X ( sister of Richard on Toby Wallace)

  6. Hi Livvy,
    We heard your news on the radio news this morning, you still have a lot to be proud of and still living your lives, glad you are all safe.

  7. Aunty Jane I am so please you are safe and mummy is very proud of you for even attempting this ! I cannot wait to hear all your stories and adventures when you are back. Lots of love Dawson xxx

  8. Gemma and your brave crew, so sorry it’s ended this way. Welldone for an admirable effort under extreme conditions, of which none of us on solid land can even remotely imagine. You’re all amazing! Make the most of your extended journey home! with love from your Zim fans xx

  9. Jane, i’m so so sorry to hear the news, my heart sank when i heard. I’m just so glad you all are safe. You have done a fab job and we are so very proud of you. we can’t wait to have you home to give u a big hug. Lots of love, hugs n kisses Jacs, Daz & Sophie x x x x

  10. Hi Clare – what a shame, so sorry it ended this way! Glad you are all safe and well. Still look on the bright side you may be able to come back to work sooner !!!! haha love Ros xx

  11. Hi Clare sorry that your challenge has come to an end you all should be proud of what you have done as the people who supported you all are as long as you are all safe and well and able to return to your families and friends that is the most important thing good luck for the future ladies xx

  12. To Olivia & rest of the crew…. So proud of you all and you have all achieved so much,well done and glad you are all safe…. Amazing x

  13. I`m so sorry, but you all made a great job!!! You should be very proud. The important thing now is, that you are safe.X Anna

  14. To all the crew of fire ant sorry you did/nt finish the race but you have won the hearts of us all god bless you .richards dad

  15. Your guardian angels were working overtime ladies! What a blessing you are safe but a roller coaster of emotions! You accomplished ALOT and learned tons and now the adventure continues all the way to Canada.

  16. Jane and all, really sorry to hear your news but so glad you are all ok. Such an acheivement though. Well done to you all. Catch up with us soon Jane xxxx

  17. Sorry to hear of your damaged boat but glad that you are all safe. Your Dad would be so proud of you Jane.

  18. Just heard the news on bbc radio, such a shame for you but relieved to hear you’re all safe. Well done on your efforts, you should be proud of yourselves, it’s a big challenge!! Chin up Jane and have a safe journey home. Xxxxx

  19. Gemma and crew, sorry to hear you have had to abandon your row. Thoughts are with you. On the plus side you may get a wear a stylish blue boiler suit. Glad you are all safe. Jez

  20. Sorry to hear the news girls we are all so proud of what u have done and how far u all got keep smiling u all are safe that is the main thing see u soon clare and don’t forget u four ladies u give it ur best shot in the circumstances u have had.

  21. Gemma and Girls
    so disappointed for you all that you have had to stop, the vagaries of the oceans can be so unpredictable!!
    am so proud of you all that you carried on as long as you could -as long as you are all safe, hopefully you can all have a decent shower and food (compared with freeze dried /boil in bag!) all of you take care. love Lesley xx

  22. So happy to hear you are all ok, must have been a scary time. Sending lots of hugs to you ladies and to the ‘rescue’ crew (just incase any are hot!!) xxxx

  23. its so sad to hear of your news but good to know you are all safe and well, every body who know you will be proud of what you have achieved .

  24. So very sorry to hear your news, but are relieved you are all safe. You must be extremely disappointed but you can be so proud of what you did achieve in very difficult circumstances. Gemma we are thinking of you and sending you our love Xxxx

  25. You battled on in the face of much thingamajig adversity and could not have done any more in such conditions. May your Canadian journey to land be full of tea and comfortable seats. You are still my hero Gem, love you xxx

  26. So sorry you’ve had to make that tough decision ladies. We love you Liv, are incredibly proud of you and bonus we get to have a house warming earlier!! Xxxxxxx

  27. Hey gem, sounds like you guys are still doing fab despite a broken oar! Hope your hands and bums aren’t aching too much as you’ve been going a while!! Off to kettles now… Will work extra hard thinking of you! A snotty darcey says hi! Xx

  28. Keep going Liv and crew! Checking every day and utterly amazed at what your achieving. Hoping the waves will push you along just that little bit quicker so you can rest your hands and bums in the sun. Every stroke is closer to your goal. X

  29. Hello mum! It’s little Bonnie here, sorry I haven’t written before but I’ve been sooooo busy! Exploring outside when it’s not raining, then sleeping lots, and in the evenings we get to play with lots of different toys and by the time I’m done I’m all tired and sleepy again. Maria says you are doing really well and will be back home really soon. Murray is growing quickly but I’m still little and fluffy and as cute as ever! Can’t wait to see you again, keep rowing hard! Lots of love and whisker tickles =^..^=

  30. Hey Jane, we’re all rooting for you, you’re making great progress ladies, stay safe and be strong xx

  31. Hi Olivia
    I sure would rather be rowing in lovely weather than sat at this desk in old Blighty. Your dot is moving well. If you zoom in real close it is amazing what you can see.

  32. Poor people have it, rich people need it, if you eat it you die, what is it?
    I’ve been appointed the ‘Captain Wilson Hyper man’ in the office, doubling my work load! As I cannot expect to be in a car crash every day I’ll substitute with riddles, rhymes and anything else to make me look busy whilst at work.
    Meanwhile the ‘lads’ in the office requested a selfie and the answer to the riddle is nothing.

  33. Hi Olivia,
    You are all doing amazingly well, keep your spirits up and work through the pain. Xxxx

  34. Hi Gemma and the rest of the team
    Its fascinating to see your amazing progress! We’re all rooting for you and members were asking after you in the SW group last night. How far have you rowed now?
    Take care ladies, Alison x

  35. Hi Livvy. Our pride in you all grows with every nautical mile! Keep up the argan oil in the hair and savlon on the bums! Ouch!! Big hugs mum xxxx

  36. Hi Janey!
    I hope you managed to read my letter as its more than 2 weeks in! Keep smiling girly. We are all so proud of you xxx
    Love Blue

  37. Hi Liv, it seems that you are doing really well from the reports. It’s an amazing achievement and you will be so proud to have battled all the way. Keep your spirits up, I look forward to stories for weeks when you make it to Chester. Charlie keeps asking how you are doing :-) Good luck for the rest of the trip, Dan and Charlie x

  38. Hi Gem & team. Lots going on out there, what with broken oar, & challenging seas etc. You’re amazing women, keep up the pace. Lots of pictures of your happy cats on Facebook. Love mum & Keith xx

  39. Livvy, I know I promised you some rowing related jokes but so far I’ve only found inappropriate or weak ones so I will continue my quest as you continue yours!! Who knows which is harder, we shall discuss when you get to Barbados. Keep it up you girls are smashing it. So proud xxxx

  40. Hi Clare and girls, your all doing so well, it’s great to see your progress, well done to you all x

  41. Hello clare and the other girls I’m dot watching you everyday your all doing very good and keep up the good work u can do it keep smiling you will get there.

  42. Hello Auntie Clare and Girls, we’ve just read the update and it says you’re all making use of your tools everyone here is on the website all day dot watching. Grandma says hello and keep it up you’re all doing well. Livie says I don’t care I love it x x

  43. Gemma – I think you have done about a third of the voyage now.Keep it up!
    From William (Uncle Jamie and Auntie Knicker’s Page Boy!)

  44. Hey Jane! Can’t believe you are over two weeks in already! You and the team are making really great progress-excitingly watching you get closer to your target! Looking forward to when you are back and hearing all about it! Kylie.x

  45. Hi Gem, so full of admiration for you and the team – many years ago, we spent three hours in the Pacific Ocean on a zodiac searching for whales, without any joy – that was enough for me! We are with you and the girls all the way, in spirit anyway, keep safe, lots of love xxx

  46. Oh mum n dad send their love too…given them the link to watch your progress so you’re always coming up in convo! Mum thinks you’re all crazy n dad is jealous (like me!) xxx

  47. Gemma n ladies it sounds like you are smashing it, great to hear it’s going so well. I’m ignoring work and doing lots of wed stuff at mo..whoops! Sending lots of love xxx

  48. Hi Livvy, hope you’re well! You are such an inspiration, all of you are! Missing you lots and can’t wait to hear all the stories. Keep plodding on and dig in! You can do it ladies! Liv you absolute machine haha! Love you xxx

  49. Hi Clare. Working the nightshift thinking of you girls out there under the stars & watching you through the night tonight & every night. You are doing great keep it going. So proud of you Clare take care & stay strong little sis in law X

  50. Hi Gemma. We are all very proud. We are dot watching. Tegan is glued to it. You all now have the support of burton manor primary school, Stafford. They are all dot watching and checking your progress every day. Keep going believe in your selves. Lots of hugs to you all. Love from Emma, Shaun, Chloe and Tegan.

  51. Hi Ladies,

    Good to hear your doing well and in good health and spirits.

    I have put a power point together off your adventures and updating it on a weekly and presenting every week in the CAG. You are in everybody’s hearts and minds safe rowing.

    I will pass on your message to Meza, in the next meeting.

    Thinking of you Carina and the 32 gang xx

  52. Hello Clare, Jane, Gemma and Olivia. Great speeds today, keep it up you are all doing so well. Keep going I’m checking your progress first thing in the morning, last thing at night and many times in between!! Hoping to see you in Barbados to celebrate your achievement with a cocktail or 2. Leonie can get the first round in!! Xx

  53. You amazing girls! I hope that everyone knows that you’re crossing the ocean without automatic steering!! Surely this is a “first” and record in itself!! What stamina! Stay happy. Love you Livvy and lovely girls. Mumxxxx

  54. A story for Captain Wilson: There once was a young Sgt with a wealth of wisdom and a young private with much promises, but a big appetite! To KFC they went! Whilst waiting at the red light an old lady in a chariot of fire came carearing into them! I ran to help the lady as Cat went to see if his presious car was alright before even assessing his own physical damage!! The cars a write off! Fire truck, Ambulance and Police out in force! But what’s that I see on the horizon? A newer better model for a new chapter of automobile adventures, or mayby a van, but most likely another impulse bycicle purchase? Hella exciting lunch brake!! But there was a happy ending, the car did still make it to KFC! … My words as leaving the office was “let’s go on an adventure” so the big question is, can I predict the future? LFR out…

  55. Keep going strong, believe in yourselves – We know you can do it!

  56. Liv, we’ve been watching Take Me Out and we think you should apply for next years!! Xxx

  57. Hi Liv and ladies,
    You’re making such good progress – Becky and I are talking about you and thinking of you all the time. I saw Dave Wilko last week and he also sends his love!!
    I bet you’re seeing some wonderful things out there. Love you loads. Gail and Megan

  58. Hi Liv and girls! I’m sure that you’re all starting to feel it a bit now as you’ve done a third of the crossing – Seb says that you need to sing along to “Eye of the Tiger” when things get a bit grim and gnarly and that’ll give you a motivational push!

    love you lots – you’re all doing so well and we’re super proud x

  59. Hi Olivia,
    You are making a sterling effort, I hope the storms are not affecting you! Thank you all so much for helping raise funds for the children of the Forces Children’s Trust.
    Stay safe! Xxxx

  60. Hello Clare, Mums checking your progress every couple of hours and even Dads a whizz on the iPad now ! Still on track to beat the World Record !! Up 10 !!

  61. hi clare spoke to your mum she said you rang and asked about me thank you still going great you girls keep it up darling cant wait to see you in barbados SO PROUD

  62. Hello Auntie Clare, keep going you’re doing very well, we track you every morning and I check the blue dots on Mummy’s phone after school everyday. Grandma and Big Grama are tracking you all day too. Me and Livie are looking forward to seeing you and I’m looking forward to rowing again when you get back. Livie says BOOM!! X X

  63. Hi mum, you’re doing really well! Keep up the good work, you can still beat the world record! Hope you’re enjoying looking out at the water everyday! Love you mum, looking forward to seeing you in Barbados!
    Leonie x

  64. Hi Aunty Jane !
    Mummy keeps me posted on your progress at my bath time while I splash about with my turtle, crab and dolphin toys you got me ! Cannot wait for cuddles when you have completed your trip and you can tell me all your adventures !

  65. Happy Chinese new year Captain Wilson!! Me and Cat are going for an Indian to celebrated the year of the monkey!! Paul asks are you sick of rowing yet, I assume not… Peace out!

  66. Hi mum, Merida here. How are you sleeping on the boat? I’m so loving having my siestas on my pink fleece on top of your desk, will you please keep it there when you come back? Pretty please? Maria says I make a much prettier desk accessory than the trays, and I’m so well behaved! I am trying my best to teach Bonnie to be more lady like, but at the moment she’s still a little tomboy. But when she’s good I let her share the fleece with me. I’m still the queen of the house though! Hope your rowing is as smooth as my fur and you come home soon x

  67. Well done to Clare and the girls. The weather here is rubbish. I thought of you when we were out on Plymouth sound yesterday doing our wave training,getting absolutely soaked. Jane x

  68. Well done aunty Gemma and team. You’re all doing so well. I’ve got two more teeth now (my top front two) so 4 in total. I’m also learning to clap and mummy says it won’t be long before I’m walking. Mummy and daddy are watching you every day. I can’t wait to see you when you’re back in the UK. Well done and keep going. You’re all brill. Xx

  69. Hi Gemma and all the Team
    Well Done Girls. – you are all truly amazing – keep pressing on you are doing such a great job. Thinking of you both night and day. Carmenna and Richard xxx

  70. Jane, you and the team are doing a great job! watching everyday to see your progress.
    nothing much happening here – weathers been rubbish & we’ve all been suffering from this bug thats going round. you would have giggled though Sophie projectile vomited down the stairs…yes my new stairs, walls, carpet etc it went everywhere even landed on her playroom door!!! How it got that far i’ll never know & Daz was carring her at the time & got covered….! lol.
    what else…. We’ve just been to look at a new car…. don’t know what i’ll do without “my” car, if we do change it.
    Well best go – you & the gang take care, keep positive & keep pounding those miles!!!l Sending Love & hugs, Jacs Daz & Sophie x x x x

  71. Hope you’re getting into the rhythm of it and the weather is being kind. I hear you’ve been doing some surfing enroute – exciting, exhilarating or f… Scary take your pick eh? Well done all of you, that rum will taste very good when you get to Barbados. Love Josie & nick xxx

  72. Hi Girls! Just been for a walk looking at the choppy water in Kirkcudbright Harbour and thinking of you all . More power to you , keep safe, Auntie Kim x

  73. Gemma, Clare, Olivia and Jane you are all doing well lets hope you are not getting to sunburned, Its great watching your progress keep it up xxxx

  74. Just watched the opening bouts of the Six Nations.What with extreme physical exertion..(playing that is, not watching, conversation turned to you lot! Tim Peake has been watching the rugby from space and we wondered if you have a telly on
    board? Pretty d*** impressive. All power to your elbows and backsides.

  75. Hi Gem, another great day rowing. Looking forward to tea in Totnes!. Go for it girls. Well done. Mum & Keith xx

  76. Gemma and team! Keep going! So excited each day to watch how far you have travelled.

    Keep rowing, Livi, Lexie and Will x

  77. Hello girls! Keep up the good work, you’re doing great. Glad to hear that you’re rowing naked now Livvy! That should attract some wildlife! Love mum xxxxx

  78. Who would have known dot-to-dot could be so compulsive?! Hope you ladies are being suitably entertained while working on your all-over tans: whale watching, flying fish, serenading by Sebastian?? The record is within stroking distance – go Fire Ant!!! x

  79. Naked rowing!! Go Liv!! Get your sun cream out!! Great progress girls we are keeping an eye on that map!! Lots of love your mad Devon neighbours xx

  80. Jane from up the lane you’re doing awesome!! Thanks for the postcard, I’m looking forward to seeing the one from Barbados in the post! Stay safe crazy lady and keep up the good work! xxxx

  81. …..hello Gemma. Hope it’s living up to expectations.You are going great….you’ll catch them soon when all those old boys start to flag. Stay very safe and lots of love from Jane and Geoff xx

  82. Hello Auntie Clare and the girls. You’re all doing very well, we’re still tracking you and reading the miles chart everyday, keep going and Livie says keep smiling x x

  83. Hey mum, quick question, I AM a cat, right? ‘Cause Maria keeps saying I’m a cheeky monkey, but I’m not sure why, maybe it’s because I like climbing the tree outside when I get the chance? Surely it’s not because I tease uncle Angus at every opportunity, steal uncle Fergus’ food and don’t let anyone else play when the toys are out? No, it can’t be… it must be the tree thing. But thought I’d check. Will you bring me back a fishy to play with? Meow! :)

  84. Hi Gemma and Girls on Fire Ant
    that’s 500 miles under your oars – fantastic- soon be under 2000 to go :-)
    hope the wind and currents as well as your determination will get you there in record time ;-)
    thinking of you all
    love Lesley xx

  85. Girls you’re doing so well! Chuffed for you. Darcey is walking now, yippee! She sends you all sloppy kisses! Xxx

  86. Hi Clare, can’t believe how far you’ve gone. Is it true that you row naked? Bloody well done!


  87. Well done for passing the 500 mark. So proud of you all. Keep going, dig deep. Xx

  88. Liv, thought I’d check to see how your doing, said I would. Very well done so far keep it going ladies.
    Your new sofas will be ready to rest on in a couple months.

  89. Well done Gem & girls, Great progress, you’re amazing. Cats are very happy, Fergus too. Mum & Keith x

  90. Mummy Liv – Benson says that he’s missing his sofa cuddles so chop chop!

    Great effort ladies, we’re all watching closely and continue to be amazed by all of you….keep it up!

    Just think – smooth seas and big arms!!!! Xx

  91. 2, 4, 6, 8, who do we appreciate,
    Not the king and not the Queen,
    But Jane and her rowing team!!!??????????
    Go Jane! We’re watching your progress and sending you lots of
    love and luck. Hope you break that record! You are a ?

  92. it’s addictive to watch your progress your all doing well keep it up thinking of you all xxxx

  93. Wow, your really flying out there! Well done ladies. Hope your hairs ok Liv! Praying you don’t get a dreadlock! Like every night, I’m lying here thinking of you all, hoping your feeling ok and not too sore. Big hugs to you all. Jane xx

  94. Hi mum, I’m missing you loads!! But guess what, I’m getting really good at jumping on your desk and asking Maria for treats and a daily brush (between you and me, I think she’s a bit of a sucker ’cause she never says no!). I’ve also started to play with the other kitties, even those 2 small ones that keep interrupting my siestas! Maria keeps telling me I’m very brave, and that you’ll be proud of me. She’s really nice, but keep rowing hard as I can’t wait to see you again! xx

  95. You girls are amazing! I don’t know you but am so impressed with your determination ! Frustrating about the steering issues but forge ahead, you have a remarkable number of people following you who believe in you 100% and are so proud of you!!!!

  96. Glad to here that you are doing well Clare and girls. Keep up the tempo. Wishing you all the best.

  97. Well done Gem and girls, so pleased you are back on track, now hope FireAnt, the ocean and the weather are all kind to you. God bless and keep you safe xx

  98. Livvy,We have just heard (from Mum) about this amazing feat that you and the team are all doing!We are so impressed ! What stamina, both physical and mental, you must all have.You are wonderful roles models for women of all ages!So proud of you!xx

  99. Hope the steering issue hasn’t caused too much frustration girls. Awesome to see you doing so well xxx

  100. Hello team, you are all doing amazing! Great to see Angus taking an interest at last:)

  101. Go Jane and girls. Looks like you are making great progress. We are checking up on you all daily and the children enjoy watching how far you have travelled each time. Loads of love and hugs from us all xxxx

  102. Hi Olivia & Girls,Keep up the good work. We are following your journey each day. You can do it. Girls send their best wishes to you all.Keep safe.xxxx

  103. glad to see that you are picking up speed again, get the paddle to the water go girls go

  104. Hello Clare and girls, good to see you are back up to speed, you are doing so well. Like everyone else I am addicted to dot watching. Angela x

  105. Hi Gemma & Girls on Fire Ant
    Good to see you are on the move again and picking up speed ;-)
    Gemma you have such a clever cat!! Angus sending a message – no change re kitten food then!!
    You all take care. thinking of you and am willing you on as fast as you can
    love Lesley xx

  106. Hi Gem, challenging times but you are all doing so well. Keep smiling and see you in Barbados!
    love Mum & Keith xx

  107. Hey mum, I have developed a taste for wet food and am stealing the kittens’ grub whenever I get the chance, I was wondering how you’re doing on the dehydrated stuff?

  108. Hi Liv
    We’re thinking about you and watching you all the time! Hope you’re all ok – you’re doing so well! Wishing I could feed you all hot cups of tea and chocolate biscuits whilst you’re rowing but sending you positive vibes instead!! keep up the good work! :) Char ( Liv’s sister)

  109. You’re doing so well, I can’t believe your progress so far – very proud of you all. You have so much support back home, I keep showing little Megan the map but she doesn’t quite understand yet! Love love love xxxxxx

  110. Watching the Toby Wallace crew and thinking of you all too. If only you knew how many people are cheering you on – even if we don’t know you! Stay strong! x

  111. Hi girls, glad to see your slow advance tonight was due to a pit stop. We were getting a bit worried here at Rame Ocean. You go girls, the record is still within your reach !

  112. Glad to read the sickness is subsiding. Hoping your bums and hands are ok. Get some video footage of you surfing the waves. Your doing great. Xxx

  113. Fantastic progress girls. We’re watching you every day. Sorry to hear about sickness. Keep your chins up and hopefully it’ll pass. Lots of thoughts and prayers for you all. Xx

  114. You girls are doing fab! Gutted to hear about sickness! Other message thingy won’t work gem but I’ll keep trying it! Always checking your progress. Ali xxx

  115. Hi Livvy and girls. Obsessively dot watching like everyone. The Anglesey sea dogs are cheering you all the way. You strong ladies, tons of love. Livs mumxxxx

  116. Hello Auntie Clare, you’re all doing very well and everyone here is tracking you everyday. There is a chart for us to see how many miles you’ve all done in a day and Mummy says it’s lots. X X

  117. Just back from Parisian Spectacular aka Paignton’s version of the Moulin Rouge – with no glass smashing, tap breaking or Gemma! :( Love you and miss you, but you are doing so well – keep doing it for the girls!x

  118. Girls, the line is so straight and your trooping along. Hoping to goodness that your hands and bums are ok. Talking to everyone and anyone about you all. So are the kids!! Im so proud Liv, it’s making great conversation amongst everyone. Keep at it. Big squeeze!!!

  119. 3.3 knots, great going Gem & the team. Following you all the way. Simon & crew doing well with Toby Wallace too! Mum & Keith x

  120. Wow you are doing so well keep up this pace and you will smash the record!! We are checking on you everyday!! Lots of love Nat, Matt and Lily xx

  121. My husband is asking about sponsoring we good also publish this on the RMP chat room to see if we can get more sponsors

  122. Hi Gemma. Good Luck and fair weather.Love to you and all the girls.Much Love Granny B.x

  123. Good luck ladies. Glad to know you’ve set off safely. Looking forward to following your progress, take care x

  124. Wow, making fab progress! Hope your all ok. Bet your glad you had all those deserts now! Keep up the good work. Thinking of you all the time. Xxxx

  125. hi Clare. I’ve been watching your dot,and from my great knowledge of dot watching, you seem to be making excellent progress. Well done. Hope the blisters won’t be too bad.IAnyway, you ain’t missing anything at home, the weathers shite. Love from Karen

  126. Well done Gemma and all the girls Love to follow you every day – keep it up – doing so well

  127. Hello Auntie Clare and the girls, we’ve been watching your blue dots since you left and saw the video of you leaving. Keep smiling x x

  128. Love the video of you all starting, compulsive viewing this dot watching! Great rowing:) We will be watching Simon’s boat tonight as well! Jane & Keith xx

  129. Staring continuously at your little ‘dot’ and willing you across that expanse of blue! Go girls!

  130. Well done girls you’re really picking up speed now! Getting a bit obsessive this dot watching! Stay safe as you move further into the big open waters – char X

  131. Totally blown away by this tremendous effort! Keep up the great work!! Sending you lots of encouragement from Australia Olivia!

  132. Watching with excitement tracking your every tactical moves well done to you all x x x x one for each of you

  133. Hi Clare and crew the sun is shining here in saltash this morning hope it’s the same for your are all doing well

  134. Gem,Stalking your progress. Keep up the amazing hard work. So so proud to hv a friend who has the balls to do this. Lots of love X X s

  135. Hi Clare and crew, fab rowing so far! Go get that record and stay safe. Jacqui and Tony xx

  136. A very well done to start this journey – Frankie

    I hope you get there in time! – Ben

    I hope you can beat the WORLD RECORD!

  137. Hi Clare and crew – go girls you can do it! Have a safe and record breaking row. See you back at work Clare. Ros xx

  138. 3B from Munich International School, will be following your journey as well and marvelling at your courage. You can do it!

  139. Thinking of you every minute of the day! You’re doing really well girls. Everyone sends their love liv! Big hugs mum!!xxxxxx

  140. Go Girls Go and have a safe crossing and Olivia remember: cocktails at The Cliff and eat at Mullins Bay.

  141. Go Girls Go. All the very best wishes for a great crossing and (Olivia) remember: cocktails at the Cliff and a meal at Mullins Bar.

  142. jim&fiona martin Go Girls really proud of you Gemma and your crew mates, keep safe.

  143. Just keep rowing Liv!!! Good luck to you all! We know you will do it! Lots of Love Natalie, Matt and Lily xx

  144. Olivia and crew – wishing you all the best for a safe and speedy voyage. Will be tracking your progress. I admire you all for taking on the challenge! Enjoy and take care x x

  145. Gemma and crew! Wishing you all the best from here in Germany, and already enjoying tracking your voyage. The White Bunch kiddos, Olivia, Lexie and Will xxxxx

  146. Jane you’re absolutely crazy doing this again …..good luck and I hope you girls keep safe xxx

  147. Woohoooo! good luck ladies, so blooming excited for you all – enjoy the adventure. Liv hope you cope ok without all those snacks we know how you were becoming very partial to the odd pudding here and there!!hehe! Great seeing your progress along the map- go for it!!! Lots love Ben, Amanda and Bailey xx

  148. Gemma and crew. Awesome what you girls are doing. Keep well and enjoy this unique life experience. Safe travels to the finish.

  149. Can’t believe the day has arrived! You’re finally ‘doing it’! Go get that record girls!
    Have a safe row and see you soon.
    Love Claire xx

  150. Been thinking of you girls all day!!! So pleased you started as I know how much you’ve been dying to get out there. Have a safe first night and Finn says, goodnight Aunty Biv’.

  151. Gemma and girls on Fire Ant
    am dot watching again! (every year since 2003!)
    hope you have a speedy, safe row,
    and the weather is set fair to blow you across (-;
    love Lesley xx

  152. Such a brave and incredible challenge! On behalf of 32 Squadron – all the very best of luck to you!

  153. Good Luck!
    Jane and all of you.
    Have a speedy and very safe journey.
    Our thoughts and best wishes are with you.
    Jackie and Alan

  154. Hi Olivia, it’s very exciting seeing the line on the map now. I hope all goes well and Jonas has passed you by. Good luck to all you ladies from all your friends in Lympstone

  155. Jane! You are my hero already! Mummy and daddy wish you and the crew a safe and happy journey. I will have a big smile and cuddle waiting for your return home. Row row row your boat, fast across the Atlantic. Love Jack (11 weeks old) xx

  156. Good luck girls, not sure how I’m going to get any work done now I know I can follow you guys on here ;-)
    Know you can do this!!

  157. Good luck Ladies. If the weather is kind, I have no doubt that you’ll get the record.

  158. Good luck Gemma & team, wishing you all the best luck on your amazing challenge. mum x

  159. Hey Gemma and girls, Have the most brilliant and fulfilling trip. Nick & I will be r’oaring you on! Love Josie & nick & Tilly xxx

  160. Wishing Gemma and the girls a safe and oarsome row, from your many admiring supporters and new friends in Zimbabwe!!! Take care and God speed.

  161. Good Luck Liv & the team! Looking forward to tracking your progress :) Take care and smash that world record!! xx

  162. Jane and team all the very best to all in your amazing and inspirational challenge. Will follow your progress. Keep safe and fly the RAF flag.

  163. We have just seen you row back in to Puerto de Mogan marina narrowly missed by the incoming ferry. We admire your fortitude and wish you all the best in your adventure. We will be supporting you all the way. Good luck Ann and Graham Salmon from the Blackdown Hills Devon

  164. Wishing you girls all the very best of luck! We’ll be tracking your progress very closely and keeping our fingers crossed for that world record!! We’re so proud of you Liv. Love Char and Seb xxx

  165. Good luck Simon and Gemma, the children from CTS school are watching your progress. Your god daughter is very proud of you both.As so are we! God bless you and keep you safe xx

  166. Good luck team!! Have a great row and hopefully we’ll be hot on your heels and all enjoy a drink in Barbados!! Iwan

  167. Good luck girls, our daughter Elin completed the Same race in 2007, we are so proud of her, we’ll be tracking your progress, all the best, the Davies family from Bala North Wales x

  168. dear Liv
    Best of luck with your adventure, we will be following you with our thoughts of encouragement xxx

  169. What an amazing and gutsy challenge. I wish you all the very best and will follow your adventure! Jane you will make the RAF very proud along with your friends and family. Good luck and fair winds.