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Daily Stats – Toby Wallace 2016

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  • All distances are Nautical Miles.
  • All speeds at Knots, nautical miles per hour.
  • DMG = Distance Made Good – how far the boat moved towards the finish.
  • VMG = Velocity Made Good – how fast the boat is moving towards the finish.

45 thoughts on “Daily Stats – Toby Wallace 2016

  1. Not far now Graham, you are doing really well. You are our hero (me & the cats). Snowy is snoring her head off. Love Jeanxxx continued luck to everyone.

  2. Richard . Half way. Well done. All downhill from here! Fantastic speed again. Keep up the hard work it will be worth it. Cousin Linda

  3. Well done Murray and crew – keep it up we are all with you in spirit and following your amazing progress. Keep going you are super stars. Love Anna-Marie

  4. Mike and crew you doing really good progress we enjoying checking the stats on a daily basis. Over half way now guys keep it up from the Paynters

  5. Rica and crew:If it were all plain sailing it wouldn’t be an adventure would it? Honestly, if the hot air and chatter about you all were to blow behind you you’d be there in 5 minutes. Off you go!

  6. Go go go guys ! You’re doing a great job ! Message for Dolorès : once you come back, I’m buying a beer to hear your pirate adventures. I’m proud of you, you’ve managed to put the Sicilian octopus in good use! Pierre

  7. Graham,i bet it was not your fault the rudder broke,but I hope you didn’t mend it !
    Good luck crew

  8. Morning Richard & crew, considering your problems yesterday that’s really impressive mileage. Keep it up. Elaine xx

  9. Hey Richard,
    Well done you and the rest of the crew 1000 miles under the belt keep up with the great challenge.
    Pete Brewer of Sunny Mortimer

  10. Hey Dolo, we are thinking of you everytime, everyday… We are so proud of you. You row so fast that we feel you slip on the map!! Respect to all the crew. Tendrement. Gaelle et Stef

  11. There’s a little kink in the straight line – Did they let you take over driving Rich?
    Doing a great job all! Peta x

  12. Ric and Crew by this time, you’d have done 1K, well done. As mentioned I’m trying to 1/8th of your trip on either bike, cross trainer etc. I’m about 40km behind. there’s too much rugby to watch and DIY to do. By the way i’m Tiling all this weekend, duck egg blue, in layered brick pattern. if your interested. PS. Please change direction.

  13. Looking good Richie. Hope all your bits are hanging together and feeling good in that sea air. May the force be with you and a fair wind behind you. Thinking of you. Rob and Sue.

  14. Ahhhargh ship mates keep up the good work and plough through those seas scoffing your powdered ship’s biscuits dreaming of that final day and being a drunken sailor. Ice Cold in Barbados.

  15. So Richard, nearly half way. Brilliant. Typical family– you had to go halfway across the Atlantic for cousins to keep in touch!!!
    So enjoying watching the stats. Keep going you are amazing. Linda

  16. All the best, keep strong and we are praying for your safety and that the winds blow just how they should!!

  17. hi gra and team its looking realy good i will b in Barbados on feb 4 for one day and night hope to c u then keep ur phone on
    john phil

  18. Nearing the brilliant milestone of 1000nm – looking good from my office! Fantastic, thinking of you…

  19. Hi Simon and All The Team
    Really enjoying following you all –
    Great effort and doing so well – keep it going and All the Best
    Richard and Carmenna

  20. Hi Gra and team Toby Wallace, keep it up guy’s just need a couple of extra good days and your well on target.
    Any naked rowers on board he he.

  21. Hi Mike and team you are all making fab progress and we enjoying watching you daily keep it up guys love The Paynters

  22. Hello Iwan from the Vickers – We are awe-struck and impressed. Thrilled to hear about your baby. God speed to you and the crew.

  23. Hi Simon and crew watching you slice through the waves your all doing well lets hope not to much sunburn Bob and Yvonne x

  24. hello richard and all the crew on tw watching the dots is more interesting than saturday night on the tv keep the dots moving they look like tracer bullets good luck ma and pa and all the wattams

  25. Hey GW, Sunday here no one to push me into going to the Gym, what a shame! You & all team are doing great I’m amazed at the daily stats. See you soon Jxx

  26. Graham. Almost a quarter of the journey completed. Excellent progress. Good fortune to you and all the crew.

  27. Well Done Guys! Give it whatever you got! no matter what you will get to the other side! Keep pushing!!!
    Good Luck Mario (Murray) and crew.


  28. With a girl from Joinvillein in your team, youwill do it of course.
    Best wishes : we push with you.

  29. Montanans in New Zealand have found you! Praying for tailwinds and manageable seas and mental toughness. You are fast closing in on one tenth of the way there already, keep the faith! We are loving the daily stats!

  30. Best of luck to you, Murray & Michael (and your crew) for your challenging adventure! We’ll be watching your progress with interest! Wishing you favourable winds and seas all the way to Barbados. Bob & Kim Faber.

  31. The final moments before the start seemed surreal and it was good to see so many people wishing the crew good luck. Looking forward to seeing you all in Barbados. A great challenge Iwan-enjoy it. Many thanks to all the support team. Eirlys and John

  32. Well done Murray and Michael on being accepted as crew. Beating the record should be easier than winning medals at Roodeplaat! Wishing you all fair winds and calm seas to Barbados.
    Granny and Grandpa Faber.

  33. Good luck to Mike ,Murray and the rest of the crew . Hope the winds blow like hell in your favour

  34. Good luck everyone – we’ll be following you and updating our community on the MAMIL SPORTS facebook page and website. Look after Iwan – he’s historically been able to sleep anywhere at the drop of a hat so he should be ok !!

  35. Good luck to Graham and all the crew.
    We will be watching your progress with great interest.