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The Toby Wallace Atlantic Row – January/February 2016

The TOBY WALLACE is a light-weight 8 man ocean rowing boat constructed by Woodvale in late 2011 and originally named TITAN. She was designed specifically to go after and break the “4 minute mile of ocean rowing” and achieve the ATLANTIC SPEED RECORD CROSSING in under 30 days.  Titan was renamed the TOBY WALLACE in 2014, in memory of one of the original crew members onboard in 2012 who sadly died in July 2013.

The boat has now completed four successful crossings in respectable times of 34 days, 15 hours and 31 minutes in 2012; 35 days, 13 hours and 50 minutes in 2013; 32 days, 22 hours and 31 minutes in February 2014 and 39 days, 23 hours and 21 minutes. The Toby Wallace now holds the record as the most successful ocean rowing boat in history with four under 40-day crossings’.

The current crew of 8 are aiming to start their attempt on the world record on the evening of Thursday 28th January  2016 for Marina Puerto De Mogan, Gran Canaria. to Barbados. Click here to see the CREW PROFILES.

BOAT TRACKING below will show when they start rowing and you can leave your messages of support and encouragement on the MESSAGE BOARD beneath too.  DAILY STATS can be found by clicking here and click here for PHOTOS/ NEWS of their journey so far!


371 thoughts on “Toby Wallace Atlantic Row 2016

  1. Allez Dolores allez
    Vous êtes au milieu allez allez !
    On est très fier de toi et de ta très formidable pugnacité , on vous suit toujours et on t envoie des gerbes d ondes positives , tu les sens qui arrivent la ? Ça doit bien traverser l Atlantique aussi ces trucs la!
    Courage dans pas trop longtemps un petit punch , une vraie douche et un vrai lit , les cocotiers et la terre ferme
    Ici on rame toujours comme en hiver sous la flotte et dans le vent
    toutes proportions gardées
    Je t embrasse très très fort
    Un grand bravo à toute l équipe

    PS question accessoire : t as perdu combien de kg:)) ?

  2. Hey M.J as Uffa Fox is a distant relative of yours google him sometime-interesting! Congrats on getting half way,You chaps are lucky to have such a good skipper.

  3. Congrats Iwan and the rest of the crew – half way!
    You’re on the home stretch now. Safe and speedy travels.

  4. Iwan – happy half way day buddy! Amazing effort to all of you so far and keep up what can only be described as an epic effort! We took Oscar and Olivia to Bath today for v-day! Fun having a look at the old haunts – Good good times!!! Hope you are loving the surf – Nick

  5. To the crew of the Toby Wallace you are looking good fellas get some extra Peronin down your necks and keep up the good work you will soon be into flying fish territory.


  6. Don’t worry Dolores, be happy, because you are just in the middle… in the middle of ocean; and now, you are sure that the best way is to go forward and not to be back! silca is proud of you, and be strong with all the crew for the rest of the trip.

  7. Hi Simon & the crew. Well done getting past the half way point. The record is within you’re grasp. We’re proud of you & Gemma. Go get the record. I spoke to Gemma today & I’m glad the girls are safe on board the cargo ship now. She will be there to see you in Barbados. Love the whale & shark stories. Keep up the pace. Love Jane & Keith ( mum in law!!) xx

  8. Hey Richard, your Canadian cousins are cheering you on! A big shout out to your whole crew from us in Toronto.

  9. Hi TW crew
    fantastic miles under your oars yesterday ;-} awesome! you must be through the halfway mark now ( even bigger AWESOME!!)
    Simon this is Mum speaking – go get the record for yourselves and a bit more of an incentive – get it for your beautiful wife Gemma and the Girls on ‘FireAnt’ they tried so hard and so deserved to succeed.
    they are safe.
    so now the not so good news – Foxes lost to Arsenal BUT they are still top of Premier League by 2 points :-) and as for the Tigers – they’ve lost their Roar !!- lost their last 2 matches :-(
    keep rowing fast, may the winds (or the Force) be behind you
    love Lesley xx

  10. Hey Richard and team, who knew watching a dot could be so exciting. Row team row, stay safe xx Debbie

  11. Pour Dolo : j’ai partagé une chartreuse à ta santé avec un ami Tunisien. Et on a observé votre belle progression avec le reste des amis. Continuez ! c’est super ! bises, la petite verte, virginie et les 2petits poilus

  12. Happy Valentines day Toby Wallace crew!  special wishes To Dolores happyness, love.., good luck for next days, may Gad protect you

  13. Hi Mike , Murray and TB crew . Impressive speed after repairs. Fagga moto shamwari love Mum and Dad

  14. Murray Faber and Michael Johnson – you are incredible heroes – many Peterhouse rowers – past and present – are watching your progress in absolute awe! You have our every good wish that you reach your target. From all the Groenewald in Marondera!

  15. Hi Roger, cant believe Ive just found you. After reading the Sutton Guardian. I hope you are well, good luck, congratulations on your 35th AA Birthday on 02/02. Im still sober and enjoying life. Love George. Would really love to hear from you.

  16. Keep up the amazing work Iwan & team Toby! We just had a lovely valentines lunch with your wife and son, well you know that, you called in.
    Thought I’d post on this board as I’m here, but not going to lie, I come here most days just to read Tom’s hilarious posts!
    Great to hear you’ve had a whale and shark with you, keeping you on the straight and narrow.
    Much love, Drew, Jez & Tobes x

  17. This is amazing stuff. Keep at it guys! 3 hours ahead of the world record!!! Following you all way from Zimbabwe.

  18. Richard and all the crew. You are a massive inspiration. Remember Dave Grohl banging out Best of You at the National Bowl MK Rich? All “about breaking away from the things that confine you” you sure are breaking away and proving anything is possible! Much respect and hoping you all remain safe for the rest of your adventure. Take care. Rick.

  19. Hi Rog & All, Valentines Day is postponed this year until 29th Feb!
    Stay safe praying for strength & good winds. Lots of Love xx

  20. Go, go, go mama !
    We keep following you every day and thinking you every second <3
    Be nice with the crew :)

  21. Hi Richard and crew. We are all so proud of you all and your efforts are truly amazing. Oh you have 27 little children from my class all routing for uncle Richard! Go Richard go!!!

  22. Richard and crew, you are like machines powered by the waves and wind. Unbelievable distance covered. Stay safe. Bristol Dragon boaters are all in awe and sending good wishes your way. Nicola x

  23. Hey Iwan, awesome progress (or OAR some as Bill tried to make me write). Just on our way to meet Sums and Grayson in Little Angel. Should we start him on shandies or go straight on to the pints? (again this is from Bill). Happy Valentine’s Day, lots of love xxx

  24. To the girls, so pleased you are all safe and well, you have experienced and achieved what others only dream about from their sofas.
    And to TW, you’ve blasted the half way and going great, keep it up and could someone on board give Richard a big sloppy valentines kiss from me. He’ll love it. X

  25. Happy Valentines day Toby Wallace crew! You are all my heroes – strong, brave and irresistible!!! Heads up, keep strong and keep safe xxx

  26. Iwan!! Saw sums and met your beautiful son yesterday! Sums is doing an amazing job and she is being so positive! Been checking up on your progress everyday and love to see the daily stats – especially now that you are closer to Barbados! Really great job!

  27. Murray and Mike – eeish plenty going on in the last three days! Surfing those waves after fixing the rudder must been such a buzz! Sad for the girls but great all safe. If you could see over the horizon you might almost see Barbados!! Moving closer every day. :) LOL at Mum’s comment about wishing for lekkin – how do you spell that?

  28. sad to hear about the ladies but good that they are all safe and well keep pushing on and bring the blue riban home for the your selfs and the girls mum n dad xx

  29. Woke up and knew something wasn’t right so we have all been praying for all thru the day. Thank God everyone is healthy enough to be disappointed and safe. You TWC had an amazingly fast day. God is good . Carry on for the whole Oceanus family now!!!

  30. Selection of messages for Richard.
    Joe Parsons – Well done Richard Wattam, keep it up, think how good that first beer is going to taste at the finish. Ali Helme- Great to hear all going so well, keep it up Richard, well done lad!
    Claire Wattam – Nice one Richard Wattam keep going from the Bressingham Wattams x. Mel Burridge – Glad it’s going well you are all so brave. Was Richard the first to cry? lol Sending you light n luv xx

  31. I have calculated your distance and you have about 2mm to go until your half way but your all doing great keep it up

  32. Great effort as you head towards the half way point. Statistics still in your favour – a great achievement. Looking forward to seeing Iwan and the rest of the crew in Barbados. Tschuss

  33. Hi Rog & All its another grey & wet day in Blighty!! But all is well & i’m addicted to blue dots! Keep pulling that chin up off the deck – what you are achieving is awesome in the true meaning of the word & i’m still in Ore! lots of love xxx

  34. Mike ,Murray & Crew
    Good progress again keep it going,We wont count chickens yet certainly wont get uncle Mark to count them,I,ll check his tablets when I see him.

  35. Morning Richard, great to speak to you last night, and another good distance done yesterday. Boys all bursting with pride for their Dad, and looking after me! Hers a quote for you all. “The 5 “S”‘s of sports are stamina, speed, strength, skill & Spirit, BUT the greatest of these is SPIRIT.” and you have heaps of that, well done lovely husband. XX

  36. Hello Big Richie, we are looking after the house and being very responsible as you’d expect. Don’t count the days: make the days count. We are all very proud of you, keep rowing you arsehole (from Alex)

  37. Keep going Roger and The TW team. You are all amazing. Half way there now and doing a great job. Lots of love and good wishes. Maria & the boys xxxx

  38. Life might be a dream M.J but are you half way there yet?Could four of you not hop out and push to help hurry things along?The French seem to be on the champers again reporting well shaped waves and orcas.It seems the renowned Chop,Chop London Garage is looking for an engineer with an Airfix N.V.Q- for cars though!Weather here this weekend promises to be optimistically tropical with an Arctic twist-Scotch or Beer?Probably Beer.Is the boat very musical?Stay strong Toby Wallace.

  39. Hey Mike and Murray did you pack a Zimbo repair kit reken wire ne pinchers . Lucky Murray the only one to have a bath . Keep the rate up Toby Wallace crew , well done to all of you

  40. Weldone team Toby Wallace for rudder repair and straight line to Barbados again. Good to see those dots spreading out again! Have fun in the surf!! It sounds terrifying from here, but I’m sure you’re enjoying clocking up the mileage again. Thinking of you all the time! Murray – bet you wished you’d taken some lechan afterall!! Keep smiling:) love & hugs from home, mum dad & weezie

  41. Hi Simon & crew, Keith liked the “surfs up” experience!
    How about trying it at Bantham? Amazing progress, well done all. Jane & Keith xx

  42. Rica and Crew; So the Atlantic broke your rudder and slowed you down a bit. It owes you a few waves and some speed! Good news to wake up to. Pina Coladas all round! Nicola

  43. what ho richard and all the crew it looks like you have completed the morse code been watching the dots now here comes the dashers good luck Mum & Dad xxxx

  44. Anna’s day joke. Old people at weddings poke me and say you are I started doing the same thing to them at funerals fantastic job one and all . addicted dot watcher.

  45. Morning Richard and crew, sounds like you’ve had a great day, with the speed and the surfing. Long may it continue. The Willink school now have you’re dot projected on the big screen for all to follow.
    What do you call a chicken looking at lettuce? Chicken Caesar salad!! Boom boom. Lots of love to you, and lick from scooby xx

  46. Zim boys! The guys who did the road worthy inspection on the tip truck today we’re both from Harare! And we bought it from a zimbo, you guys are everywhere! And now surfing at almost 18 knots? Whoo hoo good fun!!
    Glad your back in action!!

  47. Hi Iwan
    You guys are doing so well. Sorry to hear that big John has been’let go’ from Toms business . Does that mean he has handed in the keys to the Audi. If so me and Lenny would love to have it.
    Yesterday Phillimore /Savilles finally released the covenant attached to our property , thanks to you for bringing it to our attention in the first place! and we can finally complete the sale with builders today.
    Building will start 2nd week of March.
    Anyway keep the strength up and speak soon. lots of love from Sara Jeremy and Elliot xxxxxxx

  48. Good morning TWC theres news that a little boat was spotted flying across the Atlantic – 17.8 knots thats got to feel incredible! Have you run out of chicken korma yet? lots of love xxx

  49. Richard, I’ve never really been into sports i.e. football, rugby, snooker, In fact any sports at all. But WHAT you gents are up to, is the best god dame thing I ever saw. Come on Wattam put your back into it or you’ll never get out of that harbour.

  50. Dear Richard, Everyone is very proud of you and the team, your courageous attitude for what you want to achieve is outstanding.
    Love to you and all the crew. xx

  51. Hi Uncle Simon. I’ve learnt how to clap and I’ve got two more teethe pegs. Can’t wait to show you when you’re back. You’re all doing so well. Keep going strong. Xx

  52. Hi Murray, Hows it going? The CU are following your progress and cheering you on. Just keep rowing!

  53. Hi Murray, Michael and all the crew. Sorry to hear about the broken rudder post but good that you, Murray, were able to use your carpentry and swimming skills to fix it up without getting your toes nibbled! Hope it holds up and doesn’t give any more trouble. Pity it wasn’t made of steel as you could have used your welding abilities, but we guess that might have been a bit difficult without a welding set! Murray and Michael, you are certainly keeping the Zim flag flying high – so many people here are saying how proud they are of you both. We are too. Well done, Simon, and all the crew – keep it up. Lots of love, Henry and Rosemary.

  54. Iwan, it’s your brother again. Bad news on the MAMIL SPORTS front – i’ve had to sack my first employee…..Dad. I decided to try him out as Assitant Editor and gave him a very simple brief to write a short piece of content on the innovations contained within the new wireless shifting SRAM E-tap and the Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 – seemed straight forward to me. I sent over clear instructions on the writing and creative style I wanted and requested a very reasonable deadline to go to press (just before the Archers). I received a very unsatisfactory piece of copy – 2 paragraphs and a message from Dad saying that “he’d been sat at his computer all afternoon, didn’t know what to write” and that the job as Assistant Editor was not for him. Needless to say I was forced to immediately dis-continue his employment with MAMIL SPORTS. It’s been a stressful 24 hours at MAMIL SPORTS HQ… I know how Alan Sugar feels in the boardroom at the end of The Apprentice. I wish Dad nothing but success in the future obvioulsy and hope that he finds more suitable employment locally like emptying the garage maybe or indeed edging the lawn. The good news for you though is that the Assistant Editor position is still open on a part-time basis when you arrive in Tobago. I hope you are having fun in the boat and all is well. I shall update you again in a few days. Tom x

  55. Graham they didn’t let you deal with the rudder is that because there was no gaffer tape handy? I’ve given Snowy one of your jumper’s to drool over as she’s missing you. You are all doing fantastically well, see you soon. Jxx

  56. Just checked progress…amazing..looks like halfway is well in sight…yet on the news, the wind looks like it is blowing East!!! Great stuff and keep it going to Roger and the whole “Toby crew”…can’t imagine how tough it must be…but you’re smashing it!!!

  57. Hello Graham hope things are going well I bet you’re keeping everyone entertained with your stories. Although I bet they didn’t realise you are the master of disaster when they let you on the boat. Good luck everyone else you’ll need it. Cheers dad look forward to seeing you upon your return. Dave Gash

  58. Great recovery from yesterday team – you’re clipping along nicely now and over the 1000 mile mark! On to half way and then the home stretch!! That dot is looking very cool in the middle of the ocean :) Hope the abs are nearly halfway as well Iwan :P Lots of love, Sums, Maco and Baby Piece

  59. Book club last night featuring the Toby Wallace story so far, explained about the rudder problem and putting the sea anchor out, Jude’s a bit worried about how much anchor chain you have on board to be able to reach the bottom, the weight on board & where is the room to store it!!
    Impressive miles yesterday under those circumstances. Xxx

  60. Hi Richard. Keep strong and go get that record. Our thoughts are with you. Robert and Cindy from the Taj Mahal India. Xx

  61. Hello Dolores !
    Bravo ! Continuez ! Vous êtes impressionnants de courage et de volonté .. On te soutient Dolores et tout l équipage .biz Evelyne

  62. Murray
    Bet you wish you had the seemingly endless resources of Willow creek tool and the machine shop in a lightweight barge few meters behind Toby Wallace when making rudder repairs …you are in fax at a nutter but we miss and encourage and pray for you nonetheless.
    Montana man with the body of a Greek ……

  63. Gros poutou à Dolorès et salut amical à tous les autres membres de l’équipage. Bravo. Je suis admiratif. Tenez bon. À bientôt, Bernard.

  64. Hope you had a great view today – more exciting than the view from my office – any good wildlife spotted?

  65. Hey Richard, got asked to do the DW last weekend, 2 months out. That’s the second crazy thing I’ve been asked to do recently ! Hope all’s well and your blisters aren’t too bad ! Keep on pulling.

  66. Hi Simon and all on ‘Toby’
    here in ‘Good ole Blighty’ we are trying to match some of your ‘sights’ – we’ve had some amazing sunsets, then had a terrrific thunderstorm, lashings of rain – at least yours was in distance then to cap it all we had ‘Storm Imogen’ 90 mph winds on IOW now would definitely not wish that ANYWHERE near you guys!!
    You are doing great, rowing down the miles – soon be halfway ;-)
    Row fast, stay safe, am thinking of you- dot watching every chance I get!
    love to all. Lesley xx

  67. Wow Murray and the crew, the distance in almost two weeks is MOST impressive! Murray just in case the days are beginning to pass in a blur of endless blue, its Wednesday, house group night. Tonight we are at Wayne and Teresa’s house for pancakes. We’ll spare a brief thought for you and your; freeze dried, liquid in a packet, can’t be enjoyed evening meal, while tucking into our pancakes smugly… until you return with amazing stories that’ll make us all insanely jealous ;0)
    Ruth was planning on being helicoptered out to the boat on Friday to serve everyone a nice mug of British tea (the truth being she wants to avoid a tooth filling at the dentist!!)
    Anyways, keep rowing, stay strong and store up amazing stories!!

  68. Murray and Mike – almost two weeks in, are your bums sore yet?? So proud of you okes – just keep chovaring, before you know it you be on the sandy beaches of Barbados!

  69. Waaaayzzz Iwan! You fellas are mashing it up! Nuff respect to you and your team buddy, you guys are insane and have genitals of steel. Joanna and I are in Tobago right now and sipping a beer for you. I keep checking the website daily tracking the projection. Keep up the pace, we are cheering you on from Trinidad & Tobago.

  70. Iwan, Justin Bieber update for you. New emoji icon released today. Confirmed part in Zoolander 2. Replaced himself with new number 1 song in the charts. And I’ve screen captured his best instagram shots for you as requested.
    Keep Beliebing

  71. Well down pingu keep on rowing!! Look at your progress every day keep it up!! Well done Murray and crew:)

  72. Hey Mike and Murray chova boys we are all cheering for you and the crew from Perth, keep up the good work!

  73. Row, row, row your boat
    Gently down the stream
    Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,
    Life is but a dream
    Hope your dream comes true.
    See you soon love mum (pam)

  74. Good Morning TWC you are an incredible team – watching your progress is the highlight of the day here in Blighty! Keep on Keeping on – hope you are enjoying the musical suprises Rog xx

  75. Mike ,Murray & Crew
    Straight as a pellet from the Daystate and smack on target looking good well done keep it going

  76. Roger and the rest. Keep going all doing great. England won against Scotland, great defense by England. Keep pulling, keep breathing.

  77. Rica and crew mates-put you back into it and you’ll be back to England stuff Wales in the 6 Nations! Chris S

  78. Plenty of interest in Thurmaston, Leicester following our local hero Graham Walters. Don’t know if you’re able to answer a couple of questions from 11 year old Archie Westwood. How long do you sleep for and how long do you row for?
    Graham your’e an inspiration to us all. Keep up the fantastic progress – we’re all watching that blue line get longer and longer. love from the Westwood’s in Thurmaston

  79. Hi Richard and crew following you every day ,so proud of you , stay safe ,good luck ,love cousin Jane and all the family x

  80. Hi Simon and crew. Tegan is glued to dot watching. You all now have the support of burton manor primary school, Stafford. They are all dot watching and checking your progress every day. They thought it was funny about the fish game. Keep going believe in your selves. Lots of hugs to you all. Love from Emma, Shaun, Chloe and Tegan.

  81. We are all following the stats of the T W . Very impressive team but glad I’m not doing it ! Rowing machine and listening to the Archers and the afternoon play on the radio is relaxing and enough for me . Keep rowing and thinking of Grayson and Summer .

  82. Blown away by the dedication and determination of you all. I went sailing this past weekend and after just four pathetic hours on rough water I was ready to come back to dry land…Thank goodness you are all rowing and not me. Cannot imagine the elements you have experienced during your journey so far! Keep going strong!

  83. There will be lots of flying fish cutters waiting for you gents in Barbados . . . but would you want to see fish at that point? Is Chefette more appealing?

  84. Mathematically Maco and I should complete the 47k challenge by midnight on the 24 Feb. Navigation has been difficult at night as due to excessive cloud Orion and The Plough have been barely visible. However Mercury and Venus in the morning are bright enough for us not to get lost in the woods. Everything OK here. Daily Stats looking good. Trust the beard is coming along nicely. Dad

  85. hello richard and crew on tw about 2 cm on the screen and you will be halfway all down hill from then on good luck dad

  86. Mike, Murray and crew Row, row your boat fast across the sea merrily, merrily until Barbados you see. Keep it up Toby Wallace crew

  87. Rica and crew: When you get to Barbados you’ll never regret doing this. So dig hard and keep strong. The wonderful half way mark is so close now! Nicola x

  88. Rog,
    Hope you’re rowing at the front so you can be watched , but using the bucket at the back so you can’t. I know all about bears in the woods, but at sea… that’s a different skill set. Off to Botswana, Mozambique and Nam tomorrow. Lots of walking, no rowing, I’ll leave the fabulous waterborne Type 2 pleasures to you. You’re all amazing. Very proud and impressed with your spirit and adventure. Clay

  89. Mike and Murray and the Crew. How very humbling to watch your progress from the comfort of our homes! Pretty amazing. We are so proud of you and wish you God speed. Now trust the French to stop for a mid Atlantic lunch! Some priorities just don’t change… Best wishes from us all in Macheke, Zimbabwe.

  90. More messages for Richard and the team – Richard Crampton- Well done Rich keep it up. Norma Coleman- Well done Richard, just keep on rowing. Peter Brewer- Well done Richard!! Joe Parsons- Well done Richard Wattam, keep it up, think how good that first beer is going to taste at the finish. And Lots of love And heaps of pride from No 70.

  91. Hey there Michael / Murray
    We are thinking of you guys and hope you are having fun ! I think i would rather have a bad day fishing than trying to row across the atlantic. Your are an amazing bunch of guys.
    Give it horns.

  92. Mike and team
    Well done guys you are doing really well. Keep it up and think Barbados. We are enjoying following you daily. Have fun. Lots of love Brendon Tabatha and Samantha

  93. Forgot to add that our comment is for Murray and Mike but of course best speed and power to you all.

  94. Comparing your position on this map and Paddy’s heat map looks like you should have a good strong tail wind helping you along! (
    Are you catching fish along the way? Hope so. Such and adventure.Good on you all. :)

  95. Your progress is superb. We continue to watch your daily progress . What an amazing team effort.

  96. Iwan, it’s your brother again. Mega busy day today as my CEO is over from Honkers so we sat down and put a plan in place for Singapore. i’m looking at an amazing pad with pool, tennis courts and gym. There’s been some exciting developments with MAMIL SPORTS as well so i’ve got some very cool stuff i’m working on that I can tell you about when you are in Tobago. I’ve basically already employed you full-time during your Tobago sabbatical – as long as you have decent wifi. It’s an unpaid position obviously with the very slim chance that we’ll all be millionaires one day…well….I will be…i’ll buy you a watch or something as a thank you, maybe a carriage clock….anyway – you’re hired. Hope you are having an amazing time – I am really jealous off the amazing sun-sets and sun-rises you must be seeing. Right – I must dash, my hot chocolate is getting cold and I am missing Today in Parliament on Radio 4. Dig in !

  97. You are a very significant yellow line on the map. Heading fast towards half way. Bristol Dragon Boaters keeping a watchful eye on you and sending a dragon’s roar your way.

  98. Murray and Mike —–great effort so far – when you are feeling low, so salty,uncomfortable and fed up ….. please think of me and my support. IT WILL HELP !!

  99. To Iwan and the rest of the team. You guys are doing so well, what an amazing effort, keep it up! Linds and I are tracking you, from the comfort of our sofa, so feel like complete slackers! N&L xx

  100. Proudly Zimbabwean. Well done you guys. What a great cause coupled with an awesome experience. Best of luck.

  101. The French stopped for Sunday lunch yesterday! You guys are proper committed, rightly ahead and will have earned a long lunch when you get to Barbados…oh and Rich a beer or two. Only @2/3 to go-you guys rock!

  102. Hi Iwan.
    Your amazing !!
    Well done and keep the pressure on. We are tracking you.
    Lots of love from Tarifa.
    Sara Jeremy and Elliot xxx

  103. Richard.It’s amazing what lengths you will go to, just to avoid giving me back that fiver you owe me. Bad news is I’m in Costa Rica so your getting closer for me to collect and I know exactly where you are. (Watch out team he’ll be trying to turn the boat around) Don’t forget your all doing this for FUN so have some. What incredible people you all are. GO GO GO. Cant wait to get my fiver back

  104. If you are still working to the changeover plan as when you started it would appear that Grayson has synchronised feed times accordingly which are every 4 hours. We are constantly thinking of you and regularly look at your progress which is addictive viewing. Pleased to hear from Summer that all is well with you and the crew. Mum and Dad

  105. Murray & Mike, thinking of you guys hobos and hobos!! Just begining to get my head around you being somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic ocean! A bit jelous of those beautiful sunrises. Take care of yourselves team, keep those heads strong and keep digging deep. lots of love and strong vibes from Zim, mum dad and Weezie

  106. Iwan and the team – You have now rowed more than the length of the whole U.K.! Amazing effort and keep up the incredible work. Hope you remembered the tartare sauce for the f-fish sarnie – rather jealous! Nick

  107. Amazing effort so far Graham and the team, the painting looks great back at home Graham, Jean is working hard.

  108. The flying fish won’t be the same without some Delish pepper sauce, so put your back in it Iwan ;) Summer

  109. Murraymike-Blimey first mermaids and now flying fish!Some blokes get all the luck.Where’s Richard Parker when you most need him hey?Oh by the way weather here is mostly crap.

  110. A small selection of messages for Richard, Andrew Williams- Keep going old lad! John Harris- Stay positive, what a life experience, keep rowing. Andrea Payne Great to hear you’re in good spirits Richard. (Did you sneak some on board? . Looks like you have some stiff competition from the Travelator Chicks (that’ll be us Elaine& ski chicks honoring you at the airport). Emily Fenning- Glad to hear it’s going well! It’s been great to track the Toby Wallace online! and me – so enjoyed hearing your voice yesterday, you are amazing.

  111. c’mon graham be like city top of the table record beaters pity your gonna miss old players reunion up the club on 20th my birthday so I’ll get a few in for you bet your stripped off already,

  112. Truly impressive Rich and crew! And like the idea of Flying Fish Roulette, don’t suppose you smuggled a portable bbq on board.

  113. pour Dolores

    je suis ton aventure avec attention. je trouve cela formidable. Bravo à toi et à tout l’équipage et bon courage!

  114. Mike, Murray and the rest of the crew amazing progress so far guys!!! Keep pushing watching your progress eagerly each day!! Get so excited to see how you have done each time we check! James says “make sure to fart out the back of the boat to propel you faster ;) #marginalgains#1percenters#everylittle helps” :)

  115. watching 3 crews fire ant ,,toby ,,, de grande, amazed at how close you all are and that you can`t see each other,

  116. Murray – right now we’re all looking at your progress tracker on the big screen and are impressed by how well you’re doing.

    We hope you and the team are having a fantastic time and are able to enjoy some of God’s amazing creation.

    Keep up the hard work, have fun and we look forward to hearing all about it soon. Praying for you. God bless from everyone at Temple.

  117. Also watching your progress. Thank you so much Murray & crew for what you are doing for Homefields & Pensioners. Stay strong. Steve

  118. Watching your progress from Marondera, Zimbabwe. Well done Murray and thanks for what you are giving back to Zim, Cathy Buckle

  119. Good Morning TWC still as straight as an arrow! Thought for the day “Don’t stop when your tired – Stop when your done!” Lots of love xxx

  120. Hi Mike.Murray and crew . How time flies when you are having fun .Keep those dark glasses on there are some naked rowers out there . Keep positive be happy following and thinking of you all the way
    Love Mum and Dad

  121. Doing a grand job out there Rich and team keep doing your stretches! Only you could be rowing to a place with a bar in it! BARbados xx

  122. Good job ! Yellow spot progresses well ! Congratulations to the team and massage de bras virtuel à Dolores.

  123. Awesome work Toby Wallace!
    Been tracking your progress daily, you’ve been doing fantastic! Keep it up, I am in complete awe of you crazy lot! Richard, Keep thinking of how often you can clang this accomplishment into conversations…. You’ll be living off this for years!
    Keep up the good work!

  124. Go on Iwan and team! Trinis partying since 8 this morning – now that is stamina!! Make sure to keep up ;P Summer

  125. I would make a joke about the Ocean, but I just don’t sea the point..If that makes one person smile on the boat it has worked. Still pint of guiness per day on the high seas i am on record pace.keep it up one and all fantastic.

  126. Hi Simon & Crew on ‘Toby’
    the weather here is ” pants!!” lots of rain and gales – wish could send some of wind to be ‘behind you’
    speed looked good at 16.00, keep those oars ‘flying’ over the Ocean.
    ‘Foxes’ beat Man City 3-1 at the Ethiad ‘lair’ :-) :-) :O ★★★
    love Lesley xx

  127. Hello mom,
    I thinks it’s not easy to you and your team to
    cross Atlantique. You don’t have motor, i’m your motor
    THinks at me every day and you can.
    Don’t forget to strech your arms.
    See you in the finish. I wait you in the West Indies

  128. Hi Dolores
    So proud of you and your team.
    Hope everythings is all right.
    Leave your dream as Best as you can.
    Bisous Virginie

  129. Roger and crew: Still following your progress and in awe of your spirit of adventure.

  130. Hi Richard. You are all doing so well. I am so proud of you. All the staff and kids at the school where I work are following your progress. Fantastic memories for you . Just keep thinking about that pint waiting for you!!!! Love Linda xx

  131. May the wind stay with you Toby Wallace! Keep on going and stay strong. We are following your progress daily you amazing guys. Lots of love from the Wade family x

  132. What a straight line ! Whit such a pace, the 30 days are in the target ! A big kiss to Dolores.

  133. Ahoy there mateys keep that average speed up to keep on track. Leave the cabin boy alone and keep focused on those oars. Shiver my timbers and bon voyage.

  134. Morning Richard and crew, so it seems this mornings discussions are about nakedness, have you told them the one about ice gritting the roads of Morti? All calm & good here, keep going. Lots of love X

  135. Murray and Mike, watching your progress. You have rowed from Marondera to Jo’burg….. Keep it up.

  136. Good morning TWC well have you heard the news – theres a naked rower on Fire Ant! Got me thinking Who will be the first on the Toby Wallace – my moneys on Graham!! Lots of love

  137. Your in a new time zone ! Calls for a new tune to sing!

    Michael and Murray the youngest tykes
    Together from Zim where they rode their trikes
    Now they row the Atlantic blue
    Dreaming of a juicy steak to chew!

  138. Wow. a record breaking performance so far. Must be a great crew. Best of luck Stephen

  139. I still can’t quite get my head round the fact you’re rowing the Atlantic Richard without a pint in one hand and fag in the other! Good luck to you and the rest of the guys. So impressed!

  140. Well done crew, 1st week’s progress very impressive. Murray hope you’re not as hot as pushing tobacco trolleys in the tunnel! Progress on the plane has slowed a lot since you left, been fibreglassing elevator fairings, 1 page of the book to go! Keep it up- you’ve wanted to do this for so long.. Dad

  141. …….Simon, watch the old ticker, you’re not as young as you used to be. Love to all on board, especially the ship’s lucky charm,GW….has he had much time to read his new kindle yet ? Stay safe, I envy you your courage. G & J xx

  142. Michael,I have a technical question.Control reckons the Toby Wallace needs to complete a tad more than 80 miles in 24 hours to stay within record pace.Blimey,how many strokes equals 80 miles?Don’t panic I have a cunning plan.Pretend to row really quickly whilst catching a few rays,munching Mars bars and perhaps a spot of fishing.Your mates will increase their stroke rate to keep up and less chocolate in the galley would mean less overall weight-not sure about the physics but net result means at least 81 miles a day-Fantastico! A bit of wind might help-

  143. Morning Toby Wallace! Today you break through will have under 2000 miles to go! You’re also nearly quarter of the way. Brilliant. Stay strong. Barbados is in sight! Nicola x

  144. Good Morning All Hope i’m not disturbing breakfast time on your floating michelin star restaurant!! I’m hook to your progress! Roger keep keeping on. Lots of love xx

  145. Go Toby Wallace!! Incredible progress. I am amazed by the consistence and speed of each day. Keep it up!

  146. Hi Iwan!! Ya’ll are making incredible progress! Looking forward to limin’ with you, Summer and Grayson in Tobago soon. Keep it up, we’re all following the big row! xox

  147. Iwan – almost one week down! Just remember how short this journey is going to be in the grand scheme of things and try to enjoy every moment – aches, pains, blisters and all! We did the London commute to Victoria today for Grayson’s passport – just remember how painful that is in comparison!! ;P Lots of love, Summer, Grayson and Maco

  148. Yup really! go south, it looks as if it will come round stronger south than where you are…better than a sea anchor!

  149. Dont be afraid to go south Simon..NW sea on its way and the French are further south. Keep it going !

  150. Iwan you maniac!!! Keep kicking ass team. When I think my job sucks i remember you guys rowing! Is anyone naked yet?? Enjoy the peace and quiet!

  151. Over a fifth of the way there! Whoo hoo! Makes me want to sing
    Oceanus rowers challenge the ocean blue
    The rest of us think…….
    What a thing to do!
    Sun and seas assault the brave
    The baffled ,from the shore ,do wave!

  152. Dolores!
    vous êtes incredable ! Continuez votre excellent travail que vous faites de grands progrès !!!

    Thinking of you amidst all those boys!

  153. Hi Simon and Crew on ‘Toby’
    Good to see 500 miles rowed – great – now to the next one!
    next bit of message for 2 Leicester guys ( Simon and Graham) on board – the Foxes are still top!! play 2nd on Sat (Man C) and Tigers are coming up on the rails!
    Row fast, stay safe, sounds like the winds could be with you for a while ;-)
    love Lesley

  154. This could the Record one!!!
    Wind behind you to 12th Feb anyway and by then you should be well into Trades.
    A bit like Murnikov year.

  155. Murray, Elijah has been waiting almost a week to type his message. So, here goes, I’m handing the computer over to an 8 year old…

    i hope your boat dusunt get snaped in half by a whale. i hope you are not always on bucket empteeing duty that wood be a bummer. from Elijah age 8.

  156. Iwan, looking like good progress and hope you’re enjoying your very blue view of the ocean!

    Apologies for no contact, but as I’m sure you’ll know – it’s been manic with this big move up to the fifth floor. I know it’s all you’ve been thinking about, but please don’t worry – we all made it up here safe. I’m going to be honest, it was touch and go a few times – we almost had to work from home for a SECOND day on Monday. You can’t possibly imagine the suspense as we waited for an email from Joss on Sunday..

    But we’re in, and it’s cool. A few issues – the vending machine hasn’t arrived and one by one we’re beginning to feel its loss. Can you believe what it’s like to have no chocolate within 100 metres?!

    Anyway despite the challenges, we’re pulling through. I’m sure you guys are doing fine too – good luck!

  157. Hello Rica and crew! I’ve become an obsessive dot watcher too. So much so I will have withdrawal symptoms once you arrive in Barbados. It looks like you are almost a 1/5 of the way there too! Excellent going. Keep at it! Love Nica, Chris and Martha xx

  158. Iwan – cannot believe you missed ground hog day again on Tuesday! Hope it was not too repetitive for you… sleep row repeat! Doing amazingly and looks like you are heading in the right direction! Hope the beard is growing well – Nick

  159. It’s alright you steering a straight coarse, but its not very interesting for us!!! Go on I dare you to do a 360!! Going great Keep it up..

  160. Murray and Micheal If I could I’d be in a motor boat right beside you…probably yelling things like “sit tall” “roll it up” and “fast hands” Of course it may not apply but you know Id be backing you guys and encouraging you all the way. :) You are now putting all my war stories to shame…suddenly having to row with wooden blades does not seem all that harsh. I’ll be watching. Coach

  161. Well done Richard you guys are going great guns, nothing but admiration, remmber a bad day rowing is still better than a good day in work. Stay focused best of luck.

  162. Richard Wattam
    Dad is growing a beard to see if it will beat yours. I didn’t notice it for 4 days so you need a magnifying glass to see it.
    Scooby-Do has just licked me
    & knocked all the chess pieces over.
    Love mum. See you soon xxx

  163. Iwan – glad the seasickness is hopefully over and dig deep to hurry back. Carol is making full use of the ear defenders lol xx Summer

  164. Iwan – today is World Cancer day. MacMillan is celebrating fund raising achievements and sharing photos. You have been posted. Mum and Dad

  165. richard and all the crew you are going great guns some years ago i learnt the morse code i can see the dots and the dashes will appear soonLove Dad Wattam

  166. It makes me tired just watching the dots on the screen…I guess you are 20% of the way by now?
    Keep lucky.

  167. When you put a french girl in a english speaking men group, it always make them better : so come on Dolores, go on pushing them
    You will do it ; and when it’s more difficult remember we are behind you


  168. Hi Roger,
    Keep up the fantastic work you and all the crew are doing! We have been watching your progress and you’re all doing a brilliant job. Stay strong!!

  169. Hey Murray! Can’t believe how far you and the crew have gone already! Keep up the good work! Praying for you!

  170. Hi Iwan, it’s your brother. Some interesting news greeted me when I woke up 2 days ago. MAMIL SPORTS had received an email from the Tobagonian Ministry of Culture enquiring about your availability to judge 2 new shows. It seems that the article I wrote on the Toby Wallace Crew was very well received and you are now a minor celebrity in the Blackrock area of Tobago, specifically in the rum shop near the bus stop. They have asked if you would tour the local schools and speak to kids about your amazing achievements but also if you would be a guest judge on Tobago’s Got Talent and Tobago Ninja Warrior. I have said that I am sure you would open to it. Summer has volunteered to be your agent. We are now exploring other opportunities for you in the region. and have had some positive initial discussions with the production companies behind Cash in the Barbados Attic, Trinidad’s “Come lime with me” and Grand Turk Islands “Say Yes to De Dam Dress (gyul)”……we’ll keep you posted. Aside from that I am heading back to Henley this weekend to see Grayson and do some cycling. Will check in soon – keep it up !! x

  171. A bit cheesy but add your words to the song 500 miles—-
    ‘And we have rowed 500 miles and we will row 500 more to………’
    Great progress Eirlys and John

  172. Hi Richard, us girls have been avidly watching the dots from the slopes, you are making great progress, well done all the crew. Elaine and the girls. X

  173. Ahoy There Matey’s! Keep on digging in you really are looking incredible! Keep finding those happy thoughts – its your head thats gonna get you there x lots of love xxx

  174. This is normally the initial sign of burnout, and usually means it’s time to uncover a cheap spot to loosen up or time to book a flight residence.

  175. Hi Mike ,Murray and crew seems there are quite a few fisherman aboard and none of you sneaked any form of fishing tackle onto Toby Wallace TRAGIC
    Enjoy the moments even though they are hard love Mum and Dad

  176. Hi Murray, Mike and all the crew. Your track shows a nice straight line for South America. Hope your navigation is good enough and you hit that tiny island you are aiming for! Keep it up – you’re going well and 30 days is on the cards! Henry and Rosemary Faber.

  177. Mike and Murray, Thinking of you and the crew on this amazing voyage- What you are attempting puts our lives and challenges into perspective, it gives us all the courage to dig deep. So proud of you guys! JBC

  178. Hi Roger. Must be your birthday this week as was 5 years ago on Kili. Hope thats a big mile day. Good luck and good speed. Giles

  179. Thinking of you Murray ! Its quite silent now at home. Missing your noises and music ! Thats quite a distance you guys have covered. Praying for you ! Good luck and all the best. Keep grinding and shining. Take care bro !!

  180. Roger/Simon and Co

    Really well done. As Straight as an arrow to Barbados. This could be the one.

  181. Hiya Murray. Praying for you dude, hope its going well, stay safe and row well.
    You can break that record guys!

  182. Hey Murray, Wednesday night = house group night and the group feels a little ‘shorter’ without you in it! Hope the epic row is going well. when the difficult days hit think of the finish line and the amazing accomplishment. We’re thinking and praying for you all. Ruth

  183. Well done Murray, keep on rowing! Housegroup miss you and we are thinking of you (though we’re glad it’s not us rowing as we probably wouldn’t get as far..!) whilst munching on some cake for Kiran’s bday!

  184. Murray! Was really impressed by how far you’d got by Sunday when they showed your progress at church (until they zoomed out…). Keep it up. I can’t believe you’re still rowing to be honest, superhuman stuff. It must be a very different experience – enjoy it, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy the comfy chairs, cake and toilet paper even more when you get back! Take care!

  185. Murray,
    really hoping you come back with an epic castaway-style beard :P
    But seriously, praying for you bro. Keep thinking of that sweet tropical sun at the end of the trip!
    – Kiran

  186. Hi Murray, hope all is going well on the boat and you are having a good time. Hope you’re not too sea sick as that would be a bit unfortunate

  187. Hey Murray!
    Making good progress I see! Your are going to be stacked when you get back! Looking forward to seeing you beautiful face soon!! Big Love!!
    Jubba, Knight of the Realm

  188. Murray, hello from housegroup in Pontypridd. Hope you’re having an amazing adventure :-)
    We’re all cheering you on and looking forward to seeing you soon.

  189. Hi Richie – 1st week nearly over and you’re going strong. Hope you are well and not sick of that lovely food yet! With you all the way. Love Rob and Sue.

  190. With you in spirit if not in body every stroke of your journey Richard. Much love Cindy & Rob xx

  191. Glad to see that you have your bearings correct – Toby Wallace crew you looking good, so good!!! Keep digging deep. From all the du Toit’s

  192. Michael,don’t tell the others but the blue stuff seems to be getting deeper?Don’t panic, suggest ‘paddling’faster till you reach the shallow-end tother side.In the interests of crew harmony ‘6’ Nations results by request only.Look out for each other and bonne chance.

  193. Really impressive performance today. Well done to the crew and obviously Iwan. Love Mum and Dad

  194. So impressive crew of the Toby Wallace!! Keep digging deep. Very pleased to hear from Paul that your seasickness is now in the bag. Good stuff!! Murray, you know Cait’s right – DON’T forget your sunscreen!! Big love from home mum, dad & weezie

  195. Iwan – great progress. In the words of the late great Roy Castle, “If you wanna be a record breaker, dedications what you need”. You’ve proved you have that with all your training. So head down, suck it up and smash it.

  196. Keep up the good work Graham Walters and the rest of the Toby Wallace crew. Thurmaston is rooting for you – no problems!

  197. Good Morning Girl & Boys & the Big Silver Back in the Bow! Its so great to see your progress – constant & straight – God you all look so good from the Satelite – thought for the day “Pain in weakness leaving the body!!” smiley face : )

  198. Phenomenal progress! Have so enjoyed checking the site daily and celebrating as you all take on this incredible challenge kilometer by kilometer. You have a large constituent in Southern California cheering you on. Keep up the remarkable work and Murray– remember to wear sunscreen!

  199. Hi there Murray and Mike,
    Snell House won the Interhouse Cross Country today, with Paget coming second! Founders did not come last (no wooden spoon for your old House Murray!) beating the red hot head from Ellis! Man, they were furious! We are thinking of you today guys – the Rector even talked about you to the whole school in assembly today, describing what you were up to and why – the boys were amazed! Keep pulling hard, you are doing really well. We are in your wake guys – right behind you! Mr Shoesmith has just come into my Office and says ‘Fortune favours the bold’ – so he is also rooting hard for you all.

  200. Well done Graham, keep going! Presley, Minnie & Snowy are lying exhausted in front of the fire. See you soon. Love Jxxx

  201. Iwan, I think it’s incredible what you and the team are doing and your making great progress. Wishing you all the luck in the world with this challenge. When the going gets tough – remember all your colleagues at Grid are spurring you on! Best of luck buddy – you can do this! xxx

  202. Your dot on my screen is showing a nice straight line… Clearly you haven’t got Wattam at the wheel! Best of luck to you all

  203. Thinking of you Murray, Mike and the rest of the crew – you guys are making awesome progress!

  204. Heard from Elaine, she is skiving(sorry we meant Skying) Big lick from Scooby-Do. Love from H.M.S. Mortimer and dad and mumxxxx

  205. Bad news Richard. I have heard the skipper wants to go waterskiing tomorrow. Put your back into it

  206. With you every row Richard Wattam. Go Rich Go. Think of all that Guinness, fags, and toilet seat you have to look forward too!!!!!
    Your doing fantastic & on schedule to smash it. Keep up the FANTASTIC work. God speed oh mad one !!!XX

  207. “When you say “It’s hard”, it actually means “I’m not strong enough to fight for it”. Stop saying its hard. Think positive!” ROW FOR YOUR LIVES! ABSOLUTELY SMASH IT!!!!

  208. Mike and the rest of the crew you are all doing an amazing job keep strong and you will do it we with you all the way. Love the Paynters

  209. Good Morning TW Crew, very special good morning Roger, anything is possible. Keep on keeping on! Respect & Love x

  210. Pour Dolores
    Ciao bella
    On te suit avec attention ,grâce à ce petit point jaune qui avance sur la carte
    Ca doit être très impressionnant de ramer sur cette immensité bleue dont l horizon ne fini jamais
    Si tu en as marre du bleu pense à Paris ses plumes et ses paillettes
    ( tu traduiras pour l equipage)
    Paris n a qu un mot pour cet exploit bravo et encore bravo à toi , à toute l équipe
    Et en plus pour toi une enormissime bise

  211. comparing your line of travel against the ladies your going well hope the ladies finish before you

  212. Pour toute l’équipe, mais spécialement pour Dolorès qui traduira. Nous avons tous traversé des moments qui nous semblaient insurmontables et infranchissables dans notre vie. C ‘est le mur de l’Atlantique pour beaucoup d’entre nous Félicitations pour cette extraordinaire traversée.
    Bises (For Dolores Only ;-) )

  213. Willow creek mt crew cheering you all on. Over a tenth of the way there. Headed for a fifth behind you soon! Dream of Costco bacon and spencer salmon !

  214. Dolores,
    How are you ? We need to have News of you…
    Good travel, good luck, row fast !!

  215. Mike and crew you are doing fantastic well done keep it up.
    Love Brendon Tabatha and Samantha xx

  216. Elaine & the girls are supporting you with the challenge of 2 hours skiing, 2 hours drinking, 2 hours skiing, 2 hours drinking, 2 hours sleeping. We’re exhausted and thinking of you, your lovely wife and the ski chicks.

  217. Richard. Just heard that they brew Guinness as well as distilling rum on Barbados. Also been told that they only have 27 days worth left. So get a wriggle on.

  218. Awesome progress all. Fantastic effort. You’re flying along. Enjoying the dot watching. Xx

  219. Hey there Roger!
    Great progress so far! I have put this link round the club so you may well get a few[!] messages over the next days..keep the work in the water fella!!! All best

  220. Hope you are all over your sea-sickness now. Progress looks pretty good – keep iy up. Lots of people here in Zim are asking about you, Murray and Michael and wishing you well. Best wishes to you both and all the team from Granny and Grandpa Faber..

  221. Great to see you doing so well. Watched James Ketchell set off at midday-surreal. Well done Iwan.

  222. Hi Everyone,
    The whole Thames Valley Air Ambulance team are behind you 100%. We are keeping up to date with your journey and wish you every success.
    Loving the photos so far, we have used them on our social media and have had a great reaction! Local press are also interested in the story so thank you so much for your hard work and dedication.
    See you soon! Kate (community fundraiser TVAA)

  223. Hope everything is fine, specially wether and sea.
    Good luck and enjoy. With special thought for Dolores. Anne from OKB in France

  224. Iwan – mate amazing effort so far and all exceptionally proud of what you and all the team are doing. Hope the view is good, sea sickness is abating and you are managing to get a decent tan…..enjoy the next few days!

  225. PS: sorry for the spelling mistakes – i’m typing quickly as a result of being a very busy City Executive.

  226. Dear Iwan – it’s your brother again. I’ve decided to try and do something quite exciting every few days in order to provide some light relief for you from your rowing. You will no doubt be aware that, recently, I have been having a tesco’s cheese and ham sandwich for lunch whilst at work followed by their (very reasonable priced at £1.50) broccili and stilton soup. In order to provide you with exciting information today I decided to go to Pret A Manger and, with nervous excitement, i opted to purchase a posh cheddar & pickle baguette. I enjoyed a thoroughly nice lunch and the artisanal baguette was excellent. I particularly enjoyed the additional cress that was added which, as you will remember from our school packed lunches, is not a normal ingredient in a cheese & pickle sandwich. I will endeavour to being you more exciting news in the next few days. Hope you are well. Tom x

  227. Good Luck Murray, we hope you’re enjoying the experience!from all at USW Aircraft Maintenance

  228. Mike and Crew
    Well done so far good luck also from Tom,Roger and Richard parklands close .

  229. Roger, Simon and crew.
    You are going well. Keep it up.
    I was privileged to meet Toby Wallace in Philadelphia. An inspiring guy taken too young.

  230. To the entire crew, but in particular Murry Faber & Mike Johnson (as I too am a fellow Petrean) may I wish you all God Speed and all the very best to succeed in your great adventure. Thinking of you and will be following your progress.
    Bless the Toby Wallace and all who sail in her – Peter

  231. Well done Iwan and crew. You are all doing great. Using a piece of paper and google maps I can calculate that you have just rowed the width of Senegal. Next milestone…Burkina Faso. Keep it up….Jez

  232. Hi Dolores,

    The future is yours ! Fantastic crew ! Windy week-end at the Aviron Marne et Joinville…thinking of you. All the best,

  233. to Roger and the entire crew….great effort guys….very brave performance so far by all of you….God Bless you all and your boat….Bill McGhee

  234. Good Morning Crew, UK weather is grey & wet just as it should be! Roger you are a blue dot on a yellow line! looking great! Hope you’ve all stopped feeding the fish!
    Lots of Love xxx

  235. Dear Iwan and all members of the crew
    we wish you only the best on this great project.
    iwan, if you should have any problems on the boat, think on the great mountains in our “pearl of the alps” and you feel much much better.
    Sandra & Bernd, CH-Saas-Fee

  236. Murray and Mike we are so proud of you representing Zim in such an epic adventure.Hope the winds and currents are good to you guys. Love from the Maloney Family.

  237. Grayson is loving water already, like his daddy! I’ve taught him it comes in fresh and salt, just like nuts lol. Keep up the good work, Barbados is getting closer by the day! Carol

  238. Dear Murray and Michael,

    All of us at Peterhouse are thinking about you. We are following you daily, especially in our Life Skills Classes – you are an inspiration to these little bog rats in Zimbabwe! Your trip must be a far cry from the short bursts of rowing you did on Kushinga Pikelele Dam in the afternoons or riding the squeaky, rattling stationary bike in the gym under the Dining Room! – The dam is a tiny little puddle at the moment as we have had NO rain! Keep going boys, chova hard – keep the humour! We are SO proud of you! “Kurikuwa!! Famba Mushe Mike and Murray et al”!

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  239. I hope everyone is fine and has a great time! I’m smiling because yesterday the Marne was rough and I was thinking of you (especially Dolores), thinking that it must be nothing in comparison! Have a great time and keep going. Xxx

  240. Hoping that the wind and currents are in your favour and keep pushing you in the right direction. Looking amazing so far. Love from the Hindes in Zim

  241. Well done team, fantastic work! Let Richard know we toasted him with a Guinness at the rugby club today. Keep it up.

  242. Wowzers! Loving being able to track you guys on how far you’ve got! Definitely got your speed on! Keep it up folks! Your all in our thoughts!

  243. sure beats paddling down the Thames! Long and strong Richard & the guys (and gal).
    stay safe, Jim, Liz, Fred, Charlie & Tom

  244. WOW pushing on and amazing progress already! To our young Zim men, we’re all so proud of you. We need something to be proud of and you guys are doing the job (even Zesa still on since you left… maybe you should do this more often?!) Keep pushing xx

  245. Murray and Mike and all the rest hope you guys are easing into the sleep cycle. 4 knots is good going. Just keeping kicking!

  246. Being forced around IKEA on a Sunday afternoon, just remember how lucky you are to where you are! Push on.

  247. Go guys its fantastic what your attempting and of course live it, Gray Kim gave me the link so watching your progress, looking good.

  248. Sending support across the waters for the whole crew. We are having a quiet relaxing weekend and I can’t help but think of this incredible journey you guys are having. Stay safe and enjoy every moment.

  249. Good morning. What a great 24hrs. I’ve been trying match your distance, divided by the amount of crew by cycling, cross trainer etc. But you’re going to fast to keep it up and I’ve had a decent night sleep.

  250. I just verified on the map you are in the right direction. It seems you are… Let’s continue !!! Stay safe !

  251. Canaries are already behind you. Amazing work. The high seas is for you.
    Take care and enjoy folks !
    Go Dolores and all the Crew !!

  252. Murray & Mike, Howzit from the gomos in Chipinge. We are tracking your progress and you are doing well. As Rex Tarr would say … “fugga full steam ahead … put foot Bobby!” Rory & Katrina

  253. Good Morning Crew – the sat nav is looking good – very nice straight line going across my computer screen! Thoughts and prayers are always with you, Lots of love, big hug for the Buffalo in the bow.

  254. Back at Jacaranda bro (Iwan) Grayson and Summer all good Maco made us dinner and then went out on the smash with some slutty labrador that turned up in an Uber heading for a house party at Batterse Dogs home……will keep you posted. Woof x

  255. Alright Mike and crew hope all is going good for you guys, keep up the good work. Enjoying keeping track. Love the Paynters

  256. Simon and Crew on ‘Toby’
    Fantastic start (-; hope you have wind and waves with you all the way
    dot -watching whenever I can!
    row fast, stay safe
    love Lesley xx

  257. *Pirate voice* Onward to Tortuga !
    More seriously, good luck all the crew for this challenge, and especially to you, Mom (Dolores). Let’s show the guys that you can row faster and longer than them !! ;)

  258. Good luck Richard ! Not quite the same as the DW, eh ? Need a little more notice next time :-)

  259. Hi Mike and the rest of the crew hope you are not feeding the fish to much . Great start watching your progress keenly keep it up
    Mum and Dad

  260. Hi Murray, Happy 21st for the 27th! Enjoy that celebratory drink at the other side – glad you’ve got off to a good start on your Atlantic Crossing & best wishes for a safe & swift journey to your whole team. Thinking of you, the Zim Forrester’s in UK.

  261. Même pas 2 jours et déjà une belle distance parcourue. Plein de courage à toi Dolores et beaucoup de bonheur à accomplir ce rêve.
    Hi to all the crew !

  262. Hi Richard. Fantastic start keep up the good work. We are all following your progress. Hope weather stays favourable. Cousin Linda

  263. Hello Iwan, hallo zusammen,
    Wir wünschen euch alles Gute und drücken euch die Daumen..
    Toi, toi, toi!
    Grüsse aus Saas-Fee CH,
    Edy, Rita

  264. Roger and crew
    Amazed at the distance covered in one day. Good luck and God speed on this mad, fantastic adventure!

  265. You guys are making great progress really enjoying watching you on the map! Right on track for Barbados. Seen those naked girls yet? Love ya you mad dogs!

  266. hello richard are you nearly there you will have to hurry up to get back for mums birthday on the 26th february .that would be a fantastic pressie no pressure then mum and dad xx

  267. Good luck to the 2 Zimbos in the team Well done guys I hope your whole team does well and you break the record

  268. Good luck to everyone on the team! Fantastic start guys and make sure Iwan is pulling his weight or I’ll have a word! ;P Summer

  269. Good luck Graham and all the team. Tracking you and the girls all the way.

  270. Wishing you all well guys – have a great first day and we hope you get your sea legs quickly !


  271. It’s done, you left the ground !!!! All the best for this amazing trip. We keep an eye on you through this map. Good luck to crew and BIG kisses to Dolores. Ethan, Nell, Gaelle & Stephane.

  272. Murray and team, to our Zim adopted Welshman. I’m sure aerodynamics specialist will be very helpful on toilet duty. Godspeed. Wayne

  273. Well done Simon and crew, Good luck, off to a good start, you’ll see Gem on the horizon soon! Jane & Keith xx

  274. Best wishes to everyone have a great trip, especially Graham.
    Dolores I hear you will be rowing facing his backside, apologies in advance. Love Jeanx

  275. A big cats meow to daddy Graham. Snowy would definitely have been there!

  276. Wishing you all the best of luck, the most favourable conditions, many laughs and stamina reserves when needed. We will be eagerly following your progress. Murray and Michael – you both continue to inspire our youth. Row well and stay safe

  277. Go Richie go rather you than me giving up the smokes is one thing but the black stuff as well never.if you go tonight I will have a pint for you every night and be thinking of you stuey.

  278. Nice? It’s the ONLY thing, said the Water Rat solemnly, as he leant forward for his stroke. Believe me, my young friend, there is NOTHING – absolutely nothing – half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats. Simply messing… he went on dreamily: messing about… in… boats; messing..” — from The Wind in the Willows
    Have a fabulous adventure. Rog, remember to apply the nappy rash cream before it’s needed.

  279. One Two…. Nayo…… kana tasvika ku America!! Ha ha ;) yoh you Marondera okes are crazy, but shucks i am a bit jealous that sounds like its going to be fun. Good luck to you guys… Mike, i know you dont feel pain but dont forget to fugga bandage on any raw parts, and Murray i hope you have taken them valoids because if you are like your brother you will be sick before you have even left the harbour!! Ha ha

  280. Wow! Wishing you a safe and exciting row. Looking forward to following your journey…..

  281. Wishing “The Toby Wallace” and all its crew (especially our 2 Zimbos) safe passage and all the very best on their journey. Will be following you all the way.

  282. Thinking of you Mike and Murray!!! Murray – Hope u keep the crew entertained with the sid dance!!! Have fun :)

  283. Dear Roger and the rest of the team
    Wishing you all a safe and exciting adventure as you cross the pond. I’ll be keeping an eye on progress to make sure you’re not slacking. God Bless you all.
    Lots of love, The Higgins Family xxxx

  284. Good luck Simon, seems weather is improving !
    Enjoy your crossing, the consequential and much needed weight loss! Check that rudder!

    Cheers Roy

  285. Good luck Mike & Murray, thinking of you and your team, we will also be tracking you all the time. Lots of love Marilyn and Clive

  286. Good luck Mike and crew. Hope the conditions are good for a speedy crossing.
    Take care out there, will be checking progress every day.
    Bon Voyage James

  287. Murray, Mike and the rest of the team – wishing you a safe and awesome Atlantic crossing! Rooting for you all the way. Much love from all the du Toit’s – Audrey, Alan, Daniella , Tracey and Renée

  288. All the very best of luck Mike, Murray and the rest of the crew!!! Will be thinking of you all constantly and following your progress :)
    Lots of love Ash, James, Ola, Charlie, Moo, Andy and Grumps

  289. Good luck Mike ,Murray and the rest of the crew. Sorry we can’t be with you in Barbados but will follow your progress

  290. Happy 21st birthday Murray! Missing you today and wish we could be with you. But we’ll have pint in Barbados … Now you are legal over there!! Just get there safely. With all our love and special birthday blessings from home. God bless. Mum dad and weezie xxx

  291. You can do this Richard and other crew members. Row row row your boat gently down the stream…or like mad across the ocean! Can’t wait to track your progress and hear all about it when you get back to Blighty

  292. Richard, if all this rowing doesn’t fix your constipation problem then nothing else will. All the best to you and the crew. An amazing adventure. We’re all thinking of you back home.

  293. Good luck Richard and the rest of the crew. A phenomenal task for a fantastic cause. We will be following your journey and wishing you a safe record-breaking arrival in sunny Barbados. X

  294. Good luck Richard – we will be watching your progress & routing for you all the way. Fantastic cause. Each day you will be a day closer to your amazing goal. Sending love & best wishes from Norfolk. Lucy & Ben Ryan

  295. good luck richard and all the crew have a safe and smooth journey we will watching your progress on the website love [pam and tony ] mum and dad

  296. Hello Dolores,

    Il nous smeble que tu es partie. le site ne donne pas encore e nouvelles, ni de photos.

    Nous attendons avec impatience.

    Nous t’embrassons.

  297. Have nice rowing sessions everyone ! Dolores, i think you represent the “weak gender” of the team but you will be very strong as usual ;-)

  298. Murray; House group is behind you and the team (metaphorically speaking), all the way. Row swiftly but safely. We can’t wait to welcome you ‘home’ (to Ponty) and hear all the stories. (Little Elijah has a particular interest in the ‘bucket tales’! )
    All the best! From House group past and present (and Elijah!)
    Psalms 104: 25 – and to think you’ll get to see what some of those creatures are…

  299. Good to see you Mike before this epic adventure. All the very best to you and your team. You can crack this, can’t wait to hear all about the progress and sucess. Good luck team.

  300. Roger,all the best and good luck and looking forward to tracking your epic journey!!
    Myself,paul and rest of kamsons in sutton wish you all the best

  301. Mike Johnson – best of luck also from Zim… the paras should be a piece of cake after this crossing…. easy to say from the comfort of my armchair of course ! Best of luck and may the force be with you….

  302. Best of luck to Murray Faber and Iwan from Darkest Africa . Mind you Gran Canaria is not too far from Africa …. Go for it men

  303. Good luck to all the crew and specially to Dolores a “PEPSi girl”
    sure she will understand :-)

  304. Go Roger. Just keep doing it a day at a time and you’ll be there before you know it.
    – martin

  305. The best of luck to you all. I am sure this will be a great adventure and experience for each of you. Roger, your wisdom and inner strength will be invaluable. Go easy on them! Mike, Iwan, it was a pleasure to meet you last year. Good luck and don’t berth with Roger unless you have earplugs!

  306. I knew when it was mentioned there was berth still going that he wouldn’t be able to resist it.