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Now recruiting for an 8-man crew for the TOBY WALLACE for late January / early February 2016 so get in touch… here to see more about the November 2014 Atlantic Row

Come & have an amazing adventure back to basics, achieve something physically and mentally challenging, yet incredibly rewarding!

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“Nothing comes close to the incredible experience of being out in the middle of the ocean. It strips you down to the essence of who you are and is something you will never regret, or forget.

When we crossed the Atlantic and arrived in Barbados, I was ready to turn the boat round and row back…”

Toby Wallace, Titan 2012

The MID ATLANTIC ROW route that we take is from Puerto de Mogan, Gran Canaria to Port St Charles, Barbados – some 2598 nm! This is a favoured route across the mid-Atlantic, as you usually find favourable currents and trade winds on this passage.

What to expect & life on-board

Each crossing is unassisted to qualify as a recognised Ocean Crossing. The boats and crew must be self-sufficient and carry with them all of the equipment and food that they will need for their journey.

Conditions on-board are stark and crews can expect to experience some tough times that will test them to their limits. There is no way to walk around freely and the motion of the boat is constant.

Rowers will undoubtedly encounter nature at her best and worst, and during the crossing will become all too familiar with extreme temperatures; painful salt sores; blisters; powerful storms; 30-foot waves; wildlife (not all of them friendly!); and other ships!

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There is no room on-board for home comforts, no bathroom facilities, limited cooking ability and a diet of high calorie expedition foods and snacks. Rowers drink desalinated water and sleep in the cabin in a space smaller than a single bed!

Our ocean rowing boats are self-righting in case of capsize and robust enough to cope with many weeks at sea in extreme conditions. They are kitted out with the latest electronic systems so that boats can be tracked hour by hour, and can communicate with land and shipping whilst out at sea through a variety of methods.

Electrical power is generated via solar panels and emergency drinking water is carried in the form of ballast, stored low in the boats to ensure their self-righting integrity.


Each crew place is £15,000 per place.

This includes all food, kit, equipment and insurances whilst on-board. Flights and accommodation in port in Gran Canaria and Barbados are not included, however we can provide plenty of information to help keep costs down.

We can provide individually tailored payment packages to suit.

Charities & Sponsorship

We appreciate that raising the funds to undertake this adventure can be hard work. Crew members are able to fundraise for their own individual charities and to supplement their entry fee.

Sponsors who provide supplies, kit/equipment and financial support to our crew members are welcome – feel free to utilise contacts and we can make space on-board the boats for their logos to be displayed. Previous crews have been able to be fully funded through fundraising whilst raising money for their chosen charities.

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Rowing non-stop across an Ocean may well be the most physically and mentally demanding venture that you will ever embark on. Pre-row training to a good level of fitness will mean that you will enjoy the experience far more. There will be the opportunity to do some practice rows based in the UK; sample the food on-board and discuss any questions to help you mentally prepare for the crossing.

We are happy to provide you with training advice based on our knowledge and experience.

What Next?

Contact us for an initial chat; fill in an Application Form and return it to us, then we will contact you to conduct a telephone interview. Skype interviews and / or face-to-face meetings will follow before team selection.

On successful selection for your Ocean Crossing, there will be the chance to do some training exercises with the ocean rowing boats and to meet your Skipper and the rest of the team. There will be lots of opportunities to discuss things with your Skipper and our team to prepare you fully to succeed on your Crossing.

Come and have an ‘oarsome’ adventure!!

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