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“Our son rowed in the 2011/2012 Atlantic Challenge organised and run by Simon Chalk and Gemma Campbell. As a parent we were obviously concerned that the race should be run with the utmost professionalism and it did not take long to realise that in Gemma and Simon we had true professionals. Simons hands on ocean rowing experience is second to none and Gemmas organisational skills were always excellent – between them they instilled confidence in the crew and in us parents. We saw Simon and Gemma work tirelessly at the start of the race and again in Barbados at the finish, ensuring the crews had all the back up they required as they battled across the Atlantic.”

Jem Symondson, father of ocean rower from Atlantic Rowing Race 2011

“Plain and simply Simon Chalk is the reason I will be rowing 3,000 miles across the Atlantic in 2013. It was his former company (Woodvale) that made me aware of ocean rowing and planted a small seed in my head many years ago. I now find myself following in the footsteps of an elite bunch of ocean rowers who successfully crossed oceans under the watchful and experienced eyes of Simon and Gemma. Simon is the most experienced ocean rower of all time having rowed the Atlantic 4 times and Indian Ocean twice. He has been more than happy to share his experience and advise me whenever I ask and has been extremely useful in my current search for a boat. I can’t thank them enough for the support they have given me so far and I can’t wait to see Titan obliterate the record for the fastest ever Atlantic Crossing!”

Dan Howie, ocean rower in Atlantic Rowing Race 2013

“Rowing an ocean is an endeavour not to be undertaken lightly and trying to break the crossing time world records requires meticulous planning, preparation and teamwork. Quite simply, Gemma, Simon and the Oceanus team have more experience than anyone else out there. If you want to row an ocean and you want to do it fast there is no better team to join. From boat design to equipment, nutrition and team selection they will give you the best chance of achieving your goal and doing so safely. Nothing comes close to the incredible experience of being out in the middle of the ocean. It strips you down to the essence of who you are and is something you will never regret, or forget.
When we crossed the Atlantic and arrived in Barbados, I was ready to turn the boat round and row back… “

Toby Wallace, ocean rower from Titan crew 2012

“Joining the crew of Britannia III was one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences of my life. I don’t think anything can truly prepare you for what you go through as every row has its testing moments, but as a crew we came through it and had a thoroughly enjoyable (now looking back!) adventure. To embark on such a huge voyage is daunting, however it was made easier knowing that our skipper Simon Chalk had years of experience and world records of his own under his belt. His help and support through the whole experience, not just the row but also the lead up, was invaluable and for that we owe him. He was one of the crew and became a great friend. To have his knowledge and advice on hand undoubtedly made the adventure a lot easier. With a mixture of tropical storms, sleep deprivation, incredible sunsets, horrible blisters and sensational wildlife it all goes towards making the row a monumental occasion that myself and the crew will remember for the rest of our lives. If you are thinking about it……….do it.”

Colin Gray, ocean rower from Britannia III crew 2010

“My first thoughts of an ocean row when I mentioned it to friends and family seemed to be met with an exclaiming “What..?!?” – get used to that. We planned our expedition for a little over two years and it was worth every second. The journey across begins when you sign the entry form. From this point on, the support and guidance you get from Oceanus Rowing is exceptional. I pestered Simon and Gemma for information all the time we were training and preparing in the UK and then whilst on the crossing, due to emergency route adjustments – they were pivotal with chart plotting, weather information and communication with our land crew. The whole team work incredibly hard to ensure your success and commit 100% of their time guaranteeing your safe return. I wouldn’t want anyone else behind me.”

James Cash, ocean rower from Atlantic Rowing Race 2011

” For over twenty years I dreamt of rowing across the Atlantic Ocean, and to be honest I always thought it would only be a dream. Oceanus Rowing took a rowing novice and gave me the chance and the confidence to not only do it, but enjoy almost every moment of it. To be part of an authentic world record breaking attempt was incredible, weather frustrated our record and us because our chances were very realistic. They were realistic because we were in arguably the best ocean rowing boat ever built, with an incredible crew, and with the most experienced skipper to ever row an ocean. My crossing of the Atlantic engaged not only myself but my family and whole local community, it was a truly life changing experience. I cannot recommend enough people to take on the challenge of the Atlantic Ocean!”

Liam Steevenson, Titan crew member 2012

DSC_7408The decision to ROW across the Atlantic Ocean was the easiest decision of my life, an absolute no brainer! More people have climbed Everest than rowed an ocean and here I was, presented with an opportunity to jump into a rowing boat with 7 other guys and go on an epic adventure! I couldn’t say no! Once accepted into the team, the process of getting to the start line was made pretty simple, all I had to worry about was getting fit, a few medical appointments and a small amount of paperwork. Gemma and Simon at Oceanus were fantastic, either just an email or a phone call away from great advice learnt from a vast amount of experience. The row itself was an epic challenge and in my opinion up there as one of the most gruelling and rewarding endurance events on the planet. That said, believe me when I say that you do not need to be superman or super fit to row an ocean, you just need to be mentally capable of pushing yourself hard and just get on with whatever is thrown at you. I found it both an amazing and hugely humbling experience, and a great opportunity to escape the real world and be subject to forces completely out of your control. Would I do it again?….In a heartbeat.

Matt Mason, Toby Wallace February 2014 ocean rower

Did You Know….?

The youngest ocean rower was 17 years old – Rachel Flanders on the Atlantic in 2007/2008.

And the oldest? Tony Short was 67 years old when he completed his Atlantic row in 2012.

Ocean Row Fact!

The most common question asked to an ocean rower – Where do you go to the toilet? Answer: It’s referred to as “bucket and chuck it” – we didn’t promise it would be glamorous!!