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The Toby Wallace Atlantic Row – February 2014

The TOBY WALLACE is a light-weight 8 man ocean rowing boat constructed by Woodvale in late 2011 and originally named TITAN. She was designed specifically to go after and break the “4 minute mile of ocean rowing” and achieve the ATLANTIC SPEED RECORD CROSSING in under 30 days.

The boat has now completed three successful crossings in respectable times of 34 days, 15 hours and 31 minutes in 2012, 35 days, 13 hours and 50 minutes in 2013 and now 32 days, 22 hours and 31 minutes in February 2014.

Titan was renamed the TOBY WALLACE in 2014, in memory of one of the original crew members onboard in 2012 who sadly died in July 2013.

February 2014:  Having left Gran Canaria at 2156hrs on 10th February 2014, this years 8 man crew rowed to Barbados with the current record of 32 days to chase, and in memory of Toby Wallace.

March 2014: The Toby Wallace crew arrived into Barbados on 15th March 2014 at 1627hrs local time, with an official crossing time of 32 days, 22 hours, 31 minutes and 25 seconds.

The crew of the Toby Wallace now hold two Guinness Records:

* Second fastest team in mono-hull class (conventional row boat) on this route *

* Fastest 8 on this route *

Simon Chalk also completed his 8th ocean row and added another successful row to still hold the title of most ocean rows by one person.

You can see the CREW PROFILES, BOAT TRACKING, the MESSAGE BOARD of support and encouragement and see PHOTOS of their adventure, including the Barbados arrival photos!  Read the latest BLOG here!

Toby Wallace tracking Feb 2014

The boat was also tracked by – and with thanks to – the Ocean Rowing Society at


1,181 thoughts on “Atlantic Row Feb 2014

  1. Rowing from France to England was bad enough. Well done to you all. Matthew well done for raising money for Kerry Greenfield from Widnes.

    Take care

    John Bishop

  2. Fantastic effort! Very very well done and wonderful to have raised so much cash ! Hope you are enjoying the rest now.
    Mark and Maggie

  3. Congratulations on a heroic effort. From the photos at the finish, it looks like you’ll be rowing lightweight this season!

  4. Fantastic! We can’t wait to hear the stories. Congratulations to all the crew from Saugatuck Rowing Club.

  5. What a privalige to be involved with such a great acheivement ,and meeting all the family’s of the “Great Eight” .Thankyou Gavin and the rest of the team for making us so proud . Well done to you all. XX

  6. Terrriffiiiic! Congratulations Puggy (Ya Big Jessie!) and all the crew. What an incredible achievement. So proud and keen to hear all about it. Time to relax in the sun and nurse those aches and panes over cocktails. Lots of love from Paddy, Sally, Will, George and Bibi. XO Outstanding.

  7. Amazing, amazing….what a wonderful achievement James / Fiona & the rest of the team.

    Can’t imagine just how exhausted & ecstatic you must all be.

    Hope you enjoy some R & R before returning home to rapturous applause.

    Will miss reading the blogs & hearing about the mini Priors’ various activities but so delighted that you have arrived on dry land safe & sound.
    The Williams Family xxx

  8. James…..great news that you made it back safely onto dry land. What a remarkable project you embarked on…..and to have raised so much money for Crohn’s – may it all be well spent and much progress toward a cure. Lots of love from the Pipers in Cyprus.

  9. wow, you did it!! We cannot wait to see you and hear all about it. Enjoy your time with Fiona. She is an amazing woman too. p.s. the vote in the office is that the beard should stay!

  10. Well done James and crew!! We’re all really proud of you champs! x
    P.S. Twitter is going crazy with congrats!

  11. Congratulations Yaacov and all the team!! Amazing, inspiring and an incredible effort and outcome!! Congrats!! Helen and Chris xx

  12. That is just such an amazing journey…very very proud of you all. Jimi you are a hero. I cant believe you have done this. It seems a long time ago since you shared this little secret. You are truly blessed. Enjoy a drop of rum and some cricket on the beach.

  13. The hugest congratulations to you all! What an incredible achievement. We have been checking your progress daily and are so happy to know you have arrived safely. Enjoy the celebrations and some very well deserved R&R!

  14. WELL DONE! So glad you are all safe and back on dry land. Fantastic effort from the team – really awe-inspiring!
    Caroline and Charlie x

  15. A splendid achievement, boys, which will be told down your families for generations to come. We’ along with the thousands who have followed you daily, are delighted to have had a tiny involvement. Matt; we hope the
    Royal Marines allow you an extension in recognition. Don’t forget to let us know where to send the cheque. John & Jean

  16. Hi Yaacov. Greetings and congratulations to you and your Team for doing it. Look forward to hearing all the fish tales in person. Take good care.

  17. Congratulations Matthew and team Chalk. Saw refs to your landing whilst I was having a curry…now you can too. Great pics with flares and beautiful legs all round….and glad to see you all look glowing with health and achievement….despite minor ailments. Favourite part of the pic apart from the smiles was Simon Chalk’s socks…..they at least have done some hard work! Anji Vaja sends you her congratulations. Look forward to seeing you!

  18. Yeeeha! Terra Firma. You all must be so relieved and pleased to be off the boat. We are so so proud of what you have achieved. James, you have upped the ante and I’m waiting for the crazy suggestions from Rory…! For the here and now, you are the man and your achievement is mind boggling and worthy of utmost admiration. Truly inspiring.

  19. What an achievement! We have followed ‘the worm’ across the Atlantic from the start and now it is fantastic to see you safely on land. Your families are so proud of you. Matt Inglesby, just 21 years old and already a legend! Wendy and Lauren x

  20. Morning Matt – lovely to see the photograph of you all on dry land – you all look really well – congratulations to you all – fantastic achievement – love dad and wendy xx

  21. Congratulations to you all. An amazing achievement. Hope you had good celebrations last evening & are sleeping well right now. Lucy

    Wonderful photo of you all and relieved to see you all safely on land.It has been incredible following your journey……..
    The Howarths

  23. Very well done boys! From here in NZ I could almost hear Toby cheering as you approached!

  24. Well done all of you! James, Fiona wants to know what you have planned for next year. Love from all of us in Edinburgh,

  25. Huge congratulations to you all you are amazing! Toasting you all and still looking at the moon! xxl

  26. Congratulations all of you – amazing result and hope you’re as happy to be on dry land as all your supporters are to have you safely back……raising a glass to you all in Lenzerheide….see you on return….fantastic effort….enjoy your well earned rest!! Sleep well

  27. crusty bread and fried egg for breakfast t’morrer…..wonderful crossing. glad you’re safe. geoff and jane allum

  28. well done uncle James and the rest of the crew! we are all very proud of you, you are the coolest uncle ever!

  29. Simon, my fantastic son-am so proud of you on one more fabulous ocean row on the ‘Toby Wallace ‘ ( sure he would be proud of you, sad he’s not able to be part of it) Have just opened a bottle of ‘ bubbly ‘ to celebrate your achievment – another bottle awaits on you and Gemma’s return home and to all crew members – well done on a successful Atlantic Ocean row especially Paul (W) on completing a third Atlantic row.
    now for disappointing rugby news – England thrashed! Italy but Ireland just! beat France so took 6 Nations Champ on ‘statistics’! Enjoy the celebrations, beers, food sleep and being with families.(just wish I could be there with you :-( ) lots of love, Lesley ;-) xx

  30. Brilliant effort. We are very sorry to have missed your arrival. We left Barbados last Wednesday!!

  31. Trying to have a game of Rummikub!! Getting distracted are you there yet ?
    Can’t wait to hear the news.
    I’m sure the Rum will be flowing tonight……….
    Thinking of all of you out in Barbados,have a great evening.
    The Howarths XXxxx

  32. Are you there yet? There doesn’t seem to be a message. Perhaps it’s my IT ignorance. John & Jean

  33. hi dad
    you are so nealy there and I can not wait to speak to YOU! and you should do your self proud! Scotland lost 33 5! they did not do well at all!it was a disaster!
    but on the bright side you are just about to finish rowing across the ATLNANTIC!!!!!!!!!!!! who cars about the record! you did it what a great think you did!
    lots of love Archie

  34. James and All,
    You are heroes, we are in awe, just an amazing achievement! Congratulations!
    We can’t wait to see you on your return.
    Andrew and Charlotte

  35. Yo ingo,miss oxley eat your heart out,Everton won in extra time 2 1 seamus to the rescue, I can hear our music starting to play,cometh the hour cometh the magnificent eight,just row that Toby Wallace in guys,dad

  36. James, Fiona and the whole crew… Simply outstanding.
    Will, Kate and Libbyxxx

  37. Hi James!!!! Yeeeeesssssss!!! Are you there yet??!! Fantastic super human effort by the whole team!! Blake says ‘good luck on the way back’ (he thought you might want to row back!) it will take a while to get used to being on land again!! That first sip of beer will be unbelievable!! High 10 from all The Mojos!!

  38. You could be clambering ashore as I write: what a feeling! Savour the moment and know that your supporters are saluting you…

  39. Congratulations! Boys and staff at Northcote salute you, James, and look forward to seeing you soon. Have a beer! John

  40. 5 more hours you will all be on land ! We are just waiting now well done all of you xxxxxx

  41. Good afternoon Matthew Henry Inglesby, this will likely be my last post before I get to give you a mothers hug. You are an amazing young man and I am so proud. You have rowed an ocean! What next? see you in a few hours, love mum xxx

  42. WOW! Well done Gav and all! What an amazing achievement, so close now just keep going and think of all the treats that will be on dry land for you! See you when your home (bring the warm & sunny weather back for us please!!) xxx

  43. Amazing team. You’ve done it! Been sending you positive vibes all day! Just heard Barbados is on strike though, so you’ll have to turn around and row back!

  44. Outstanding achievement James. Almost there. And pull… and pull… and pull! There will be more rum waiting for you when you get back.


  45. Well done all, only a couple of hours left keep the good work up, see you soon Gav! xxxx

  46. Well done Gav, nearly home you have all done fantastic, see you when you get home love Hefina & Al xx

  47. Yaacov. You guys are really amazing for what you are about to finish. Looking forward to hearing all about the journey. See you soon.

  48. Hi Yaacov, we can not wait to see you!!!! Everyone is emailing and texting for updates. You and the guys have done an amazing job keep it up you are almost home and dry.XXXXXXXX

  49. Hi Matt – nearly there – looking forward to hearing from you. Everyone saw you on telly last night except us!! So nothing changes at Foxwood…..looking forward to seeing you (a bit less of you by all accounts! – 2 stone).

    Love Dad and Wendy xx

  50. Matthew I – last few hours, stay safe and keep rowing. I have watched your progress everyday and I have never been more proud of you, and of men I have never even met. I cried when I saw your Dad’s message. What an amazing achievment ….love Pauline xxx

  51. Matt Mason
    Congratulation to you and your crew for doing something so amazing. Hats off to you and the crew, so proud well done. I will pay a pint on for you in the forts arms for when you get home.
    Love from Suzanne and Andy Harwood

  52. To Simon, Paul and the crew
    Many congratulations on your superb row. Awesome, as Toby would have said. Best wishes from Denise and Ian Wallace.

  53. Well done James and the team. Amazing. Will toast you all tonight as i hit that 50th yesterday and party tonight . Have Emma schneider Rosie Campbell …!
    The WrightsXXXXXX

  54. Heave Ho once more you awesome crew
    You’ve braved the waves & won
    You’ve conquered concrete sun and rain
    Your journey’s almost done

    You’ve kept your spirits up despite….
    The aches and pins endured
    You’ve raised the funds and reached your goal
    Three cheers when finally you’re moored !!

  55. Hi Paul, and crew of the fabulous Toby Wallace. Well last day at sea, you did it, amazing job all of you, through it seems very tough conditions ! Enjoy your well deserved celebrations when you reach Barbados today , I will be thinking of you, and will be relieved you are back on terra firma at last . take care Di x

  56. Hi Gav, well it is your last day at sea and it is a brilliant achievement, you should be so proud of yourself. Whilst you are heading into Barbados bay we will be heading towards CARDIFF BAY! A similar achievement we think! We would have loved to have been in Barbados to see you arrive on dry land, it will be fantastic so enjoy it. Look forward to seeing you soon lots of love xxx

  57. hi dad
    you are so nearly there and I can not wait to speak to you! I can not bealeve that you have done it!!!!
    love you with all my hart Archie

  58. Great stuff matt, the last big push, and congrats from all the Diamond Country Team in Austria. Watch out for the chickens in the garden, mum has been feeding them bread and roast chicken!!!!!!!!!

  59. Fantastic guys, well done on a a magnificent achievement. Would it be OK to start the return row on Monday as I have got kind of used to checking your progress each day and think I might miss it a bit …
    What’s white and bulky and cannot climb a tree? A fridge. In other news the toilets at the local police station have been stolen. The police say they have nothing to go on. How do you fit six donkeys in a fire truck? Two in the front, two in the back and two on the top going Eyaw Eyaw. Suse and Kit xxx

  60. Well done Matt Mason and everyone on the Toby Wallace. Superb achievement!!!Love Aunt E . Grandma and Uncle Nod

  61. An amazing and awe inspiring achievement! You have achieved something very special both as a crew and individually. Let that soak in as you ease your way into Barbados and the warm welcome that awaits you guys there and back home. Well done!

  62. Hiya 2 matts, there are some shananigins going on here which matts mum kissed which matts dad??? Don’t even try to work it out! We’ve had a lovely meal together and have spoke of you both all night, we are all so proud and really looking forward to tomorrow to greeting you on to terra firma. Hope you can see the lights of Barbados now, love, mum, dad, mum and Chris xxxx

  63. James and crew – Just the final straight to go! I hope you have time to reflect on your enormous achievement and enjoy your final day on the Toby Wallace. We will be thinking of you as you celebrate with your friends and family. Thanks for keeping us entertained this last month – turning on the computer next week is going to be very dull! Congratulations again xx

  64. Matthew I am sooooo excited! you can see lights of Barbados tonight so I’m waving as I type just in case you can see me :-)))
    So so proud son you have achieved more in the last month than I have in my lifetime….apart from having you of couse, love mum xxxx

  65. Matt mason I’m soooooo proud of you I’m here waiting you are absolutely amazing and I can’t believe I’m your mum !! We are soo excited here in Barbados , carol whittiam everybody’s mentioned you and the forts , I’ve never been as excited xxxxx

  66. Nearly on dry land! amazing boys what a journey ……….
    Wish we were there to see you row in.Enjoy all the celebrations and being back with loved ones.
    Well done to all the crew.
    The Howarth family…XXxxx

  67. We have never met any of the crew but have been following daily progress since the boat arrived in Mogan and Gemma explained about the boat and the challenge ahead. Many congratulations to you all, enjoy the celebrations.

  68. Matthew, your last night on the high seas! Total admiration and so so pleased you and the guys are safely on the home straight. Enjoy that coconut milk. We’ll be thinking of you all as you see land – we can only imagine the emotions aboard. Much love, Jane and Col xxxxx

  69. Hay! Matt Mason, I simply cannot put into words how proud and humbled we are by your amazing effort, I don’t think anyone knew just how big of a challenge you had to face!! The crossing alone and what’s been thrown at you guys is truly incredible! FIinal push now guys, you’re so close now I’m sure you can smell the cold beers! Can’t wait to see you Matt and celebrate your amazing achievement and hear all about your month at sea! stay safe and strong and enjoy the arrival to dry land, see you soon loads of love xxx

  70. Soon you’ll be able to sample the flying fish on your plates rather than encountering them in mid air! An astounding achievement which has had us all reaching for our lap tops to be up to speed with you at the beginning and end of each day. Safe arrival and happy reunions all round.

  71. Hiya Matthew, nearly finished. Can’t wait to see you, is it going to be “concept 2 rower for sale” on eBay? :-))))
    Going for a meal tonight with matt masons mum so we will have an early toast to you and the fabulous crew with a very special toast for Simon the skipper and his mate Paul for bringing you home safe. See ya later Ingo, love mum xxx

  72. Well done all of you. An extraordinary effort and a real example of determination and courage.
    Lets hope our children can get back to some studying now! Although I’m sure everyone will agree that you have made our days all the more exciting following your journey and we will miss our logging on each morning. Safe journey home and can’t wait to see you James. xx

  73. hi dad
    you are doing really well and I can not wait to see YOU! you are doing really well and I can not wait to see! l
    lots of love Archie

  74. I just wanted to say James’ achievement would not have been possible without such an awesome crew. Thank you.

  75. Hiya Matt M….new, last, last message …which definitely means final! Heard your interview on the radio this morning and you were mentioned on the local news a couple of times, in addition the interview was repeated at lunch time. Your voice sounded clear and strong but there was no denying the honesty of your words. Understandably you have kept the worst from your family audience and only now are you free to express it. So this is not just welcome home to the boys but a very definite SPEEDY RECOVERY…..GET WELL SOON! And the sooner you see family and friends, the sooner that will be effected! XxxxxxxX

  76. Matt
    Awesome Awesome Awesome. Just been listening to you on radio lancs one last big push Beers on me when you get back. We have been following your progress daily what a fantastic achievement. Les and Linda

  77. Hi Matt and team, just checking in on your progress with Oliver on my knee watching; one final big effort and you can enjoy Barbados. Absolutely fantastic achievement we are so proud of you, We are all looking forward to seeing on Tuesday xxx

  78. GO GO MASON!!!!
    been watching your progress everyday! one last big effort!!!!!!!!!!

  79. James & Crew. 31 days behind you & you are into the last 24hrs. & probably down to less than 100 miles in distance What a staggering achievement. The memory of it will live with you for ever(& no doubt bore you grandchildren in due course!) You are heroes all. I hope the blog will put some arrival photos on the internet for those of us who have followed you progress from afar to see. Congratulations to you all. Lucy

  80. Well done, James and Co. You have done wonders which you will never forget. Hope your bottoms and hands soon recover!
    Congratulations on the row and the fundraising!

  81. Brilliant effort James. I’ll buy you a beer or 3 when you get home. Cheers. John, Melissa, Jackson and Charlotte

  82. Yo,ingo,if you don’t get through customs do you have to row back ? Evertonian legends Dixie dean,Brian labone ,Alex young,Alan ball and big dunc now I have my very own legend Matthew Henry Inglesby,Atlantic Rower,already got a free drink on it from a Chelsea fan,when somebody asks me now what have I achieved in life I now can say my son rowed the Atlantic,thank you my son,one last push, the day has come when all that pain is worth it, row on all you tough guys,dad

  83. Dear James & Crew. Well, less than 100 miles to go we reckon. Wow. So nearly, nearly there. Please enjoy the moment – be ‘fully present’ and live life to the full for the last 24 hours. Well done. can’t wait to see you.

  84. Dear James, I am sitting in the engine room of the hotel as they have kindly let me go online. I noticed whilst having breakfast (on my own, quite strange) that you can see the cement works jetty that you have to touch when you arrive< I hope it doesn't put you off as it seems along way out to sea but I think it may help you come to terms with the staggering achievement of raising money to help find a cure for Ferg and other sufferers as well as push yourself to the limit before you are 50. We are so proud of you and can hardly wait for you to arrive tomorrow; and our boys are beside themselves with excitement to hear you have arrived safely and soon to be home.
    Plough on for the last 24 hours and we are all at the ready to help you off the boat,
    Fiona xxxxx

  85. Hi Gav and crew! Well, you’re almost there now. It’s really amazing to see this long yellow line across the ocean on the sat map! impressive!
    I won’t be at home tomorrow to see the end of your adventure. I will be in higher place during one week than you’re currently: the Alps (but for working purpose…). Wish all of you guys the best for the end of this awesome and inspiring adventure.

  86. Congratulations Puggy, a super human effort to you and the team.

    Love Patrick, Tree and all the familyx

  87. last message. cant wait for arrival message tomorrow. lots of love and masses of congratulations to all the crew. mary

  88. Might i suggest James that you & your crew mates offer the use of your vessel to get the England T20 side back home as i am not sure there is any point in their going to Bangladesh! Go for it guys. It is a super human feat.

  89. Nearly there – you can do it!! Well done James, the whole charity is totally behind you, it is awe-inspiring, and we have been tracking you all the way. Congratulations to you all x

  90. Very nearly “Been there, done that” A great adventure and stern test of mind and body, spurred on by your donor targets to the most worthy of causes – wonderfully achieved. Selfless endeavour is the most noble.
    Congratulations to the whole crew,the back up teams and the worm watching cheerleaders. WELL DONE.

  91. Puggy
    Solid performance my friend – probably would have been quicker if you didn’t have to read all these messages!
    Into the final furlong with some relief for you and all your family and friends. Enjoy Terra firma when it comes
    Lots of Love
    Robbie Cress Hons Tallula and your idle godson Archie!

  92. Ollie, Nearly there, well done and enjoy a small beer when you get on dry land! Look forward to seeing you back in Cornwall.

  93. Dear James,
    As Kylie says “Can’t get you out of my head….” I get a lump in my throat every time I think of what you and the team are going through right now – and Fiona is waiting for you! Yippee! Keep strong, keep going, and row to the end of the adventure of a lifetime. Lots of love, Tor and Johnnie xxx

  94. Dear James Yesterday’s newspaper reported a sighting of two sperm whales off Skye ! Very soon the papers in Barbados will be able to report sighting a boatload of supermen ! Fantastic ! We are all so proud of you and excited !

  95. James – Keep on going. Whilst we have been in Chamonix you have cracked the Atlantic!Presume you might even get to watch some cricket in Barbados! You must enjoy the last few hours – adrenalin must be building. Charlie and Rosie

  96. Dear Puggy,
    The last message I assume. Now the ground is rising to meet you and the wind is on your back (according to the weather forecast) you can be sure the rain is falling on your fields at home and God has held you in the palm of his hand for the last month. But, even better than Gaelic blessings, Fiona is there to meet you so don’t hang about! Bash that foresight, head for home and that bar of silver. Can’t wait to hear of your adventure, very proud of you. Love James and Netty

  97. CONGRATULATIONS GUYS YOUR ON THE HOME STRAIGHT !!!what an amazing achievement ,totally unbelieveable ,this really is an inspiration to the people that have followed your progress and for the people that will benefit from your fundraising .well done enjoy your last hours rowing .matt ingo because of your efforts the 30 grand barrier has been smashed !!! you the man ,

  98. The Ballad of Ol’ Yaacov Mutnikas

    From Lithuania this ol’ slugger apparently hails
    But passports American Canadian and British prevail
    In 09 on La Mondiale he was to first set sail
    But for Ol’ Yaac on that row bad luck did unvail

    Within years three he was back out at sea,
    With Craughwell n’ Kelly he was destined for glee
    But ‘bados unfortunately again out of reach
    Though they say ‘Sara G’ did wash up on some beach

    And so to ’14 Ol’ Yaacov once more
    With his heart on his sleeve – one last crack at the oar
    His third time at sea twas a finish or the grave
    Ol’ Yaacov has taught us fortune favours the brave

  99. Hi….for the ‘new’last time! So glad control blogged about your radio interview on radio Lancashire tomorrow Matt , I will be certain to listen in. I hope you’ve got the energy! I was watching some of the Paralympics this evening, I hope someone has recorded them for you….another set of spell-binding performances.
    Remember to get lots of photos. I bet you young ones will be skinny. Maybe Captain Chalk and Paul quite sensibly dressed themselves with a little extra padding before the off….having advance knowledge of the seating and horrendous bed capsules…Am I right…you had nothing at all to lie on!
    Hope you skim the waves as the shallower waters deliver you all to shore! A happy landing to you all!

  100. Hi Gav, well you really are on the last lap now, it’s great to see you so close, Kelly can’t wait for you to come home, she’s so excited. Well try and enjoy your last hours on the boat because you will soon be in a nice comfy bed! Take care lots of love xxx

  101. Dearest James
    Throughout your voyage the Lord has impressed this piece of scripture on my heart for you;

    ‘May God be merciful and bless us.
    May His face shine with favour upon us.
    May Your ways be known throughout the earth.
    Your saving power among people everywhere.
    May the nations praise You, oh God.
    Yes may all the nations praise You.

    Psalm 67:1-4

    So we have been praying that God would be merciful and bless you and your fellow crew, with strength, courage and laughter.
    We can see from the stats that He has indeed been merciful and blessed you hugely, you have achieved something so incredible, we are in awe and at the same time so relieved and thankful.
    God bless you over these next few days, pull hard and be strong, we will be covering you in prayer.
    We can’t wait to see you home.
    Much love Charlotte, Andrew, Jenny, Barnaby and Gracie xxxxx

  102. Hi Matthew, I have just returned from meeting all the crews family and friends at the port! we are all so excited and preparing for your arrival on Saturday. It will be everything you dreamed it would be…a heroes welcome into Barbados, chilled coconut water awaits. Hurry up son, love mum xx

  103. James & team,

    Amazing. Good luck with last “few” miles.

    The fathers at 4T are looking forward to buying you a few pints at the next get together!


  104. hi dad
    do you have a sore bottom yet? have you chuked your I ipod nono in the water yet? mum at barbadose realaxing ready to meet you!
    love you

  105. hi Dad can you see Barbados?do you have a saw bottom I think that will hurt. only two more days to go and mum is at Barbados redy for you. love from henry !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  106. Hi dad how are you? 2 more days to go. cant wait to see you on Thursday.Are you thin and do you have a beard? are you still my dad?????lots of love Fergus miss you sooooooo much. PS the quiz was amazing

  107. DAD,hope you come back soon amd row row your boat
    Can you see Barbados? keep goimg. I miss you lots and lots. love max xxxxxxxxxx

  108. Big nose – on the home straight now. Well done. We’re all in awe of you and your amazing/mad achievement. (In fact you were very much in my thoughts as I gasped for oxygen whilst trying to keep up with Henry, Charlie & Christina ski touring earlier in the week. Dave Stirling has taken over my slot and trust that he is also suffering!) Keep it up. Love from us all.

  109. You are AMAZEBALLS Puggy – Wowzers! Tons of love Woody and Alex xxx

  110. Dear Puggy,
    Just driven out of the San Bernadino and right above the stunning snowy mountains there is the white wake of an aircraft’s contrail pointing straight at the heart of a fat occluded moon. Looks like it will hit it any second. See you soon! Love James and Netty

  111. Hi Matt Ingo
    havn’t looked at the map for a few days,wow !!! you have all done really well keep it up boys not long now and say Hiya to your Dad when you see him.

  112. Soon high & happily dry (or boozed up rather):
    HIP HIP HURRAY!!! What a celebration awaits you Heroes in Barbados!
    You’ll be shedding that fruity rowing gear worn thin with bonier bums and shredding it into fund-raising extras to be sealed & displayed in airtight frames for all your fans & descendants to cherish & give pride of place to (in manor-house porches or fishing lodge cloakrooms).
    “Joyeuses retrouvailles avec vos Familles chéries”!

  113. Hi Olly, can’t believe the time has gone so quickly although we are sure it hasn’t for you!!! What heroes you all are!! Good job you are back in time for the Porthleven Lido day you will be able to have a quick row round the harbour!!! see you soon, enjoy being back on land Love Les and Dave xxxxx

  114. Hi ingo,your never give up spirit is shown through,the pain will fade however the GLORY will be with you and your crew mates for ever,come on my lad,from your dad x

  115. James – afraid I let you down at the school quiz night, despite Fergus’s sterling efforts we came in the bottom half (but not bottom!) – good fun but you were greatly missed!….. Looks like ‘only’ c200 miles to go….you’ve all done brilliantly, final push for glory. Will toast your arrival with J&N in Lenzerheide this w/e…..keep going… do you feel like doing it again?

  116. Here’s a riddle to keep you going on your last leg…
    A prisoner is in a room with two doors, each guarded by a sphinx above. One of the doors leads to freedom, the other to certain death. One of the sphinxes always tells the truth, whereas the other always lies – but you don’t know which is which and the liar / truth-teller could be over either door. You’re allowed to ask just one question – addressed to either of the sphinxes – to find the right exit. What should it be..?

  117. Hi James & crew. Brilliant mileage yesterday. You are over the hump & it is downhill all the way now. Seriously though,now is the time to summon up your last reserves of strength & pull hard for the shore, where lots of your friends & family are watching the horizon for your arrival at PSC & to welcome the conquering heroes “home” The adrenalin rush for the final 24hrs will see you over the line & a very well deserved celebration. Enjoy every moment of it then beer, baths, clean clothes, good food & comfy beds await. Umm!! Well done to you all. Lucy

  118. Hello!
    It is Yanis from 2P, keep going your nearly there.
    Have a lovely time!From Yanis.

  119. James,
    My PC has been down for 24 hrs – too much worm watching? – awful withdrawal symptoms.What wonderful stats to find on return. You have all shown tremendous determination for a great cause. Can’t wait for a full debrief. Go for those last few pulls to reach F and family.

  120. James, you are so nearly there. Keep going, pull hard on those oars and dig deep. I saw the extraordinary Prior/Macleod support team in the playground yesterday brimming with pride and excitement for you. Keep going, keep going! The Smarts xx

  121. James – So exciting that you are so near cant wait for the arrival message to arrive! Off to Drummonds for the weekend and we will be raising a glass of champagne to you all. Stay safe xxL

  122. Dear Puggy and crew,
    Looks like a similar distance to that from Edinburgh to the river. A breeze up the A9, with the added benefit of no House of Bruar and no rozzers to distract and impede your speed to the end. Lots of love, James and Netty

  123. So pleased to see that yellow dot closing in on Barbados. Keep going Mason and team. Epic achievement from all of you. Your families must be so proud. X

  124. Dear James & team
    So nearly there & still going at such a pace…incredible. Much excitement in Barbados no doubt. We’re all counting down those nautical miles. Dig deep & row hard….dry land around the next corner. You are doing brilliantly. Such an incredible achievement. Can’t wait to hear all about it. All our love & best wishes for the final push, Fiona & Jerry xxx

  125. Come on Yaacov, hurry up, the Zambezi awaits you!! The Moon Row team are all cheering you on and looking forward to seeing you cross that finishing line,hearing the stories and seeing your hands. How’s your bum?

  126. Hi Matthew, we are sat here having a beer waiting to see how you’ve all done today. We are hoping it’s been a good one. Hurry up son, can’t wait to see you all.
    Goodnight, love mum xxx

  127. Hi James and all the team –
    You are so nearly there I guess you can almost smell the land? Now’s the time to dig really deep and
    show us all what you’re made of before it’s over! I know you will receive a great welcome in Barbados, you certainly deserve all the rum you can drink – though I don’t expect it will take many cocktails to make you walk funny after 5 weeks on the water! Can’t wait for the debrief, Suse and Kit and Co xxxx

  128. Hello!

    Good luck and have a brilliant time in Barbados!

    best wishes from Henry and all the children in 2P (Belleville Primary School)

  129. Hi ingo,the final part of any journey is always the hardest,that walk from the taxi to the front door after a heavy night out in Liverpool,those last few steps when you got me in high winds and hail to the top of Everest,whoops !!! Snowden , ingo and your Atlantic warriors start beating that drum and bring the Toby Wallace in,love dad

  130. Hello from a proper warm sunshine from all in Accrington. I have just re-read ‘Gladys Notmee’s’ poem which was penned for the 1/2 way mark….and it still makes me laugh, so easily imaginable with its bawdy humour. So this is mine for the welcome push to land. Sorry it’s not funny but it still helps to tell a tale. Ancient mariners had tales written about them and so should modern heroes!

    Forward To The Americas!

    As bare-skinned boys
    With a fire in your eyes
    You set out
    With the heat of Africa
    Across your shoulders –
    ‘Forward to the Americas!’
    To ‘Ichirouganaim’
    ( called by the ancient ones )
    – Red land with white teeth-
    Your ‘Barbados’,tiny bearded gem
    Set amongst coral reefs.

    Far, far, and fathoms deep
    Across an Ocean ridge
    Rowing with the heave
    Of your heartbeats.
    What do you see and hear
    In the Silence?
    Earth, Sky, Sea,
    Stars, Moon, Sun
    And always the sea,
    The Atlantic Sea!

    You bare-skinned boys,
    Armoured now
    With fire in your heads,
    Hauling oars
    Against the laws and the lure
    Of the sea,
    Skimming shoals, sharks & turtles
    Across 200 million years
    Of a spreading ocean floor,
    In the wake of Conquistadores.
    Like them
    Carrying personal faiths
    As your talisman,
    But your family bonds
    Are your gold!
    Like sea-farers of old
    You go forward
    With navigational magic
    And satellites….
    Messaging heaven-sent words.

    You have marked your place
    In this vast Universe.

    ‘Now go on!
    Forward t’ward the Americas!’

  131. James, the final push is here…..cannot believe you are so close to the end. What an amazing thing you have done for Ferg and raising all that money. A truly life changing event in all respects. On speaking to Fiona, her spirits have been high and positive and how exciting she is on her way out to see you at the finish line. Have a wonderful and well deserved reunion and looking forward to hearing all about it! All the best to you all for the last couple of hundred……from The Plums x

  132. What an amazing effort James and co! Almost there. James, your SA mates are all cheering you along! Enjoy the last push. Jenni

  133. fiona now on her way to barbados. boys in good heart counting the days till they see you. good luck for the final push. lots of love mary

  134. Yaacov (and crew)
    Final push for the line. Great achievement guys, we are all behind you at Eton Excelsior RC

  135. The geese were flying by the moonlight last night and I thought of you rowing under the moon – really not long to go now – excitement is rising on both sides of the Atlantic xx

  136. Dear Puggy,
    Looks like no distance at all, you’ve chewn through the miles. Its beginning to feel strange to us that this will be over. You probably can’t wait! Not long now. Love James and Netty

  137. Yo gents amazing effort, Olly sorry we won’t be there for the final pull of the oars keep it full and long. See you soon for a beer. Ps even though I’ve lost the sweepstake

  138. Every pull on the oar takes you further from home – but nearer your goal. Keep going!

  139. Dear Yaacov,
    Wow! You and your crew are amazing and truly inspirational! Mucha fuerza en la recta final! Abrazos

  140. Almost there!

    “He either fears his fate too much,
    Or his desserts are small,
    He that puts it not unto the touch
    To win or lose it all.”

  141. Take no notice Matthew…it’s more than one beer!
    We are all here waiting…..for the exceptional eight….however long it takes just be safe and enjoy the ride, love mum xxx

  142. “Nil satis nisi optimum” just reading “the crossing” by Ben fogle and James Cracknell doesn’t seem to be much to this Atlantic Rowing from where I am with a beer in the sun reading the book….love dad xxx

  143. Hello for the penultimate time Matthew Mason and crew. There’s been palpable emotion and excitement in the recent posts as family members have been packing and leaving in the urgent reality of seeing you all so soon….and praising you for your heroic strength. As one of the boys said it would be great to think that you have had enough moments to allow you take some photographs….whether they be of sharks, blisters or swelling waves.
    Equally,make sure that you get plenty of group and family reunion pics once you clamber ashore….Before you split up. I do hope that you will all at least have a few days completely bemusing rest (It will be like reaching an oasis in the desert….so long wished for)
    I’ve got an idea of making a book for you Matt ( I like doing that sort of thing )so maybe I’ll see you when you get back to Clayton. I would think you will have some sort of reunion at the Forts where even retired cowards will be welcome…especially as I owe you a couple of drinks.
    I’ve got a final poem for you tomorrow to cheer you on back to shore. It’s called,’Forward to the Americas’…which I hope you will all like….and if not…at least I do.
    So ….a goodnight to you all!

  144. Hi James,
    Just having supper with the Bicknells who told me about your fabulous journey, you are incredible. Keep going, you can do it! Lots of love from us all, the Gilmores xx

  145. HI DAD
    I can not wait to speak to you! are you on the way to breaking the Record?
    has any one been hit by a flying fish yet?
    love you Archie
    P.S I looked at the moon last night.

  146. Hi Gav and all this amazing crew,
    Wow! You guys are very close now. Come on everybody and keep it up as you perfectly did until right now!
    Sorry for my english but you know…I’m French!!!
    Row row row and row hard again, I have great respect for all of you.

  147. HI DAD
    you are doing AMASSING!!
    you have only 500km to go and can
    you see barbados that is a good
    sign and you are on TV I think so
    and open your eyes and enjoy the
    lots of love HENRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  148. Hi DAD
    I had my Assmbly today It went great!!!!!! it was about Florence Nightingare!!! and did you see a great white shark it was haveing
    a cub and it was going to cormwall
    lots of love HENRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  149. Hi DAD,
    You are doing amazing and we raised in the Belleville cake sale over £700!!!!!!!
    DAD I got 18 out of 20 in my maths test 8. Can you see Barbados? And have you took a picture of the great white shark that went passed your boat???

  150. Hi Dad,
    You are AMAZING!!!
    By the way it’s your fault if my maths % goes dawn because I’m
    missing you so much!!
    Lots of love the person you are rowing for the marvolas,victorios,AMAZIN FFFEEERRRGGGUUUSSS!!!

  151. Puggy, blimey lad, I took my eye off the website and you’re nearly there, you’re about to conquer the Atlantic! You and your Viking friends are totally incredible! But keep pulling hard as the fat Barbadian lady is not quite singing yet! All the best for the final furlong, Gorsie, Friz and the Gore team xxxxx

  152. I thought you guys might like this quote:- When the tide of life turns against you and the current upsets your boat, don’t waste your tears on what might have been, just lie on your back and float! (just watch out for sharks) keep strong for the last little bit. xx Lucinda

  153. I have dot watched daily in complete awe at this fantastic crew that have rowed a superb time across, rather than with, the waves. Quite outstanding in every respect. Inspirational!

  154. Hi Matt and team, almost there!! just keep going , you have done fantastically well , a big final push and you can have a beer, a sleep and relax, – by the way Matt I’ve taxed your car

  155. Come on Jimmy and team.
    It’s the final push now – what you guys have already achieved is AMAZING!! D

  156. Keep going bro, not far now, you have done an immense job with your crew, keep pushing!

  157. Morning Matt yikes sharks ! Been doing miss whittiam s technique with string ! In Bridgetown having coffee , come on dig bloody deep and get here ! Don’t forget to,look out for the whales as you come in not long now xxx mum

  158. Dear James
    The logistics team are moving in today. Brilliant family support from all ends of the country and Mary in London too so I can fly out to meet you. Everyone is desperate to hear of your safe arrival so keep going, true grit is what you need and what you always have in spades.
    We are all so proud of you and our boys are brimming with excitement that you are nearly on dry land.
    I wonder if this will make swimming on Skye on New Year’s day a doddle?!
    This close to land I might spot you as I fly over the Atlantic…..
    all our love and keep going xxxxxxx

  159. Not long to go now – keep it going…cometh the hour, arriveth the men… James – am standing in for you at Fergie’s quiz night tomorrow night (poor chap, what a handicap!)…. hope the last few days are easy going, and will think of you all arriving in Barbados for an emotional reunion….almost there… awesome

  160. Yo ingo,just going to do breakfast with the burkes,might do a spot of shark wrangling,remember you never beat a ingo,keep it going my son,dad

  161. Well done to you all you are truly amazing.Almost at the beers….which are glinting in the sun. much love Katie

  162. Paul – what is it with you & fish? At least the shark didn’t try to join you in the boat, like the Marlin!

  163. hi matt its George, nearly there now, Adam Rach, and Tracey said good luck!. Dropped your Dad off at Airport yesterday, it was all emotional, hugs kisses, belly bumps, doing the bump etc outside terminal 2 you know what where like Ha Ha!. Think what you’ve done is amazing mate safe remainder of you voyage George and Family

  164. James!
    What have you DONE?! You’ve only inspired me to go and join a blimmin’ GYM!
    A man of MY reputation?!
    Keep going for the last push, squire – you can and will do it!

  165. (Yaacov)
    Hi Dad was wonderful to hear from you the other day! You and the team are really doing some magic out there. We all here at home rooting for you and following you each day. You are so close to reaching and accomplishing this dream of yours… Oh dear whats next, i shudder to think,, You are going to give me premature grey hair. Love you and keep it up!!! Tash

  166. Dear Puggy,
    As you near Caribbean waters thoughts inevitably turn to Pirates. I feel sorry for any Pirates you meet, who would be well advised to adopt the tactics of Redbeard, the pirate Captain in the Asterix books, and run away. Even though you will all more closely resemble Asterix than Obelix right now, you are surely indominatable all the same. Lots of love, James and Netty

  167. Hi Paul and crew. Just off to the airport – will be keeping an eye on your progress on the way – very excited. Would love to have a few good jokes for you but I’m struggling…. Did you hear about the fly that walked into the bar? Wandered up and asked “is this stool taken”. Or the magician that was driving down the road and turned into a driveway. Row hard and see you soon xxx

  168. Phew!! Apart from expressing relief that none of you have been’snogged’ by a shark, ( who may have tasted the salty marinaded flesh when you were swimming and followed it)…I’m glad you’ll be arriving soon…as it is getting damned hard work for the viewers out here , our index fingers are getting tired flicking down the huge column of post to get to the message box. How hard do we have to work to keep you lot motivated!!! Matt M….saw Steve Bear today and he is also still watching. Think of all those people who watch but don’t post….well as usual I’m saying an extra bit of good wishes from all of them.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx etc

  169. Yo Ingo,Sheffield United,my mate Paul a happy man,hull,Wigan and arsenal,in semi finals,me and ray,down in the dumps and you have gone swimming,just put tv on and jaws was on,stop having so much fun and get back rowing,love from your so proud dad

  170. Hiya Matthew! just arrived in Barbados me yer dad and Chris.
    It’s very warm but I guess not as warm as it is for you guys…over the side in the water eh…nice one!
    Feels strange being here and I even looked out of the plane to see if I could get a glimpse :-))) but it did give me a sense of the scale of your achievements. Feel so proud and emotional being here now and waiting for you to arrive…keep rowing hard guys, record or not, we all need a hug from our heroes, love mum xxxx

  171. Gav, can’t believe you’ve got to the last few days, feeling so so proud of you. Love you loads xxxxxxx

  172. Hello everybody! As a young man I went to professional sailor-school in Denmark and I spent a large part of my early youth, roving large roving-vessels around, also in very hard weather! We didn’t get as far away as You are now – far from, but it was a time I remember still, and the blisters in my hand, – if you didn’t manage to find a straight oar! I wish You all well and a smooth sailing the rest of the way/sea!! Finn

  173. yaacov and crew, stay vigilent right to the end. good luck for last 4 days! almost there yac…after 5 years and 3 attempts! Proud of ya dude

  174. Hiya Gav ,
    Another amazing rowing result in the last 24 hours I don’t know how you all still have the strength but I’m so glad you do .
    Mick has been asking about you today and wished he was with you. Wishing you a good night and the sea will be kind to you love you and looking forward to see you Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxx. X

  175. hi dad
    you are so nearly there and you should be proud of your self. also i am entering a reading competition.
    can you see land ? if so that must realy help you keep up you spirats.
    love you

  176. Dear James
    I have packed your bag, fresh shirts, boxers, toothbrush and razor.
    Simply can’t wait to see you, I’ll be on the plane in a couple of days.
    Less swimming and keep the pace up, Ferg thinks you must have seen the tagged pregnant white shark he has been following on line!
    Hope everything is holding together for the last few days,
    all our love xxxxx

  177. Well done, Yaacov! An amazing feat so far. Tired yet? And I thought no good could come from mucking about in boats.

  178. Dear Yaacov, we are so excited watching the sea waiting for you all to arrive safely here on shore. You are all doing an outstanding job !!!!
    Love you lots XXXXX

  179. Row gavy row, won’t know what to do with ourselves next week when we won’t be tracking your every move! Glyns bought you a rowing machine for your birthday, hope you like it!!!!!!!!! Your all doing so well, your on the last hurdle now so try and enjoy it. Lots of love xxx

  180. Dear James,
    Really looking forward to seeing you back at school. Keep that fire burning, so nearly there!!!

  181. Yaacov and your colleagues. Close it out. Stay in the boat and let the sharks have the water!

  182. So happy you are on the home stretch. May the stars, moon and sun shire on you with good fortune. May you be guide on this last leg of your fantastical journey with the spirit of wonder, joy, contentment and inner peace and of cause, enough energy to row the rest of the way home!

  183. I have been saving this one for your return but given the blog today I feel I can share it now!! “What are the gooey bits between a sharks teeth called?…….Slow swimmers!!” Take care, so proud of you all you are amazing. xxL

  184. guess what Dad, the temperture is 43 degees so you better be carful keep your skin on!!!
    Oh by the way you are doing so well you are going to blow MY skin off!!
    we are looking at the MOON, every second, every day, every minute, every hour, every month and year lot’s of love HENRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  185. Msg from Charlotte Flora to Ollie ……. Oh dear b’Jesus. You left a month ago today. Keep slogging. It can’t be much further, can it?

  186. Dear James
    As you can see we are all willing you on to the finishing line. Keep going and give the last few days your all as you won’t be doing it again!!
    Remember save the best till last…
    all our love xxxx

  187. So close! Looking forward to hearing that you’ve made it safely to the finish line…power 10!

  188. James and Crew, I suggested to Fiona that a post trip presentation would certainly be of interest and raise some cash. You are writing that script now as we speak. Ensure it has the right ending.

    We are all thinking of you lots, Stuart , Lara, Oliver , George and Grace x

  189. Woah, Your going to Barbados
    Woah, back to the palm trees
    Woah,Your going to see my girlfriend
    Woah, in the sunny Caribbean sea

    Woah you are almost there, come on lads

  190. Puggy,

    Rifleman Prior and all the crew, keep it going;beers , babes and massages await you! Fantastic effort. Well done!

  191. Keep looking down that barrel Rifleman Prior. The end is in your sights. Thinking of you in the sweltering Sussex Sun!

  192. That heat looks so bad today, just keep your minds focused on the finishing line. Can’t wait to see you within a few days. Love Els xxx

  193. Can’t believe how close you guys are- you’re doing such an amazing job, so close to dry land!
    Just keep that beer in mind Ollie- am so proud of how amazingly you guys have done! Love Tamsyn xx

  194. Good morning Gav & team just been listening to Matt on the radio it has made me feel closer to you for a few seconds each week , sounds the sooner you all get off the boat for a little T L C the better, you are all fantastic love Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx X

  195. Good morning crew, hope you had a great night as you row ever closer to Barbados. It’s incredible how close it looks on the map!
    We are about to leave for the airport so will be seeing you all soon.
    See you later Matthew! love mum xxxx

  196. Puggy – fantastic effort. Rooting for you all the way to the finishing line.

    Michaela & Tiff

  197. Guys you are just doing amazingly well! It’s been incredible watching your progress! Hamburgers and beer are within your grasp! xx

  198. Ol,

    Forgot to mention, apparently Christian has a new girlfriend of an interesting age.


  199. Hi Ol,

    Sorry I missed my birthday call yesterday. You sounded pretty fresh and still full of energy. Apparently I had one of my dance moments the previous night and there is a video!

    Waiting for what will be my best birthday present ——seeing you again.

    Love dad.

  200. Dear Puggy,
    wonderful effort from you all! Barbados now a lot nearer than Skye is to London. Some time soon you will be able to smell land. I guess this is why you got in the crew Puggy, blessed as you are with super-powers in the olfactory senses! love James and Netty

  201. can’t believe how the progress “worm” has stretched ! And what a small gap there is till you reach the finish, Brilliant ! Keep going !

  202. Dear James and the crew, the Piper family are all gunning for you back here in Cyprus. It’s all grit with eyes on the prize from here.
    Just thoughts you’d appreciate an old Jewish proverb: “I ask not for a lighter burden, but for broader shoulders”.
    and another one you might share with your boys: “When it is dark enough, you can see the stars”. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson
    Thinking of you! From Sarah and Ross, Jessie, Angus, Sam & Anna.

  203. Yaacov- almost there -the entire club is following your epic journey. Stay well and finish strong.

  204. to Yaacov:
    Kobi, hang in there and keep going strong! almost at the finish line. times like these make memories. you are truly a remarkable man.

  205. Hi Gav sorry I missed your call today , got your message off Kel . Won’t be long before you are home now Son . You will see land and feel it under your feet in less than a week , so hang on in there you “Great Eight “will listen o the radio in the morning Good Night God Bless love you Mum xxxxx. X

  206. Hi Paul and rest of the Toby crew , well done so far ,so proud of you ! You really must be invisiging those beers , pizza’s and burgers now , not long now !
    It’s that time of year again, drunk Irish men all over Cheltenham , and that’s just my uncles !! It’s gold cup , so we will be busy in trauma theatre’s most likely !! Good fun in jj oneils and flynns tho . Keep your hands feet and bottoms as dry as you can keep rowing Di x

  207. Hi Matthew, just waiting for the update on your progress then off to bed, up bright and early for a flight to Barbados to welcome you and the magnificent crew home safely…goodnight the endurance eight see you soon, love mum xxxx

  208. Hi Simon and all on ‘Toby’
    England beat Wales (by quite a bit!!) England cricketers lost to the West Indies in Barbados! so now want to see ‘Toby’ get the speed record – you are doing soooo amazingly well – not far to go now (looks like about an inch!! ) and sounds as if you will get a great welcome, am just sorry cannot see you into PSC this time Simon :-( the champagne will be on ‘ice’ until you and Gemma are back home, keep rowing as fast as you and the team can, just think of the cold beers and no more freeze dried food and a whole nights sleep in a ‘proper’ bed :-)love Lesley xx

  209. Hi Matty Mason. Was down Porthleven the other day for lunch and it turns out one of the lads on your boat, family owns a pub there. Small world hey mate. Easy for me to say that when I am sat on the sofa and not rowing the majority of it. Take care and see you behind the wire. You are still my hero.

  210. Less than 500nm guys. Amazing effort. Puggy, you should be pretty good at climbing through hatches by now so the car window will be a breeze and you might even squeeze through! Love C & E

  211. Sensational effort Puggy. Keep it going to the finish. All good back in Blighty – Scotland on for the grand slam, we’re winning the referendum debate hands down, and you might be able to squeeze into your Archer’s uniform when you get back!!! Lots of love, Jamie and Nici.

  212. DAD,
    yesterday I had tennis at 8 am and i played very well and I got a 9 or 10 on my card. After that I played cricket 11 – 1.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I AM MISSING YOU LOTS, COME BACK SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    & Can you see Barbados???MUM is going to to fly over to see you.Come back soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LOTS OF LOVE MAX!!!!!!!!
    :) (:

  213. hi dad
    it was realy fun to day and I went to Mary’s for lunch. it was delouses.
    I can not wait to see you!
    lots of love

  214. fiona and 3 boys to lunch today. fergus at a party. we all missed you very much. not much longer. keep going. loys of love mary.

  215. Dad, I went to a paint ball party!!!!!!
    It was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LOT OF LOVE FERGUS!!!!!!!!!!!

  216. Hi Dad You are my hero!!
    We are looking at the moon this very second!!!!You still can do this!!!
    Lots of LOVE FERGUS!!!!!!!

  217. A big HELLO again shipmate Mason and crew. I have been continuing my very sophisticated tracking system from yesterday…then it was cotton measuring, today it is a piece of paper ripped from a gardening magazine. Who needs scientific equipment when you can revert to the old tried and tested, poorman’s ‘rule of thumb’. My findings are that taking the measure from 10 o’clock last night…counting back 6 days, then projecting that measurement forwards 6 days to next Friday….then it is exactly bob on Barbados! I do hope that my navigation techniques boost morale and keep things in the realms of the possible! Scientifically bonkers but possible!

  218. James – Thought you would like to know that even French radio was asking how France had managed to win yesterday!! You missed nothing other than DCP shouting at the TV! keep going – almost there. xxL

  219. Morning Matt and crew from beautiful Barbados it’s raining I tried to blow it your way ! The beers are on ice and the delicious foods waiting for you the record is still in reach keep rowing ! Love your mum xxxx

  220. Dear Puggy,
    A fabulous day in London. The sky is so clear that one can visualise the hydrogen atoms ionising and flooding the dome of the sky with blue. The moon is clear and looks to be on the inside the blue dome and not at all unatttainable. Very very close. Very much within reach. With love James and Netty

  221. I had a long distance paddling comp the other day. 3km was a killer, pretty pleased with myself for covering almost 10km through the days races and then I remembered my crazy ginger friend rowing in the Atlantic covering miles and miles so I thought I’d check on your progress.
    Keep up the good work Ollie and crew, not far to go now and then you can have a few beers. Do you now look like Tom Hanks from Cast Away??

  222. Hi Gav and all the crew! I’ve been following your progress since the beginning of this awesome adventure and I track the dot on the Net every day. I’m sure now your whole bodies must be so painful but keep rowing as strong as you can, you’re so close now, it’s impressive!
    Sorry for the Scottish yesterday, France is still on the way despite our very, very bad play… just remember the thrashing against the Welsh!
    Stay safe everybody.

  223. Go James & Crew! And enjoy the moment…it’s an experience as well as a record and it’ll be over soon – you’ll miss it!

  224. You may have gathered that Scotland snatched defeat from the jaws of victory against France yesterday, so we are relying on you guys to restore national morale. No pressure!

  225. Hi Paul – Ged thought you should know him and LB caught a reasonable boar on the weekend. Taylor first in on the bail. Nearly as dry down there as it was last year. Ninja wanting to confirm you’re available for docking this year? Keep up the hard work and see you soon xx

  226. Hey Mason and crew, your soooooooooo close, dig deep guys, it’s gonna be close so you need to push it that little bit more, just think of your friends and family waiting at the finish line with ice cold beers with your names on!!! Stay safe and strong xxx

  227. Hiya Gav so sorry the conditions weren’t to good for you. Hope the next 24 hours will be better. You are doing wonders . It must be a relief knowing you are on the home stretch so to speak . Keep the belief all of you . You are always on my mind love you Son Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. X

  228. Hi Gav, hoping we get to speak tomorrow! Can’t believe how close you now are, it’s amazing!! Keep going, you are all doing fab. I love you and can’t wait to see you xxxxxxxx

  229. Good Evening lads, it was great to read all the extra info today, although it would have been even greater to have more good weather in your favour . Friday was terrific but I am still rooting for you to have the adrenalin rush of a consistent high speed day that will live on in your memories . I took some thread and followed the yellow trail with it, then stretched it out and it was amazing to see how much closer you would have been if the winds and tides hadn’t forced you into a curve on 15th…I think it was. You all sound so upbeat and fighting on through the blisters. Everyone continues to be astounded by your resilience. Golden sands and enticing coastal waters lie not too far ahead….

  230. Hi James, Just back from supper with Hector in Bristol – he is great form and sends love. You seem to have done more great mileage today well done all of you keep it up you are nearly there! What a shame Scotland don’t have your stamina!! xx L

  231. James,
    6 Nations. Ireland hammered Italy – lots of emotion and tears as BOD bade farewell to his last game in Ireland. Scotland yet again found new ways to lose a match v France they were winning until the last few minutes. A remarkable display of repeated stupidity – despair!!! Hope the current turns again in your favour for a fair run in. Everyone is rooting for the whole crew.

  232. Goodnight Matthew and you lovely guys, sorry the cross currents are back but you are still doing a fantastic job and continuing to row hard. The end is in sight now and we all are sooooo looking forward to seeing you safe in Barbados.
    Amazing….love mum xxx

  233. Dear James
    You’ll be delighted to know the cricket season in Wandsworth has started. All boys played apart from Archie as he begins next week. So we need you home quickly – have done a ridiculous amount of trips today!
    Just to warn you I haven’t had a chance to fix the car door yet so we are still crawling through the window!
    Ferg has a party tomorrow and the rest of us have Mary’s lunch to look forward to.
    Yesterday’s mileage was amazing – I hope you can keep it up and still have a crack at beating that record. I know what you’re like and you will give it your all.
    Spoke to Dr Rachel about your blisters so know how to treat them when I see you. Could be a week today – yipee!!
    all our love xxxxxxxxx

  234. hi dad
    I had a medico day and it was not bad and not amazing day but ok. I can not wait till you come back!
    love you a lot and lots and lots

  235. Hi DAD,
    i have just played cricket in the nets. Now Richard the cricket coach said that I can play hard ball!!!! It is really good fun and I miss you lots and we have been looking at the moon!!!!!!!
    Love from MAX xxxxxx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (:!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  236. Well – tonight we are in training for Barbados, off to the Rum Shack in St. Ives … thinking of you all, it’s not long now. Keep pulling, lots of love Nev and Els

  237. Hi Dad you are doing AMAZINGLY!!
    Today we won the TORNIMENT!!!
    Then I went to Emanuel to play cricet But we forgot my bat!!
    So we wen;t back to Emanuel
    AGAIN for the 6th time!!!
    I’v also got my thing fore the play! Also the moon is bright and it’s ecxaclly half Lots of love FERGUS

  238. Yaacov, all is good here and we are departing for Barbados in the morning. We can not wait to see you !!!! You are all doing an amazing job out there not long to go now. Love and kisses XXXXXX

  239. Hi Matthew, just read Gemma’s blog…nothing changes then…you just kept going and rowing…as ever, take care son, proud mum xxx

  240. Morning Matthew, sat watching soccer AM with a brew and wishing you were here! Packing your bag for Barbados this afternoon and thinking I can finally decide what you wear…hehe lol…no worries…honest!
    You guys have had a great night seems you have dug deep and the weather is being kind to you, I am in absolute awe at your endurance! keep going at this pace and you will arrive in Barbados in daylight on the 14th march! xxxx

  241. Holy Cow! 92nm in one day at this stage – Fantastic. Someone’s done the Math and what a response! Love James And Netty

  242. Morning crew! You are all doing so well. We can see land at the corner of the map when we look at your position so you are getting closer and closer! Hope the conditions will be in your favour for this last week and you find that extra strength to carry you on to the end in record time. xx

  243. Dear Puggy,
    Now you are into your last week our thoughts have turned to practicalities of arrival, with some misgivings. These arise from prior form with officialdom at borders. It would be awful if forgotten documents and unusual process led, once again, to accusations of espionage and it’s attendant difficulties. How awful to be turned away and asked to return! One can have too much of a good thing and I expect you may feel full. Love, James and Netty

  244. Hi Dad, we had a cake sale on Friday and we are just counting up the money and we round all the school and got lots of money from the teachers!!!!!!
    We are missing you, can you Barbados?
    LOVE FROM MAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) (:

  245. Ol,
    Great pull yesterday just need a few more like that. It was tough here as well! Miles and miles of great snow and warming sunshine, then a hot soak in the tub, chilled wine and fondu, followed by a sound nights rest, probably same again today. Even tougher tomorrow; Sunday sky footie Rovers v Burnley followed by England smashing the Welsh at Twickenham.

    Willing you on Square eyed Dad.

  246. Yo Dad wat is up!!!
    Today I have a hockey match because I m in the A’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You are all most there!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Lots if Love Fergus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  247. Hi Guys, Just tuning in from Melbourne, Australia – we have a long weekend here, temperatures are in mid 30’s and just cracking a NZ wine open. Not sure why an NZ, when we’ve got some really good aussie white right here. I thought I would be energetic later and go for a ride on my bike until I saw your blog and recalibrated my perception of energetic – I’ve put the bike idea away in favour of just sitting here drinking said white, its exhausting just checking out what you are doing. I’m blown away by your dedication and effort and really hope you are all speaking to each other at the other end! I’ll be following to see how it turned out. Keep rowing, enjoy and well done gentlemen [does an aussie air cheers! and a whoop! for effect] Julie

  248. Waw I hope all the conditions are with you tomorrow you are rowing amazingly well . Thank-you Gav and all of you for finding that inner strength you are truly remarkable. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. X

  249. Well Matt, I just might be the last post again …or the first post if I am accurate. I may as well add my delight to all the shouts you’ve had today but it’s getting to-ooo exciting so WE ALL NEED to know what the wind is doing and if good sea conditions are likely/or forecast. Ask control if we can have more on the blog if poss.We’re all on tenterhooks now!! Phenomenal performance!!

  250. Hey Puggy and the crew – an amazing day – 92 nmiles! You’re powering to the finish. Hugely impressive. We’re cheering you on all the way. C&E

  251. What a day, dig deep and keep it going. Willing you on to the end. Much love Fi, Charlie, Nea, Samuel and Conrad

  252. Hi Matt great effort today 92 miles keep up that rate you’ll have the record no problem the beer is on ice when you get home though you will have a few waiting in Barbados keep going hard and be safe see you soon

  253. Wowser…I can feel victory for you guys! what a great day you’ve had, I hope it felt that way for you too.
    Matthew Kerry and everyone is overwhelmed by your achievements both rowing and fundraising, what a great crew your with.
    Keep rowing Matthew, we love you loads.
    Goodnight crew, love mum xxx

  254. Your mileage today was amazing. Joint 2nd best of the whole journey. Well done. The effort is worth it as you near the end. Lucy

  255. James and crew,
    Another big mileage – the afterburner has kicked in – go for it. The “camp followers” are booked and raring to go. We’re all hypnotised with worm watching.

  256. By jingos you guys are amazing. What a huge effort yesterday. You must be able to smell the beer in Barbados! You were missed in the yards yesterday Paul – ninja had to catch his own jumpers. Lamb weighing, drenching and b12ing. See you soon xxx

  257. Just seen latest mileage BRILLIANT!! keep going and in Fiona’s words fantastic!! xxL

  258. Reading back my entry you can see how fantastically tired I am feeling!!! (see below)
    Keep going xxxxx

  259. Dear James
    Fantastic spread of cakes at Belleville today, it was really fantastic and lots of support. We have a busy weekend of tennis, cricket and parties for the boy’s.
    It is fantastic to think that this time next week you may be on land.
    Do hope you have some energy left in the tank and can really dig in for the last stretch – we are all thinking of you constantly.
    all our love xxxxxxxx

  260. hi dad
    i am at Freddie Lewis’s for a sleep over and having a lot of fun!
    i can not wait till you come home.
    lots of love Archie

  261. Sitting on the sofa with a beer feeling seriously lightweight. Acutely aware that you can’t bluff your way across the Atlantic. Full of admiration. We are having whip round to get you a rowing machine for Xmas! Love Al.

  262. james and team,

    i never understood why you want to row the atlantic when you can easly take many flights from heathrow :)))))))) jokes aside…..well done and beat that record!!! otherwise i will have to do it ;) ciao carlo

  263. Hi James and Crew – amazing mileage over last 24 hours – well done keep it up! Celia staying for the weekend so we have had a real drive at the Scottish papers using some of her contacts – the Glasgow Herald seems to nibbling so fingers crossed!! Hope you can keep up the great work lots of love L and C

  264. Hi Gav, hope you and all your mates are keeping well. Last stretch now, keeping going strong to the end. How many fish have you caught? Cheers and see you soon

  265. I’m sure you are feeling the love from Belleville School today. People were amazingly generous. You may very well reach Barbados before we count it all up! xx

  266. Hi Dad, you are blowing my ears off that you have gone so far!!!
    Mr Speller said in cricket club I am doing amazingly and I went against a bowling machine what was really FAST!!! it went at 9 miles an hour!!!!!!!
    love HENRY!!!!

  267. Dad, you are doing amazingly, we’ve got posters by our bed which shows how you are doing really well and a picture of you.
    You’re my hero, keep looking at the moon!!!!!!!!!!!
    Lots of love FERGUS!!!!!!!!!

  268. We follow you marvellous boys daily. Keep it up. Matt, we leave Puerto Morgan Monday, so you wont beat us it seems. Break the record or not, a hell of an achievement and another bit of glory to the history of the Royal Marines. John & Jean

  269. yo blue nose, important news first its a 12.45 out time kick off tomorrow in the cup and i will be cheering them blue boys on for you,carl the copper thinks what you are doing is awesome and a big shout out for those four little lads and their friend the moon,come on my son,lots of love dad

  270. Ollie, Just watached 12 Years a Slave, couldn’t comprehend the horror, cruelty and exploitation, man can inflict on a fellow man, £9 for popcorn and coke!!

  271. Hey, Ollie and crew, I’ve been following your fantastic adventure and just wanted to give you a big shout out from Nashville, Tennessee. Y’all are truly amazing! I know everyone back at the Ship are so proud of you. Take care and be safe! xx

  272. Hi Paul and Crew, well done for latest milage, especially as you must be so tired !
    We’ve all had the noro virus here NASTY !! Heres an engineering joke for you, 3 engineering students where gathered together discussing the possible designer of the human body, first one said it must have been a mechanical engineer just look at all those joints ! another said no it was a electrical engineer,the nervous system has many thousands of electrical connections, and the last said actually it must have been a civil engineer , who else would run a toxic waste pipeline through a recreational area !! take care good luck x

  273. Hi James and crew, Fantastic surge, we are constantly watching your line and willing you on to keep going.
    Chaotic departure of Denis the Menace take 2 this morning and Gangster Granny, Ferg to C&W for a check-up (all fine for now and Ferg managed to talk Dr Fell out of a blood test so that was a relief!) and Archie all to school before 8. Mary helped and M&D in situ which is great.
    Hope you can keep this pace up. Now off to sell cakes for Crewing for Crohn’s at Belleville.
    All our love xxxxxxxxxx

  274. Keep up the pace, you guys are remarkable!!! You are nearly there! We are all holding thumbs for your arrival in record time –
    Very proud of you.

  275. Mike had been an insurance broker for 25 years.

    Finally sick of the stress, he quits his job and buys 50 acres of land in the hills in Tasmania as far from humanity as possible. He sees the postman once a week and gets groceries once a month. Otherwise it’s total peace and quiet.

    After six months or so of almost total isolation, someone knocks on his door. He opens it and a huge, bearded man is standing there.

    ‘Name’s Cliff, your neighbour from forty miles up the road. Having a Christmas party Friday night. Thought you might like to come at about 7:30…’

    ‘Great’, says Mike, ‘after six months out here I’m ready to meet some local folks. Thank you.’

    As Cliff is leaving, he stops. ‘Gotta warn you. Be some drinking.’

    ‘Not a problem’ says Mike. ‘After 25 years in the business, I can drink with the best of ’em’.

    Again, the big man starts to leave and stops. ‘More ‘n’ likely gonna be some fighting’ too.’

    ‘Well, I get along with people, I’ll be all right! … I’ll be there. Thanks again.’

    ‘More’n likely be some wild activity in the bedroom department, too,’

    ‘Now that’s really not a problem’ says Mike, warming to the idea all the more. ‘I’ve been all alone for six months! I’ll definitely be there.. By the way, what should I wear?’

    ‘Don’t much matter. Just gonna be the two of us.

  276. Hi Matt, it doesn’t look far to go on the map !!- Keep rowwing fella, and get home quick. FA Cup quarter final tomorrow then Wemble here we come!

  277. Matt Inglesby

    I had a message from your mum the other day telling me there has been a massive donation taking your total so far to 7 and half grand!! Matt I can’t believe it, I thought it would be the hardest part of the fundraising getting it through the 20s and you’ve totally smashed it!! i was crying when i read the message haha Thank you so so much, we’re well over 30 now. Keep going, everyone is always asking me how you’re getting on so lots of support being sent your way!

    Kerry :))))

  278. Well done Puggy, Keep it up! Your godson Harry is so proud of you. Not too far to go now. If you are tired of rowing you could always lie on the front of the boat and your nose could act as a sail or hang off the back and use it as an extra rudder. Thinking of you often. Love Rowena and the tribe

  279. Christ Puggy that nose of yours must be cutting through the wind as you power your way into the record books. Fantastic effort from all of you….

  280. Wow! you are really going for it now, so proud and pleased for all of you. Keep this up and you will be there in record time!

  281. Message from Scottish Rugby to James – Hi Lucinda, Thanks for getting in touch and it sounds like your brother has a huge challenge on his hands. Hopefully our boys can give him that boost tomorrow!

  282. Great overnight pull at record pace, very well done all…. keep it going! Awesome effort…

  283. keep going you are nearly there. we are longing to see you. all miss you very much. lots of love mary

  284. to yaacov- SHTRAUSS !!!! TEN GAZ !!!! you are my hero ,brother…. admiring you- lena and benny

  285. Message to James-
    What would be your favourite dinner? When you are back in fluffy Clapham we will do a special dinner for you.
    Wendy Rob Matty Sophie and Ella.

  286. Dear Puggy,
    I suppose you are too far south to be accompanied by any migratory friends from the Conon. Nevertheless your journey is as interesting and curiously analogous. Even across the vast ocean you must feel the powerful pull of home and its heart. Close to which lies a bar of silver. lots of love, James and Netty

  287. Hi Matt and mates
    Closing in now, dig deep and row like hell , you can still do it. Just think of the beaches, calypso, rum and rest, enjoy the weather – its still raining here, xx

  288. Good Morning Gav hope you have had a good nights rowing and that today will bring you another productive day well done boys you must all be so tired , but keep your spirits up ,your nearly there .love you Gav Mum xxxxxx X

  289. Keep it going boys row row row!!!
    Ella said come on you can do it .
    We are all so impressed.
    Well done boys,
    Lots of Love a Wendy Rob
    Matty Sophie & Ella

  290. Hi Dad,
    You are doing AMAZINGLY!!
    I really am missing you!!!!!!!!!
    I am also still looking at the moon!!
    Lots of Love FERGUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  291. Hi Yaacov, Savannah and I are now all passported up and looking forward to heading to the sun on Sunday. We can not wait to see you, row, row, row we are waiting with hugs and kisses XXXXX

  292. Olly absolutely magnificent you and the rest are doing out of this world keep it up. Beers still waiting. Massive pull to the finish. AYE

  293. Hi Matthew wot’s occurin ?
    Downhill all the way now sponsors
    Pourin in ,am talking with Hitachi
    Tomorrow .Trouble is if you don’t
    Complete the trip they expect you
    To do the honourable thing !
    City won the league cup couldn’t bear to watch have taped it for you : ) God bless Chris ,

  294. Hello again Matt and the Marauders….you certainly seem like it with your supreme effort today….giving it plenty of attack . I don’t know anything about the character of the sea or tides as you get nearer to land but maybe as the depth decreases it will allow you to go faster…at least I hope so.What fun it would be if you could skim the surface with a bit of speed to give you a thrill to overcome the tiredness on your heroic approach.Surely the odds must finally be in your favour.Summon up the adrenalin! Steel yourselves for, dare we say it, the final few days. Remember Oceanus, the Titan, was not beaten!!

  295. Well done my son on raising over£7000 so far for Kerry! she is absolutely blown away and you have now taken her fund to over £30,000!
    You should feel very proud :-)
    Have a good night guys, we are thinking of you and willing the weather to be kind to you and help you row faster home, love mum xxx

  296. Hi James & crew. You’ve really eaten up the miles today. Well done. Be encouraged by the fact that at last you can think “this time next week…..” Fill in the blank with whatever you long for most & row hard towards it. Hope the elements are with you tonight. Lucy

  297. Yay – looks like the concrete is softening! Awesome effort.
    Kiwi joke for you – what do you call a man with one leg longer than the other? Not even Bro.

  298. Go Gav Go !!!!!!!!!!!!! Hoping now that the conditions are on your side ,it’s getting very exiting for us all now .Love you son and am so proud you are one of “The Great Eight .God Bless you all xxxxx. X

  299. Hi Ollie, just received this message “Trevor Leota‎ …. Oliver Waite
    Hey bro, wishing you all the best for ur row across the Atlantic.I know you can do it.will be cheering u on from canada….go hard my man.x”

  300. hi dad
    I came in as Denis the menace. I did not enter the competition. (it was not very good the costume)
    love from Archie

  301. Yes oli waite

    Keep it up pal u doing great u ginger warrior…love from all do wops x

  302. hi ingo, if you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
    To serve your turn long after they are gone,
    And so hold on when there is nothing in you
    Except the Will which says to them: ‘Hold on!’…..Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
    And—which is more—you’ll be a Man, my son! dad.

  303. Ollie, Keep rowing you hunk of ginger ass. You can do it. Use your shisha smoking lungs to keep going. If the heat gets too much get out the factor 1 million. Neil

  304. Alright Matt
    hope its going well, cant wait for you all to smash this record you bunch of nutters.
    Matt you would of smashed 14.1, it was 11.1…..castro is sooooo lazy
    love ya mate
    hope you have a safe sprint finish
    ps. everton are toss

  305. Just willing you all on to a safe and speedy finish and a new Record. One is very proud to be British.
    K, W & G

  306. James and Crew – it is so exciting watching your progress and seeing how far you have come. I shall be following your progress from Kilverts this weekend and cheering on Scotland when they play France. Not too long now – keep going xx

  307. Hi Matthew, hope the night has been good to you all, grandad wonders if the rowing is too hard why don’t you get out and push, nothing changes eh!
    I can’t believe we are heading into the final week, it’s been sooooo long, hurry up Hun, love mum xxxx

    • What an achievement! We have followed ‘the worm across the Atlantic’; It is fantastic to see you on land. Your families are so proud of you all… Matt Inglesby, just 21 years old and a legend already!Wendy and Lauren x

  308. Hi James – you are nearly off the page, you are doing so well!! Lucky you to receive a message from Henry, he has been quite put out that you haven’t replied to his previous messages so he said very crossly he wasn’t going to do another one until you did!
    Everyone is continuing to help us in so many ways – Roz from Cream Travel is being amazing sorting out Barbados for us. Belleville is preparing for an epic Cake Sale. Ferg has Chelsea & Westminster Hospital appointment with blood tests tomorrow so could be there for hours… Hope we don’t miss the cake sale, Max would be furious!!
    It has been pointed out to me that you may be browner, thinner and possibly blonder than me when I see you next week – lucky I have time to get used to this thought!!
    Keep going, we are with you all the way and thank you for the beautiful flowers.
    All our love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  309. Hi James and crew. I keep checking the blue line and you are racing along! Keep it up – not long to go now and we’re all gunning for you to beat that record. YOU CAN DO IT!! James you have raised so much on your giving page – it’s amazing and we’re all massively impressed by all you efforts.

  310. James,We hope the concrete has abated. You are all doing magnificently ! Keep going. light at the end of he tunnel getting brighter. Love from all the Hensons

  311. Two nuns sat at traffic lights in their car when a bunch of rowdy drunks pulls up alongside.

    “Oi, get your boobs out, you penguins!” shouts one of the drunks.

    The Mother Superior turns to Sister Immaculata, “I don’t think they know who we are – show them your cross”.

    So Sister Immaculata winds down his window and shouts, “Screw off you little b*stards, before I come over and rip your balls off”!

    Sister Immaculata looks back at the Mother Superior and asks “Was that cross enough”?

    One for the cricketers…

    Q. What’s the height of optimism?
    A. English batsman putting on sunscreen.

  312. What an amazing effort – now less than the mileage from London to Skye and no doubt not so much traffic!. Heading to London today to be with James’s home crew preparing for the finishing strait.

  313. Keep pulling on those oars Matty Mason. They are the only things you will be pulling this year you howling bit of equipment.

    Your still my hero though!!
    Love Dave

  314. Hi Paul. Down at the farm. Saw your fan club today – Lucas didn’t believe me when I said how long you’ve been rowing. Heathers birthday today – just had a nice quiet dinner. Chook chook has new babies! You guys are doing so well – hope conditions getting better every day xx

  315. Came home yesterday to find your smiling picture in the local paper (luckily they edited out the little ginger teddy bear). Looking forward to seeing you next week and having a celebratory drink (or 2). You are all amazing, wishing you all lots of love and here’s hope the gods of the sea smile on you for the homeward stretch. Love Mum, Nev and Christian xxxxx

  316. hi dad
    you are nealy there can you see land? if we where at barbadoes we could see you on sure.
    love you with all my hart

  317. hello Dad
    i have to pounds!
    one at Milyes houses, because we had a sleep over there. every one but Archie, because he was at Mary’s. and at Milley’s i did not have my tooth, so I had one pound there and one at home with my tooth. I was lucky.
    lots of love Henery

  318. Morning James – Robert almost needed a lie down after walking dogs yesterday – maybe I should book him on the next Toby Wallace journey! Counting every mile down with you at school and home. Your all amazing. xxL

  319. Dear Puggy,
    Quite fortuitously and with good luck we bumped into Fiona last night at a restaurant in London. Great to see her happy and looking forward to Barbados. Impressive the way you are all stepping up to the challenge of the concrete sea. I wonder if the philosophy of Downey and Burke have added any impetus to your effort? I suppose that without being able to use foresights as a fillip to a flagging mind or an existential proof, you will have other triggers to spur you on. Fiona did say that, as under the aegis of Downey and Burke, your crew is a true team, looking out for each other and generating laughter to lift and carry you across the ocean. Barbados beckons! Love James and Netty

  320. James just had supper with Fi….she is on good form and holding your crew together back home with great gust and grace. She is definitely a remarkable captain of your ship back home, Now come on crew Toby Wallace, you are doing so amazingly… more week of all your strengths to make it home safe and back to your families. We are all sending you strong vibes and know you can all do this. It’s utterly inspiring. Love from the Chalkleys

  321. come on matt and crew nearly there !!!! your still doing amazing , i could nt imagine rowing for 1 day never mind for 30 odd days on the bounce across an osean !!i really dont know how you s are doing it !! its amazing ,good luck and keep it up barbados doesnt look too far on the map now!! matt crossfit has gone downhill since you been away i pulled my back not been able to train for weeks due to bad coaching !hope the weather gets better for you guys widnes is having a heatwave !!it was 9 degree s today! jacko+claire

  322. Dear James/Pug,
    Awesome to hear about your challenge and so impressed. It’s addictive looking at the line across the atlantic. Willing you a speedy and safe journey. Love Bob/Susie xx

  323. Hi Gav Pilsey and modryb gail here willing you on to the finish line, won’t be long now,it must be a good feeling to be able to say you will be on dry land next week, can’t wait to see you,you must have lots of stories to tell lots of love gail & glyn xxx

  324. Dear James, thinking of you constantly – funny evening with the boy’s as they are discussing what to wear for World Book Day. Ferg insisting he is either Cinderella or Snow White, has come home with the wig he used in the Crohn’s video and feeling very comfortable and not in the least fazed bearing in mind he has only been at Northcote for a matter of months! Archie wanted to be Obelix but we are light on costume so Dennis the Menace is his preferred outfit. Thankfully Belleville’s dress up day is Friday so have a day’s grace.
    Just come home from supper out with the girl’s and bumped into James and Netty in The Thai on the Northcote Road. Guess who / what we talked about!! We all can’t wait to have you home and hear from the horse’s mouth.
    Keep going, we will see you next week. Hurray!!!
    all our love xxxxxxxxx

  325. Hi Gav

    I hate to say this, but for once I will admit you were right – wish I’d have listened to you when you told me to stop listening to radio 1 and start listening to radio 2 in the mornings! Gutted I missed the shout out!!

    Love you loads, very very proud xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  326. Hiya Matthew, we are sorted for Barbados next week, leaving on Monday and can’t wait to see you and the rest of the crew.
    Loads of messages asking about you and willing you on from gagey and QDos and faction friends. Kerry greenfield has been in touch and she is absolutely ecstatic by your achievement. Warrington Guardian are running another article on your progress tomorrow so hopefully more support for Kerry will follow…you are an inspiration son and I am dead proud, as always.
    Not long to go now, hold on in there and you’ll soon be taking a warm shower and in a comfy bed :-).
    Goodnight crew, row, row, row,
    Love mum xxx

  327. Yaacov (+ crew),
    So many of us here at Saugatuck ‘PULLING’ for you!
    You are an UBER-AMAZING + EXTRAORDINARY rower !!

  328. Hiya again Matt Mason,so pleased that your mum and Tim are camping out on the beach already. Jacki….if you read this , it seems you have got the record of being there first!…And Tim the twin can stand on the shore and shout,”I got here before you, it was easy! What took you so long Matt?” Hope that famous smile of yours is still twinkling.

  329. Matt , awesome effort – makes our yomp around Yorkshire and the N3P look rather insignificant. Just be thankful Tommy isn’t on board with you. Stay safe.

  330. hi dad
    tomoro I it is world book day and i am going in as Dennis the Menis
    love you

  331. Dad tomerow I am dressing up
    as SINDERELA for werld book day
    Today the moon was so BRIGHT!!
    I’m really missing you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  332. Hi Yaacov, we are all well here. Savannah lost a tooth this morning so the fairy will be visiting tonight. We have again been practicing our dance moves to “We are going to Barbados” a sight to behold:-). Watching the dot and talking about how much we miss you and how amazed we by what you are all out there achieving. Love and Kisses XXXXXXX

  333. hi Simon and crew you are doing fantastic i am following you looks like a great crossing and can’t wait to see you this summer biking remember

  334. Ollie, you are really famous now. Your picture is in the Helston Packet! Harry will need your autograph when you get back. Well done to all the crew, you are all amazing.

  335. Hello. I’ve been following Titan on her Journey towards Barbados. It seems that at the moment they’re on course to beet the record. Both my daughters have Crohns. They manage it very well. Nicola {28} has had the whole of her large intestine removed and Sarah {24} part. They’re very brave and courageous girls. My youngest, the day before a major op, stated that she was going to shop for her stay in hospital. I said books, grapes. something to drink. She said no. Eye liner, Lipstick, Foundation etc. Very proud of them both. I’ll be following your progress to the end. Because of your row across the Atlantic, I’ve increased my Direct Debit to NACC from £15 per year to £120. £10 pounds per month. I wish the crew a safe journey into Barbados.

  336. Jimbo and fellow crewmen – you are all doing a great job. You must have exhausted your little black book of filthy jokes by now, so heaven knows what is keeping you all going – perhaps the thought of smashing that record; or the the thought of seeing your family again. Both worth rowing really hard for. I can tell you, James, that Fiona is even prettier that you remember, and your boys are taller and blonder and noiser that ever. I am, however, going to have a go at them about their spelling…..

    You have one bottle of wine less in your cellar, I have to admit. But it was very good…..

    Magic effort, all of you. F, K, H, A, A, H

  337. Do you know the one about the Family Assembly? That is from HENRY, LOVE YOU LOADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  338. Hi DAD
    I have my…… assembly
    and I am dressed as a soldier
    and we are still looking at the moon

  339. Getting closer and closer James and Crew – wishing and willing you on to the finish, the sun and a cold beer! R2MPx

  340. Morning Matt and crew from sunny Barbados , your doing great just keep rowing can’t wait to see you all mum and tim xxx

  341. Keep going Matt!! :)

    Nearly there now!!

    Irish Leanne asked me last night if you were a good swimmer… I laughed…. ;)

    Hope your socks are still doing their job! x

  342. Obsessed is a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated.

    Good effort Matty Mason. Your my hero!!

  343. C’mon, guys! You’re stronger, getting nearer, now row even harder and faster!! We are all willing you on. Amazing!

  344. Dear James
    Thanks to Suse for the mention on Chris Evans show this morning! All wheels are turning and we are all willing you to keep going, keep strong and we can’t wait till you arrive safely in Barbados.
    Henry is still of the mind-set that if you don’t feel like finishing you can try again once you’ve been home to see them! (I’m not so sure…!)
    Max is promoting the Cake Sale at Belleville which is now adorned with posters (thanks to Michelle) and Max is insisting we make cakes to feed the whole school. Fortunately Lucinda and Mary have been baking so I am hope we have a good turn out and they are not just relying on our offerings!
    Keep going – can’t wait to see you next week!!!
    all our love xxxxxx

  345. Puggy, just spoken to your Fiona, who sounded as lovely as ever, and, with the rest of your five-a-side team, is willing you on towards the finish. I’m also enjoying your boys’ running commentary on this blog – hilarious! Keeping pushing, keep safe and don’t take a wrong turn! Cheers Gorsie, Friz, Sam, Milo & Marnie xx

  346. yo ingo, the achievement is not about being the fastest or the first past the post it is doing what so few have done,which is admired by so many, my son and your worthy crew members and you cox from above toby,dig deep and row like mad,love dad

  347. Hi James – loved the Gabby interview… You sounded unbelievably relaxed and did a great sales pitch!! Going to be quite the celebrity when you get back! Keeping our eyes and ears open on your progress! Keep up the amazing pace and determination ,Sal x

  348. Morning James and all Rowers,
    Also heard the Radio 2 Chris Evans “shout” earlier. Amazing effort – the Williams family are all following your progress with huge admiration. Hope the weather/currents work for you for the rest of the journey to Barbados. All the best, Jerry & Fiona

  349. Dear Puggy,
    been thinking of you and reflecting that the Atlantic is so much bigger than the English Channel and without ships to follow. Only the moon and the stars (and SatNav). And so much more effort! We are in awe and inspired. And love Carol Whittam’s poem. Love J&A

  350. Morning James and Crew – the whole of radio 2’s audience are now rooting for you after Chris Evans gave you a shout out this morning! Hard frost here and beautiful moon shining last night – thinking of you all. lots of love Lucinda

  351. Ol,

    Forgot to mention I am in Champery now and all the Waites are following your journey, willing you all on with admiration.


  352. Hi Oliver,

    Gave up on my blocked message. It was stopped 4 times in various versions.

    Rovers lost 4-0 to Bolton!
    It was -3.9 degree C over night at Benson so we have the opposite weather to you.
    Hope the current changes soon. Its amazing how you can still put the mileage in. Keep pushing you can still do it.


  353. Good Night Gav hope you are ok . You are clocking up the miles now ,it’s so encouraging to see how close you are to land. Love you and am so proud . Keep going you Great Eight love Mum xxxx X

  354. Hi Paul, and rest of crew , what an amazing effort your all making in such trying circumstances , hope the weather and going improves for you really soon !
    Libby forgot to bring her wedding music cd for the actual service , so I was asked to make a mercy dash back to the house for it , made for an interesting day !
    And to end on a joke , why did the scientist put a door knocker on his door ? ………. because he wanted to win the no bell prize !!! Take care of all your bits and bobs nurse Di

  355. Hi James. WOW!! You’ve increased the mileage rowed each day over the last 4 days. That’s brilliant. Maybe all the things that await you at journey’s end are spurring you on. Keep at it, the end really is in sight. Still praying for winds & tides to do their part.

  356. What a great days rowing …89 miles guys!
    We are all planning our trip to greet you into Barbados and we can’t wait to give you a hug…however you smell! :-)
    I hope the night is kind to you all, goodnight Matthew, love mum xxx

  357. Hello Matthew!!!!!
    Hope you are good? And not to bored of rowing yet!!! I have yet to knock you off your top spot for double unders on the board and still not got a muscle up either so I better get a move on or you better slow the pace down!!!haha! Missing your scouseness in the gym. Get back soon, safe and well. Hope the tan and beard is coming along nicely. Keep up the good work ingo!!!!! Lots of love Alix and Margot my new puppy!!!!!!!! She’s so cute!!!!! Xxx

  358. Dear James and crew, your line is amazing and you are doing so well despite the difficult conditions. Just had Katrina & Ferg to stay for the night as their Archie was singing in a competition in the Barbican and in true Macpherson style they won!! Max and Henry had tennis today, Ferg took his letter to school from the Queen and Archie was at Sherborne singing. All on great form but really missing you and we all excited that you are back home this month.
    Keep going,
    all our love xxxxxxxxxxx

  359. Just a bit early posting today Matt but it is very timely …after reading the blog about the unhelpful conditions. Just remember that everything that you do is positive although it is testing your levels of endurance to the max but it won’t be for too long now.Poem here:

    Captain Chalk addresses his Crew:
    The Toby Wallace
    Is our protector
    From the Ocean’s swell;
    His vivacious spirit,
    His eternal flame
    Inside each one of us
    Will dwell.

    So heave upon the oars
    My lads
    And fix your eyes on the stars
    You are on the homeward stretch
    My lads
    And the Challenge will be ours.
    So Row your boat
    And Row your boat
    Across the briny foam.

    Take your strength from the moon
    My lads
    As she waxes,wanes & glimmers
    She marks out time for your days
    My lads
    As you dance to the Ocean’s tune

    This celestial Queen of the night
    Brings coolness to your days
    After hours in the tropical eye
    Of the Sun-King’s burning gaze.
    So Row your boat
    And Row your boat
    Across the briny foam
    While Love
    Like a secret undertow
    Will draw us safely home.

    Now HEAVE upon the oars
    My lads
    Let’s fix our eyes on the stars,
    We are on the homeward stretch
    My lads
    And sweet Victory will be ours!
    Hope you like the rhythm ….thanks for giving me a meaningful theme to write about!

  360. James,
    Your BBC interview was AMAZING. So calm, so upbeat. Although can’t imagine Fiona being impressed that you described gale force winds as “exciting”!

    No less important than the BBC, the Toby Wallace crew are now famously on display all over school as we get ready for Friday’s cake sale.

    Keep up the great work! xx

  361. hi dad
    i went to Sherbon school and and sung in their Abby! and listened to their swing band.
    love you with all my hart.
    lots of love Archie

  362. DAD YOU ARE DOING AMAZINGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am still looking at the moon Dad!!
    I really miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Lots of love FERGUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  363. You’ve had good and wise words from Socrates and St Paul (didn’t the former play football for Brasil?), now heed Horace, 65-8 BC, I’ll spare you the original Latin, “Mix a little foolishness with your serious plans; it’s lovely to be silly at the right moment”….or think Winston Churchill “Never, Never, Never, Never ever give up” …come to think of it, these two sayings sum up all of you in your endeavours. Let’s hope the sea is kinder for your final sprint.

  364. You are all rock stars out there beating down those waves, we are so proud of you and can not wait to see you all ripped, tanned even if a little smelly:-) Row, row, row that boat guys we are all waiting!!!!!

  365. Hi Matt,
    Fantastic to talk to you on Saturday, , especially as we were away and out of e mail contact.
    Happy Birthday again, hope everything is going well. You now need to use your training and drive everyone on to the finish, you can still do it, dig deep!!!! xx

  366. Hi Matthew! see message below from Everton football club….news of your achievements are stretching far and wide…well done blue boy, love mum xxx

  367. Everton @Everton

    We’ve just learned of an Evertonian’s involvement in rowing across the Atlantic. Good luck, Matthew! Lend support at:…

    12:00 PM – 04 Mar 14

  368. hi ingo,wigan beat wakefield 46 24 at the weekend,its arsenal in the cup this weekend early kick off,keep going my son,dad

  369. Come on Jimmy and team – it’s downhill from now on!! INVOLVE are following you all on a daily basis. Just think of all the packets of crisps you won’t feel guilty about eating on your return!! Rock N’ Row. D

  370. A few ‘best caddie comment’ oldies for you to consider as you breeze along….

    Golfer: “I think I am going to drown myself in the lake.”
    Caddie: “Do you think you can keep your head down that long?”

    Golfer: “Do you think my game is improving?”
    Caddie: “Yes sir. You miss the ball much closer now.”

    Golfer: “You’ve got to be the worst caddie in the world!”
    Caddie: “I don’t think so, sir. That would be too much of a coincidence.”

    Golfer: “Please stop checking your watch all the time.”
    Caddie: ” Its not a watch. It’s a compass.”

    Golfer: “This is the worst course I have ever played on.”
    Caddie: ” This isn’t the golf course, Sir; we left that an hour ago”

    Golfer: “That can’t be my ball; its too old.”
    Caddie: “Its been a long time since we teed off, sir.”

  371. Hola Amigo,

    we been watching your progress almost every day, well done brother, keep rowing.

    Satwa Fighting School hahahahaha

  372. Lovely to see Fiona and the boys at Kilverts at the weekend – all in cracking form and SO proud of their dad – you are your family’s No 1 guy and they can hardly wait to see you – not long now. The boys enjoyed all the farm machinery and we had a huge bonfire from fallen trees (that;s one thing you don’t have to contend with!) All good wishes – not far now!
    Angela W

  373. Hi team – great progress, you’ve broken the back of it, downhill all the way now! Hoping you might get a mention tomorrow (Wednesday) on Radio 2 Breakfast show around 7am, can’t be sure but fingers crossed so anyone who can, do listen in. That will give you 10 million more souls willing you on towards those Pina Coladas! Pure grit and determination will get you there … Love Suse and Kit

  374. James

    Just listened to your interview with Gaby……quite the celeb over here! Checked your progress this morning and it’s such great news that you are now in the three figure mark as opposed to the four! Keep on going……we are so amazed at what you are doing and everyone is very proud of you.
    Big kiss from The Plums xxxx

  375. Keep it going – less than 1000 miles to go…counting down with every stroke….

  376. Come on home and share a gelati with us at Oddonos so that we can hear about all the adventures first hand! Well done to the whole team!
    Elizabeth Oddono (07801.381.482)

  377. Puggy, we are in awe at your challenge and astonished at your progress! I imagine from your seat, the Atlantic must feel like eternity, which, as you know, is a very long time, especially towards the end. However, Barbados inexorably draws near! Along with all those luxuries we now take for granted and the love of the astonishing number of people who hold you dear. Love J and A

  378. Have a good day boys those little dots are getting nearer each day so exiting love you Gav xxxxxx. X
    Doing Well The Great Eight …..x

  379. Hi Oliver,

    Strange thing just happened.
    I tried to post message.
    It seems to have been intercepted.
    “Thank you for your comment!. Your comment has been temporary held by our antispam system for moderation.
    Site administration has been notified and will approve your comment after review.

    Do not re-submit your comment!”

    must be GCHQ moitoring my posts and I mentioned R.s..a!!


    Will try previous message again.

  380. Dad you are amazingly!!
    If you ceep on going on that pace
    you will be there in now time!!!
    Lots of FERGUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![email protected]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  381. Simon and crew

    Best of luck with your current attempt, I hope you get the record. Great to see the boat named in Toby’s honour. I know how much he enjoyed the attempt in 2012 and I am sure he is there is spirit. Take care, Stuart

  382. Hi Paul and the rest of the crew. Awesome effort. Hoping conditions start to play the game – nobody ordered concrete! did you hear about the man that went to the doctor with a strawberry on his head? – doctor gave him some creme to put on it! Xxx

  383. Hi Simon & crew
    just back from sunny/very breezy Fuerteventura (did sooo miss the ‘dot-watching!!) – wish could send you the wind & big seas from there, hear you are rowing through difficult seas-hope it improves soon and the speeds pick up again to go get that record, you all so deserve it!keep safe,row strong to the finishing line at Port St Charles, l.y.l. Simon
    Lesley xx

  384. Hi guys, what a wonderful crew you are, each and everyone one of you are receiving such wonderful, warm messages from people who care about you, it feels like you were meant to be together on this special journey across the Atlantic.
    Goodnight Matthew and crew, I hope the night is kind to you! love mum xxx

  385. Hiya Matt, it has been very warm with blue skies today and it seems to have given me a headache so I would just like to wish you well .I bought the mag. Tell James it is a very positive article about his family and particularly nice ones of Fergus.Your mum said she was going to look for you as she flies over. I wonder how many boats and fish and turtles you have seen.
    I will type up the poem tomorrow am. I have decided to call it “Captain Chalk addresses his crew.” ‘Bye!!!

  386. Well done Gravinator! Over half way now, it’s only about 2 inches on an iPhone screen that you’ve got left to go! Can’t wait to hear all about it when you get back. With all that rowing, is it possible that you super gibbon-like arms will have got…even longer?!!! All the best, Dan.

  387. Hi Gav I was so glad to speak with you today , I’ve spoken to Kel and everything is ok , only she would have liked to speak to you longer.I was glad that Matt gave you the message I sent to the Radio . I hope the weather & conditions will help you tomorrow, it must be pretty daunting at times don’t loose heart and try and keep focused on gaining one of your dreams . My heart is with you always . Good night ” Great Eight” love you Mum xxxxxxxxxx. X

  388. I thought of you all this morning when I had a fried egg sandwich on crusty white bread…..Jane asked me if I would like it with some crispy bacon, but I said that I would have that afterwards with the pancakes and maple syrup…….only joking, I had the full English as usual. Geoff x

  389. Dear DAD,
    Today at school i made a ELECTRIC CIRCUIT!!! and it was AMAZING(: You are more than half way!!!!!!!:)
    LOVE FROM MAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!(: :)

  390. You are doing so well! Hamish says that If you hurry up you might make it in time for the cricket World Cup! Thinking of you all so much. Love, the Smarts

  391. Dear James,
    As well as all your other sore bits (don’t want to get too personal!), have you had burning ears – as per the saying, not the sun? We have just spent the weekend in Switzerland with the Drummonds and Varneys where we willed you on with every drink, and that was a lot! We tried to ski as hard as you are rowing and failed. You are the better man! Keep going, keep strong and keep focused. We’re all very proud of you.
    Lots of love, Tor and Johnnie xx

  392. hi dad
    \you are ding very well keep going and if you keep going like that at that pace you will get there tomorow!
    love you
    lots of love Archie

  393. Hi DAD,
    Max and Henry have just made 49 cakes for the Crohn’s & Colitis Bake sale on Friday at school. And lots more people have made cake too!!!
    Moon is bright tonight and we think lots of you and miss you.
    Lots of love MAX and HENRY!!! xxxxxx

  394. Hey guys, amazing progress. Looks like homing beacon is fixed firmly on the beers of Barbados. V nearly two thirds of the way there – fantastic!

  395. Hi DAD
    We are baking cakes for Belleville to raise money for your AMAZING ROWING!!!!
    WE love you and we are looking at the MOON,

  396. Hi Matthew, break the habit of your lifetime and do as your Dad says…row, row, row son, we love you loads, mum xxxx

  397. Hello James and the boys. Amazing effort and you must be counting down the days now! We’re all incredibly proud of what you’re doing. Looked like you were towing a drogue in the video? Obviously going too fast!!
    All the best Ellis Family

  398. hi ingo,our team run out to this tune ,a boxer ring walks to this tune and a atlantic rower rows to this tune,play the music ingo, Z CARS come on you blue boy,love dad

  399. James and crew – am so impressed with what you are doing and wishing you well. There is a bake sale at school for you on Friday – we are all cheering you on! Fiona and the boys must be very proud; we all are. All the Breeden family x

  400. Hope the ‘concrete’ seas give way to much easier passage shortly – hope James is displaying as much energy as his children!! Had a great w/e here – four very enthusiastic tractor drivers & log loaders, and Archie also getting to grips with the digger v well (until a track popped off). Budding pyromaniacs all, but more in support of toasted marshmallows than fire worship I suspect…. everyone in good form and hanging on every word of your chat with Gabby (v good!) …. keep pushing over these last few days….mid-atlantic drift looming beneath you, after that looks mainly downhill to PSC….

  401. Keep at it James. Went on the rowing machine at the weekend and stopped after 7 minutes due to a sore back!! Scotland v France this weekend – kick on!

  402. Hi James, long time no hear. What you are doing is absolutely amazing – good luck! Hope to see you again one day and meet your family.

  403. lovely lunch at kilverts with priors dad bicknells and of course l and r. tried to listen to radio london but could only get radio gloucester. fiona says she can get it on the computer. you are doing so well. keep it up. lots of love mary

  404. Keep up the incredible work James. You’ll soon be back on dry land, contesting Greg’s alpha male bravado. I’ve even heard rumours that the Barbadians are rustling up a feast of marmalade and crisps in your honour!

    Lots of love,


  405. Message to James PRIOR & ocean rowing mates. We now know HOW you POO & feel when “expelling” (without missing a stroke) but nothing about your INPUT (how often, hot or cold, solid or liquid…)
    “Souquez fort” & “Haut les cœurs, les Amis!” as we would say in French – up to your final & victorious destination.
    ( Stich’ s Mum-in-law, in case you’ve forgotten who I am… )

  406. Well done lads – keep it up! Not my scene but WOW! Hope you have remembered to ignore each others’ nasty habits and snaps so that you can still get on. Hope about singing Monty Python’s “always look on the bright side of life”? Want me to send you the words?
    England best the Windies yesterday, just! Battle on and for f***’s sake beat the record!

  407. Hi James and all the guys
    Wow what an amazing start to your day. You are clearly digging very deep. How wonderful to know that the Queen is aware of your awsome journey. Keep going!! Day-Lunn family xxx

  408. Greetings from the “Bonny Banks” where we have sun & a calm loch for once ! We are willing you on to the last lap and reckon you deserve all the Oscars rolled into one ! And James, if you see any Atlantic salmon point them in the direction of the Conon !

  409. yo ingo,city won the micky mouse cup,ricky burns well beaten on points by terrance crawford,you guys are doing great,so proud of you, everyone in the pleasure dome keep asking how you are doing,dad

  410. Hi James, we had such a lovely weekend at Kilverts and seeing your Dad, Whitrows, Mary and Bicknells – I hope you feel the love and that we are all thinking you of you and all your crew mates!! Keep going!!!
    all our love xxxxxx

  411. You are all providing ‘The Wings’ – ‘Prayers’ – courtesy of Dunvegan Church and Holy Trinity St.Andrews – just Keep on Keeping on……….

  412. All you rowers. Now is the time to dig in and dig deep. Whilst thoughts might be turning to cold beers, cool sheets and porcelain, don’t be distracted just yet. There will be time enough for that when you get there. Concentrate on the task at hand, realise your dreams and achieve your goals.

  413. Dad you are doing AMAZINGLY!!!!!
    Im so proud of you DAD!!!
    Dad the Queen wrote back to me!
    Dad you are almost there!!
    Im also still looking at the moon!!!
    Lots of love FERGUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  414. Good night Gav and all you lovely lads, in no time now ( although I expect you won’t feel that yourselves ) you will be tucked into clean warm beds and have to once again be toilet trained or maybe we will all have to have buckets to the ready lol . God Bless . Lv u Gav xxxxxxx. X

  415. James,
    Much enjoyed hearing you talking to Gaby and the world – specially the whoops in the middle – milking the drama!.
    A great gathering at Kilverts today, F and the boys in fine fettle. You’ve failed in their upbringing – they don’t like bread sauce!! Hope the elements turn in your favour and surf you into PSC. We are all wishing and willing you on.

  416. Hiya Matt Mason and the boys! I like being the last to post because ,being nosy, I get the chance to study the posts and look at the stats for the day. I felt tempted to muscle in and join your mum and Tim for breakfast ….as I had nothing in.I saw one of her old classmates from when she was 12 today(bet you didn’t think you’d get a history lesson)….and I was telling her all about you. I haven’t seen or heard any of these radio or tv references,more’s the pity…but I will try to buy the mag that your mum hasn’t had the chance to see. Half the ocean seems to have been tipping out of the sky this evening….Hope you liked the poem from last night. I’ve written another which features the moon for James’ little boys who are probably still stuffed with sausages! I will post it tomorrow .Somebody was wondering the other day about the type of food you are eating…and what you also need is mind food. I am not religious but I really liked that St Paul quote that someone’s friend posted this am. Thinking about you all and supporting your resolve to succeed. I am still wearing the marines’wristband from the Forts. I bet they had a good time on your behalf…was it last night?….The power of the mind and body….is truly awe-inspiring. Millions of good wishes flying up to satellite and across the Maine. Magic!

  417. HI James, great to hear you on the radio this afternoon! We’ve had a lovely weekend which started with Henry’s tooth falling out, the next morning he screamed, “the tooth fairy must be British!” as he discovered a £1; Max a bit put out as his tooth fairy left a Euro earlier in the week!
    And last night as we were all looking at the moon quite late and I suggested we sung the National Anthem and all 4 boys broke in to “Row, row, row you boat…” So you’ve replaced the Queen in our house!
    We are all desperate to see you, just keep going and we are now on the home straits.
    Lucinda and Robert gave us the most wonderful weekend so we are all constantly thinking of you.
    all our love xxxxxx

  418. Hi Yaacov, great speaking with you yesterday. We miss you so much hearing your voice make our day:-) Just got back from having lunch with Tom and Gabby who are also watching the dot and send their regards. I bought a air hockey table so Savannah and I are spending endless hours playing it – lots of fun. You guys are doing an amazing job out there we are all proud of the great effort! Lots of Love Natalie and Savannah XXXX

  419. Hi James & Crew. Sorry to read that it has been tough going the last couple of days but you are doing an amazing feat. You are almost 2/3 of the way now so I am praying for favourable winds & tides to speed you on your way. Surely it is “all downhill” now as you look forward to all the celebrations in Barbados. Have a goodnight rowing/sleeping. Lucy

  420. Hi Matthew! City won 3:1 against Sunderland at Wembley, happy Chris!
    More donations in today for kerry so you’re going to smash your target. Everyone is bursting with pride at your strength and endurance both physically and mentally…you’re a star and we love you….goodnight guys, love mum xxx

  421. Gaaaaav! hope your all doing good, your all doing so well.

    Tried thinking of a joke but they were all inappropriate! I’m sure you can imagine…….Doniol!!!!

    Keep up the good work row row row! X

  422. Superstars ! Hope your having a good day breakfast was very posh at the dunk ! Packed and ready , il look for the boat as we fly over lol keep rowing , il have a cheeky week before you all get there top up the tan ! Radio on in the morning with our Richard ! Your all in a magazine as well but I haven’t seen it , house cleaned in case we get burgled while I’m away ? Well early night midwives at 8 see you all soon row row row jacki xx

  423. Hi James – Loved your chat with Gabby today – we all sat round the computer listening to it – Priors, Whitrows and Bicknells. Wondeful having your gang here, all in great form. Sweet dreams of Gabby!! huge love. xxL

  424. PS matt Ingo, Everton won 1:0 against West Ham and City are about to play Sunderland at Wembley, love mum x

  425. Good afternoon crew, I hope the weather is better for you today.
    Matt Ingo there are lots of messages of support for you from faction friends and QDos they are willing you all the way…you are doing brilliantly son, love you, mum xxx

  426. Morning Ollie, am off to Dubai for a couple of days, but will still be following the dot, dig deep and pull hard, hopefully the current with ease and you can notch up the miles .. lots of love Mum xxx

  427. Puggy, still can’t really believe that you’re past mid-Atlantic and pulling hard and fast for Barbados – just awesome! With your opportunity to soak up the suns rays 24/7 (!), I’m assuming that even the famous Prior peely-wally white ‘t-shirt’ is turning a wee bit brown! Keep going laddie, just focus on that chilled slab of Banks beer waiting for you across the water! Cheers and aw’ de best, aw’ de time, Gorsie xx

  428. Come on Matt I and crew – you are doing so well. Over half way there WOW. We are so proud of you x

  429. Hi James and crew-We are thrilled you have reached half way-Hereford crohns group are cheering you on. Please beware of Russian submarines full of black clad troops. They may have lost their way and want to annex you

  430. Just. Keep. Pulling.
    One stroke at a time, one minute to the next minute. Keep going every minute to the next hour to the next day and on ’til the FINISH!
    Go, go crew but especially Yaacov!

    Downhill – you must SMELL the beer! (or maybe it’s your fragrant crew mates)

  431. Hey Ols,

    We’re in awe of the massive task you guys are undertaking, hope it’s going well and you’re not aching and chaffing too badly! ;-) can’t wait to hear all about it….although the poo bucket….not so much! Keep up the awesome pace and travel safe. Love and safe travels to you all xxx beers soon….. Xx

  432. Inspired by the previous post, I offer the following quotation from St Paul: “one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead, I press on towards the goal” Keep going, guys! Enjoy the boost of many prayers today as churches raise you up…

  433. Well Matthew….the first day of your new year….so what use could your old English teacher be but as a simple research assistant!! Your boat ‘Titan’was so aptly named to symbolise the strength and power of giants who were much bigger than the early gods and then given the augmented status of kindness and bravery in its reincarnation as the ‘Toby Wallace’. People in a hostile primitive world always invoked prayers to the deities so Here is mine for you!
    O son of the sky,
    We call to you….
    Blessed ruler
    Of waters and seas.
    With Earth as your Mother
    We heed you!
    We Men
    Are a different breed.
    But, accepting our Challenge
    As Titans,
    We set out on
    Primordial seas!

    Arise with a new dawn,
    Relight the bold fire
    In our eyes
    And blow with your breath
    To inspire us …
    And grant us a following wind!

  434. Hi James and all the crew, sorry to hear it has been such tough going – your still making amazing progress despite it. We have a house full of little Priors which is wonderful – we put them all to work chopping up trees, bonfires, ditch dredging, digger and tractor driving with a bit of tree climbing for relaxation! All in great form and full of sausages. Starting to plan Fiona’s flights and hotel xxL

  435. Hi Gav

    The night you set off I remember looking at a point in the sea and thinking ‘I wish you were already up to there’ and now you are! Now I just wish you were at the end!

    Keep going as fast as you can because I miss you so much :) xxxxx

  436. What a tough day you’ve had, we are all hoping it gets easier overnight for you guys and tomorrow brings you the right wind and currents. Simon you are doing an outstanding job leading the crew…thank you.
    Goodnight guys, Matthews mum xxx

  437. Hi Gav hope the rowing is getting a lot easier by now . Wishing you all a Good night wether your Rowing or Sleeping . Your all making us so proud of you boys . Love you Gav Mum xxxxxxx. X

  438. Good evening ! Thanks for your call Matt I’ve got everything , going to my dads tommorow and for breakfast with timothy at the dunkenhalgh ! Taking Suzy Ruth wants her , Joel’s been on the phone so think he might be coming to Barbados ? Shelley has the boys ! I’m packed ready very excited il be brown when you all arrive , I’m excited to see and meet you all keep going mrs whittiam I will give him a hug from you xxxxxxx

  439. Happy Birthday Matthew! 25! Flip ey! You’ve certainly spent a few in some interesting places. Maybe you can enter the world records for spending your Birthdays in the most bizzare places. Hope your going good, think of the beaches!

  440. hi dad you are doing very well.
    but this you will not believe!
    I am so happy and can not wait to show you our cross bow
    lots of love with all my heart

  441. Hello all!
    Keep going…it’s definitely count down time!! 10 green bottles sitting on the wall, 9 green bottles….

    We are all thinking of you over here. Much love, Charlotte

  442. Hi Oliver, Simon, Paul, Gavin,
    Matt I, Matt M,
    Yaacov and James

    If you can row mid 90 miles per day in concrete, you will top the 100s in that silkie stuff that’s coming next. Record still there, Must be some serious ingredients in that special food mix. Hope you’re not too dilirious in the heat wave and seeing mermaids…..although that may not be a bad idea. Keep sliding.

    Ol’s dad.

  443. Hey Ollie and crew! Tamsyn has given me regular updates on your progress and so glad to hear how great you guys are coming along! Keep it up! Ol, i hope your happy and healthy and eating well. I was telling Tam how i miss you and how you are my favourite person to rant to. I have had no-one to rant to the past few weeks about exams. Starting to think it is not a coincidence that you are half way across the Atlantic right when they started and should finish the row inshallah right when they end..hmm! So proud of you..Keep up the great work! xxxxxx

  444. Happy birthday Matt , tims on his way home from Vienna ! Golf club tonight , row hard sorry the seas like concrete , keep going superstars every stroke gets you closer xx

  445. Hi Yaacov, I think about you a lot and what an amazing challenge you guys have undertaken. I hope you have been able to use the Zen of rowing endlessly to focus on what is really important to you.
    Your buddy, Ron

  446. Hi Ollie, hope you are not too sore and hot! With every sweep of the oars we are with you. Can’t wait to meet up in Barbados. Love as always Mum xxx

  447. Happy birthday Matt Mason xxx keep rowing hard guys, your nearly there!!! Matt no slacking, we know it’s your birthday but that doesn’t mean you can have a day off! The festival is going really well and the money is still coming in, your still talk of the pub and we’ll party like it’s tour birthday for you tonight!!!!!! Loads of love and stuff from everyone in your favorite pub!!!! Xxx

  448. While walking along the Conon with the dogs this morning all was peaceful and frosty, sun shining, sky blue and Beinn Wyvis white, I thought of you all doing such an amazing challenge. Well done and I hope that your efforts reach your total and more.

  449. Happy Birthday Matt Mason and Tim your Twin, I hope you both have a great day though celebrating in very different ways!
    The other Matts Mum xx

  450. Forgot!!!!!
    Dydd Gwyl Hapus Iawn Gav xxx X

    Happy St David’s Day Boys from sunny Colwyn Bay xxxx

  451. Hi Gav hope you are ok bet you are all tired by now . You are all doing so well your on the home stretch now ,cant wait for you to get home and hear your laughter again love you Mum xxxxxxx. X

  452. hi dad
    you are doing great and you can be
    pleased with your self and that you are nealy there. i looked at the moon last night in mary’s house.
    lots of love Archie and Mary

  453. Hiya matt, happy birthday, wrote you a quick Poem to keep u motivated! Have a great day and I’ll drink your share of the beers don’t worry, you just keep rowing, X

    Matt it’s your birthday, your 25 today, with each pull off that oar you pull further away.

    Your all doing great, everyone’s really proud, and when you arrive in Barbados there will be a massive crowd.

    Everyone will be clapping and mum will be in tears, whilst Tim hands over some nice cold beers.

    Keep rowing hard and I’ll see you real soon, I’m already dreading your next adventure which will probarly involve the moon.

    Love Joel, Shelley and lads x

  454. Get a grip Puggy, you’ve just lost 3 nil at table tennis and missed some classic bone fishing off Cape Verde. Douglas miller suggests you turn round and give us a full report. Regards from the Edenwood birthday bash.

  455. Good to hear it’s your birthday Matthew”Happy Birthday to You!!!”and also to twin Tim who will no doubt be scanning your messages and thinking of you.If twins have psychic links, perhaps if he can think really hard when he’s drinking YOUR birthday beer then he’ll be able to transmit those delicious, cool sensations!!!
    Now for being so mean I’ll just have to buy you a couple next time I see you. I look forward to that! Your mum sounds like she’s getting so excited at the prospect of coming to meet you. (Give him a big hug from me Jacki!)
    I gave your details to Haroon at the Baltistan this week so he’s also ‘watching’ you. So many people collectively wishing you all well, such a massive group hug projected across the ocean.Birthday hugs all round xx

  456. Hi Matthew, home from London and back on line proper. Your gofundme for Kerry’s ReWalk is storming…over two thirds of your target achieved now and still climbing…well done son xxx
    Goodnight crew, I hope it’s a good one, love mum xxx

  457. Well done guys! Good going.

    P.S. When you’re done can you row the boat back please? Thanks:-D

  458. Best wishes from everyone at Aberdeen: we are all rooting for you. Fabulous to see the Toby Wallace making such great progress, two years after Toby was out there enjoying the best holiday he ever had, as he described it! Godspeed gentlemen.

  459. Hi Matt Happy birthday hope you have as good a day as possible without any beer. We will have one or two for you. There will be plenty in Barbados for you and some at home on your return. Keep motivated and row hard you have the power and strength to get there. Keep safe everyone ang keep going.

  460. Yaacov, Savannah is busy with the tattoos designs so brace yourself for kittens and flying fish :-) Love and miss you XXXX

  461. Yaacov and Crew, another great day of rowing guys keep that great team work. See you all soon.

  462. Matt , loved speaking to you today your all superstars ! Finished work now for 2 weeks yes ! The soilder with half a leg came in today and put £20 in the pot everybody at the shop was emotional today and wish you all well ( think there sad I’m going ha ha ) you’ve raised 7,000 adding up in my head just seen darceys and there’s a do at forts for you tonight raising money keep going see you all soon it’s freezing here ice on car windows everything ! God bless to you all xxxxxxxxxxx

  463. Keep up the GREAT work guys! Looking good and rowing strong. Over half way Oliver, Everyone at At-Your-pace is rooting for you.

    All the best At-You-Pace :)

  464. Bl*ody fantastic effort. Hope you are catching a few fish along the way…. May your forearms come to the fore!! lol

  465. James – over half way now, many congrats. Hope your nose is not getting too sun-burnt? At least it will keep your chin in the shade! Keep going lad. Love from all.

  466. Hi James, Fiona has told you that you are all in Woman Magazine… But omitted to say she’s still not wearing very much in photo. The lengths you two will go to in order to get attention for Crohns is astonishing and seems to be working brilliantly.
    Hurry home.
    The Bicknells.

  467. Yaacov you guys are amazing.. more than half way with good time! incredibly
    inspiring !! Helen and Chris xx

  468. James – Hope there’s at least a light cooling breeze as you swelter on…..your overall average speed is slowly nudging up – seems that now ‘only’ some 0.11nm/hr needs to to be clawed back over the rest of the trip (12days?), so still going very well…and highly possible with you all getting lighter each day……
    Greatly looking forward to seeing your gang this weekend…..several fallen trees to cut up/bonfire and all that child labour…..can’t wait!
    Keep it going…’ll never drift on the Conon again

    PS – presumably your suits wont fit you now either? ;-)

  469. Well Done everyone one the Toby Wallace, the dot is nearer to Barbados every morning , keep rowing hard for those charities.
    Matt Mason have a FAB birthday Mar 1st and have a double celebration when you break the record in Barbados!!
    Grandma and Uncle Nod send Birthday wishes too.
    Love Auntie E

  470. Just found the blog… sounds like you are all doing really well and over half way there, slightly worried that you will go faster as you are all much lighter…. we are thinking of you all much love Katie, Johnny, Rory, Alice and Eleanor

  471. Hi James and everyone,
    We’ve been keeping track of your progress and we are all so impressed! Not long to go now… Hope you are not too sore!
    Fiona is doing a great job keeping everything together at home. She deserves a HUGE present on your return!
    Lots of love from the Boulsien Bunch xx

  472. James + crew, Fantastic progress, truly in awe of your achievement thus far, thinking of you and keeping fingers crossed for that record!

  473. Two jokes to help keep moral high.
    1) Jokes about white sugar are rare, but jokes about brown sugar Demerara.
    2) why did the hipster burn his tongue?? Because he drank his coffee before it was cool.
    Keeping going guys you are doing a great job and keep it up!

  474. Keep going James and crew. You are doing brilliantly – we are with Lucinda for the weekend and we will all be thinking of you and willing you to keep going.
    all our love xxxxx

  475. James and the guys. The enormity of the challenge you are undertaking is hard to comprehend. But, breaking that down to what you have to do to achieve that is even more inspiring. Rowing day in day out, night in, night out with little reprieve and doing relentlessly is awesome. The fact that you are doing it for so many worthy causes and different reasons unites you in the common endeavour. Row your hearts out and make the effort even more worthwhile. As Shakleton said: “Superhuman effort isn’t worth a damn unless it achieves results”. Regardless of when you arrive you will have achieved so much. To have a record will be the icing on the cake! You are all superhuman!

  476. I always thought that “when the going gets tough the tough go shopping”! maybe that will have to wait till you buy some new swimwear in Barbados!! Well down all of you keep going. xxL

  477. Great to get over the hump and go hard downhill to the finish. You may have to switch on the afterburners to catch the ODI and T20 series – England v WI ( WI ?? hope its the Womens Institute not the Windies – they might win!!) who leave Barbados for Antigua on 10th March.
    Every one here watching and wishing you well. Remember the Greenland Proverb …”When you have gone so far that you can’t manage one more step, then you’ve gone just half the distance that you’re capable of”…I’m not sure whether that’s very helpful!!!

  478. Hi Paul,im going to Libby Daniels wedding at Hatherley manor today, shes been throwing up with a ? Bug for last week and not stopped yet, so will be interesting, poor thing ! hope she can make it through her vows !! Well done everybody for passing the halfway mark, your Oarsome !! Di x

  479. ingo,when the going gets TOUGH,the ingo keeps going and rowing,come on my son,love dad

  480. Ella and I having a look at your fantastic progress.Great to see the dot! getting nearer to Barbados !! Keep it up boys -doing so well.
    Wendy & family X

  481. Paul and crew. Yippeee – over the halfway mark now – that must feel pretty good!
    What do you call a psychic midget who has escaped from prison?
    A small medium at large
    Keep up the amazing effort

  482. Yaacov and crew, so proud of all of you. Over half way there, keep it up the cold beers will be waiting. Lots of Love Natalie and Savannah XXXX

  483. You all may be guessing as are we…..but have Donald and Ann revealed themselves as the true ‘Gladys’?
    We’re all waving and yelling our support across land and ocean….and how sweet to think of the lovely boys looking at the moon all the time.I hope you can see it smiling and winking now boys!!!
    Thinking of family buying their flight tickets must be very emotional. Loved Dave Anderson’s quote from Socrates… Make sure you get your bodies beautiful(blisters and all )photographed when you leap like bronzed gazelles ashore. …. Families and friends BURSTING with pride and admiration looking on!

  484. Hi James. Over halfway AND promoted to I.C LATRINES….. A stonkingly good achievement! Keep it up, everyone very proud of you. Will be listening on Sunday. Have put a date in the diary to see all the Prior family at the end of April not withstanding your various media commitments!
    Loving the blogs & so wonderful to hear of all the boys’ sporting achievements via the messages! Love from us all…. The Williams Family xxxx

  485. Goodnight Matthew and crew, great rowing today, over half way now. What a tremendous effort that is paying off. Flights booked for us all to welcome you onto terra firma… I can’t wait to see you all, row, row, row, love you Matthew, mum xxx

  486. Formidable progress James! We are humbled by your strength. Keep up the amazing work. Jim, Nadine and kids xxxx

  487. Hello it’s freezing here ! But I know your hot , keep rowing Matt Ruth and gramps are following now I’m going Sunday so I will show them again , everybody at work is asking about you and my last day is tommorow then the staff take over yeeeeeee , go go go do your best ! Xxxxxx mum x

  488. Dear James
    Survived Parent’s Night – all boys performing as they should, more talk of cricket than spelling…. seems to be a re-occurring theme!
    Boys in bed and this time not only a glass of wine poured for me but tea-lights too…… and a table setting for 1!
    Thrilled to hear from you today and delighted that you are officially half way across.
    Keep going and aiming for that time.
    all our love Manchuria Road Restaurant xxxxxxxx

  489. Hi James and crew, looks a bit warm again today, thinking of you all so much and hope for everyone’s sake James managed a foot wash in the rain?! All rooting for you here and looking forward to the Prior gang staying this weekend. xxL

  490. Hi James,
    Just seen how well you and the crew have been doing. Keep it up! Half way there!
    Love Emily x

  491. James & crew,
    Your website is on display at Belleville School so you know have the extra support of 700+ students tracking the yellow dot. And as its Parents Night, I’m sure lot of admiring mums & dads will be watching too. xx

  492. Heave Ho ! You are an awesome team
    Of oarsmen brave and bold
    The many miles you row each day
    By satellite are told.

    At home we wait with bated breath
    To learn the latest score
    You’re winning through, you’re rowing hard
    We cannot ask for more.

    We’re praying hard for wind & waves
    To aid you on your way
    Just think ! When land you see
    O ! Happy , halcyon day !

  493. Hi Paul, by my reckoning you’ve already rowed the equivalent of 8 coast to coast walks – just another 8 to go then! Good luck with fixing the speed recorder.

  494. Good morning crew and Matthew, another great night in terms of rowing, well done.
    I’m at the Florence Nightingale conference in London surrounded by nurses and guessing you could do with a few to tend your aching limbs and open wounds at the moment :-))
    I hope the weather is good for you all today, keep rowing guys, love mum x

  495. hi ingo, dont take mums advice about rowing your socks off if you have them covering your privates,keep going mate, you are doing great,love you dad

  496. Dear James,
    Great to know that you are over the half way mark! Double page spread in Women magazine just out on sale – I will keep you a copy!
    We are all missing you so much but delighted with all you and the crew are doing. Keep at it!!
    all our love xxxxxxxx

  497. James – rumour has it you’re becoming tanned, slim, trim, fit and bearded…..slightly worried we wont recognise you!….Very well done all so far (directionally perfect yesterday), keep it going…..

    PS – can I have your trousers given they wont fit you any more?

  498. James and crew – we can’t believe how well you are all doing – you really can begin to smell those rum punches. You will be needing to dig deep at this point I am sure but just remember ‘tough times never last, but tough people do!’. xx

  499. No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.

    Good effort Matt Mason. Hope you haven’t had a change of heart about doing the row. #prettyscrewedifyouhave

  500. Hi Gav hope you have had a good night you are on the home stretch now , hope your day is a happy one love you son Mum xxxxx

  501. Hi Matt and crew, still looking good, just dig in and keep going – you keep saying pain and fatigue is all in the mind.
    Superb effort so far. – All heros, xx

  502. Hi from RJL tutor group.
    Thursday morning with the progress projected on whiteboard. Keep going. No minuses for the Prior boys! No pain no game!
    From FL, JW, NR, SB, MW, AP, FP and RJL

  503. Morning Ollie, Hope you are not sufferring too much with the heat – hopefully after Dubai you must be used to it! Now start to dig deep and row hard as our flights are booked. Love Nev and Els xxx

  504. HI DAD!!
    your nearly 1 class!!!and nearly there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    love from HENRY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  505. Dad your AMAZING!!!!
    You are going so fast!!!!!!!!
    Im still looking!!!!!!!!!
    I really miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LOT OF LOVE FERGUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  506. Hi Paul. Thought you might be interested to hear spoke to Stealth yesterday. He is never ever ever ever ever drinking red wine again! A good night apparently not so flash the next day! They’re all cheering you on from that neck of the woods. Cant wait to see you – booked flights today xxx

  507. Hi daddy, I love you so much and mummy and I are so excited that you are doing this. We both miss you a lot but it is worth it for this is what you want to do and this your journey and dream so go persue it. I can’t wait to see you in Barbados! I’m so proud of you and I’m extremely proud that I can call you my father. GAZILLIONS of LOVE Savannah :-)

  508. Hi Matthew, away with work in London…so sitting in a hotel room struggling to sleep and looking at a yellow dot…and thinking wow there are some very special guys in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean rowing their socks off and tons of people here in the UK and beyond willing you all on, how amazing. Please keep rowing hard because we can’t wait to see you all . Goodnight crew and Matthew! love mum xxxx

  509. Psychologically powerful position,pulling,pushing,ploughing onwards…..singing,”Oh!I’m going to Barbados…..” The last phase, tired but exhilarated,driving on with superhuman strength…..Hope you get a little help from friendly,shower filled winds then you can all have a nice little wash like Matthew did before you meet your families…..and what a funny poem which encapsulates so many aspects of the challenge. Well done Gladys ,you sound quite a ‘girl’! A great keepsake for the crew. Best wishes as ever Matt M and all your marvellous crewmates.Who will be first to catch sight of land?What joy that will be! Carol W

  510. Hi Gav so you have had showers fitted on the boat at least one of you smell sweet ha ha . Things are ok here the weather not to bad love you loads , hope you are well looking forward to your return home love Mum xxxxxx X

  511. James,
    It looks as if the wind and wave pattern are swinging to your favour tonight and into the next week and possibly a bit cooler – so good news and the chance of clocking up the daily centuries again. You are all doing great work. George Lilley says he didn’t know you could row like this – praise indeed!

  512. SpeakFriday superstars ! At zonyas with the old ladies Having there shampoo and sets , Exciting your all doing great Matt I can’t find your trainers ! The boxes around holly tree are full go go go don’t forget to look for the whales when your coming into Barbados xxxx

  513. Hi Yaacov, glad to hear you guys are getting a little rain to cool you off. Difficult to get a workout done at the gym at present as everyone in the club has been asking after you :-) I am sure you will need to tell the story many times when you get back. All good here other wise we are all just missing you. Savannah has decided we can just rent her bedroom out as she has permanently moved in with me since you have been gone:-) Love you lots and keep up the great rowing we are can’t wait to see you.

  514. Dad you are doing AMAZINGLY!!!!!
    Im really proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE YOU!!!
    I’m still looking at the moon!!!!!!!!!!
    Lots of LOVE FERGUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  515. hi dad
    I am looking at the moon and can not wait till you come back.
    maybe we could go and play some hockey.

  516. hi uncle James,
    go go go u are doing so well. i am so proud to have a great uncle like u!!! all my friends want to know how u are doing.
    Lots and Lots of love

  517. Keep up the good work, TW Crew. I’m sure Toby is giving you a good push from his side. Best, Kevin

  518. Hey Mason! You’re doing brilliantly! Following your progress on this, so impressed! Glad you got a wash, bet you were needing it ;-) did the skydive over Queenstown yesterday, best thing ever! Photos are hilarious! You’ll definitely have to do it, after this though it’ll be a walk in the park for you! Keep going, you’re doing so well – You can break this record!! Jb xx

    P.s kiwi’s can’t understand me any better than aussies!

  519. Hi James. I have been watching your progress with awe since Robert gave me the internet info. You are all doing brilliantly. With every pull of the oar think of all the wonderful things your various charities will be able to do due to your efforts & be mightily encouraged.It’s nearer to go on than go back now so keep going. Lucy

  520. Warning, some really awful jokes coming up:

    What do you get if you cross a cat and a ghost? A scaredy cat

    What happened when the lion ate the clown? He felt funny!!

    Which side of a chicken has the most feathers?
    (The outside!)

    What do you call cattle with a sense of humor?
    (Laughing stock!)

    What’s a good job for an octopus?
    (The army!)

    Keep rowing people – keep rowing x

  521. Hey Matt (and the rest of the crew!)
    Halfway there! Been following your progress everyday!
    You’re all smashing it, just keep rowing!
    All supporting you and missing you back here at QDos :)
    Really proud, can’t wait to hear all about it :)

  522. Hi DAD we are about have are chanter lesson!!!! i am missing you a lot hope are all right

    love from MAXIMILAN (:!!!!!!!!!!!!

  523. Was so good to talk to you the other day Ollie, glad you’re enjoying it! Can’t believe you guys are nearly half way- keep up the good work! Lots of love, Tamsyn x

  524. hi james and team
    watching your progress and cant believe you are doing so well, truly remarkable and inspiring. sending you so much love and positive thoughts. big hugs from the allertons

  525. Ode to a transAtlantic rowing crossing by the crew of the Toby Wallace – 2014

    If an adventurer true you’d be, listen carefully to me
    Of a daring tale to cross the sea
    A record attempt (no breathless pauses),
    Plus raising funds for worthy causes

    Rowing in fours, an eight man crew
    Some ‘Old’ Sea Dogs and some ‘brand New’
    Some dressed, some naked, some half-clad,
    A hat, a shirt…… a loose gonad

    Initial smiles and bantered wit
    Is reinforced by steely grit
    The challenge underway at last
    The mal-de-mer now mainly passed

    Ploughing on with chests a-heaving
    Through the briny, waves a-cleaving
    Dry mouth and tongue, and thighs both burning
    But nare a thought of homewards turning

    Grizzled hair, and sun-kissed torsos
    Salty skin, cracked lips and more so
    Stormy weather, winds a-blowing
    Westwards heading, onwards going

    Heaving lungs and straining arms
    Sweaty feet and callused palms
    Blisters bursting, red and sore,
    Splinters gained, bare skin rubbed raw

    Imagination runs amok
    How fares the rowing virgin Jock?
    Setting off from Puerto Morgan
    His main concern……a sunburnt organ

    With leathern cheeks, and reddened crack,
    Sunburnt face, and salty sack,
    With ‘seventh sock’ the hopeful ‘boy’
    Tries to safeguard his pride and joy

    Night stars above, dark depths below
    How much more? How far to go?
    Onwards, braving sun, wind & rain
    Row men, row – no pain no gain

    So Captain Simon, Gav and Paul,
    And Matt, and Matt, and Yaacov tall
    And James, and Oli …………..You’re Heroes all!
    You make us proud, (the boat’s so small!)

    On! On! you Heroes, halfway there
    Barbados looms, the weather’s fair,
    Loved ones await, you’re in their prayers
    Crack on, stay safe, Godspeed, take care….

  526. That little yellow dot over the ocean is making mighty progress on the map – great work guys x

  527. Hi James
    All well with us – Archie has a hockey match this afternoon, Max has tennis and all the boys have a chanter lesson after school.
    So all coping really well – although slightly concerned when the boys sneaked downstairs last night and poured me a glass of wine, with a note saying “Mum drink this”.
    Keep at it, we are watching and willing you on at all times.
    All our love xxxxxxxx

  528. hi ingo,the things people do to get a suntan!!! united lost 2 0 in chumps league last night moyes secret agent!

  529. Morning superstars ! The fish was a bream ! It’s soooo hot for you all we can see Barbados on the other side of the map were all following hope it cools down row row row xxxx

  530. Hi Paul, meant to say good luck with repairing the speed instrument, I know you can do it, you can fix anything YES HE CAN !!

  531. Hi Paul and rest of crew, sorry to hear its so hot, must make it so much harder ! But it will all be worth it in the end ! Also do you know which bus has crossed the Atlantic ocean ? Christopher ColumBUS tee hee . now for CODS sake get rowing . Di

  532. today we have chanter. We miss you so much and remeber to look at the moon tonight and remember the phrase INFINITY & BEYOND!!!!!!
    love from MAX AND HENRY!!!!!

  533. Hi Matt, I believe its really hot & sunny at the mo, I’m jealous of the weather , but definitely not the rowing. I’ve just come off nights & going to get some shut eye. You are still doing amazing, and nearly half way there .Fantastic .Love Jan & Ray.

  534. Morning James and Crew, Thinking of you in the heat as I wake up to a frost in Wiltshire – keep thinking chilly thoughts – polar bears, ice cubes in gin and James, all those freezing houses you have stayed in in Scotland! Keep it going you are doing brilliantly. lots of love L

  535. Dad you are doing AMAZINGLY!!!!!
    To day I’v got karate!!!!
    The moon still ther!!!
    Lots of love FERGUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  536. Good night Gav thinking of you constantly and so proud .you are all doing so well hope the night is kind to you . God Bless xxxxxx. X

  537. Must have been a real toughie today and yet you all still row 93 miles…proud doesn’t describe how we all feel, goodnight crew, love you Matthew , mum xxx

  538. Hiya Matthew . Hope you’re getting enough sleep and not too hot? Neither of the blues are exactly outstanding at the moment but at least we play in the league cup final on this weekend .you were really unlucky
    Against Chelsea but there is still time for Everton to come good .
    We are all so proud of you and everybody at work is tracking the progress .God bless Chris .

  539. Hi Gav, today must have been super tough in that heat, hope you covered up, I know how delicate you are in the sun ;P

    Love you loads xxxxx
    P.s. I think sorting out your blisters is a job only a Mum could do :) xxx

  540. Half way there-congratulations and envy…What a blast! Your family and your friends are immensely proud of you!!!!!!

  541. James, fabulous speed and distance covered. I imagine the heat must be hard to deal with – hope that hat is working.
    We are all missing you but as ever proud of what you are achieving. Keep going, all our love xxxxx

  542. Hi Matt and crew following your progress with immense interest. Keep on going for it your
    doing great. Think you can swim the channel next if your upto it. Keep up the effort well done everyone

  543. Hi Matt & Crew.

    I can’t believe your over half way through! Well done. I don’t now how you’re all managing in that heat I got back from Egypt yesterday & it was 30c & I struggled with that – you’re all hero’s. Immensely proud of you Matt Inglesby.
    Keep rowing guys!

  544. Matt someone’s been smacked around the face with a bream fish in asda Accrington it’s been all over the news ha ha ha , baking heat today first time I will have seen you with a better tan than me remember India ! O my god ha ha white as a ghost see you soon your all amazing and an inspiration your strength is truly brilliant ps I’ve cleaned your room ! Xxxxxxx

  545. Hi Yaacov and crew

    How amazing your half way!!
    Keep up the hard work !
    (Paul said don’t cough up any fur balls lol)
    Can’t wait to see you and hear all your stories
    all our love The Ostle family xxxxxxx

  546. hi dad
    you are doing very well and I can not wait till you come back!
    we could banana biking Archie

  547. Amazing start to the day. Keep up the fantastic work. Cant wait to see the total for the day. You guys totally rock xxx

  548. James, you wanted a joke? Only got odds of 5/2 on Scotland beating France this Sat. You win either way – winnings or stake will be donated! C’mon Scotland!!!! Yours, Luke, Emma, Jasper, Felix and Barnaby

  549. Dad I had crosscuntry today!!!!!!!!!
    I came second!!!
    I was terable!!!
    Lots of love!!
    You are doing AMAZINGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  550. Well done Mason and the rest of the crew. Extremely proud of your achievement so far. Nearly half way there and well on track. Dig deep lads and stay strong. Steve and Jude

  551. Oliver + crew
    Oceanus Rowing STATS @ noon today
    Time 25th Feb 2014 @ 12:00:06 UTC
    Lat / Lng 18° 48.47N, 034° 51.92W
    COG / SOG 262° @ 3.6 knots
    Temperature 46°C
    Altitude 10m

    This is 0.4degreeC off being the hottest place on earth today. 118.8degreeF !!!!!!!!!

    Adelaide is the hottest city on Earth today.
    The temperature in Roseworthy, north of Adelaide, hit 46.4C at 1.58pm.
    Adelaide has now recorded three consecutive days above 43.5C for the first time.

    Seriously take care you guys.

  552. Hi Oliver + crew.
    Sounds tough going in that relentless sun, but you are up to it and have the resilience. Good for the tan and weight loss. Hailstone shower here.

    Nearly half way and still on target. Keep straight and average 98miles a day and the record is yours.

    Love dad.

    ps Rovers beat Reading 1-0 @ the Madjeski

  553. Keep going Puggy, rather a lot of dads feeling a bit exposed.. somehow an hours tennis doesn’t quite cut it when compared with your feats. You’re doing brilliantly; keep going and look forward to rum punch when you get there.
    love charles and juliet

  554. Hi James, back at school today – all the children dying to see how far you have got during half term, lots of “are they still going Miss”!! Everyone SO impressed and thinking of you all the time. xxL

  555. hi ingo,wigan warriors got beat 36 14 down under by sydney roosters in world challenge cup,jimmy said hello..i am full of pride in what you are doing,keep goin lar…dad

  556. Hi James

    I can scarcely believe what you’re doing and am full of admiration! I thought this news story might raise a chuckle: “Police Raid in Hillbrow, Johannesburg, South Africa. Gauteng Police just announced the discovery of an arms cache of 200 semi-automatic rifles with 250,000 rounds of ammunition, 10 anti-tank missiles, 4 grenade launchers, 2 tons of heroin, R80 million in forged South African banknotes and 25 trafficked prostitutes, all in a block of flats behind the Hillbrow Public Library.

    Local residents were stunned. A community spokesman said: “We’re shocked. We never knew we had a library”.

  557. Solidarity with the rowers as we are now back on Skye with the white horses on the waves tossing outside our window. BUT we are not facing quite the same rigours of the open sea. A cloud burst has washed away part of our driveway!

  558. Morning Matthew and crew, I hear you are all very sore but still rowing on, I would like to say take it easy and give yourselves a rest but I wouldn’t mean it…we need you to keep rowing hard so you take the record and we get to see you sooner :-)
    Look after yourselves and each other, love Mum x

  559. just taken archie and fergus to school. everyone talking about you and full of admiration. keep it up’ lots of love mary

  560. Morning James! Today’s offering “Two snowmen are standing next to each other in a yard.
    One says to the other, “Funny, I smell carrots too.” ”
    On our boat we played a game as the miles to go dropped below 2000 on the display – trying to name events that happened in that year, or indeed fictional inventions that year… v good for your history. Great progress, bet those tans are looking good! S&K xxx

  561. Hello James,
    Looks like you are all doing brilliantly and must be good to know that you are nearly half way there! Emily

  562. Good Morning Gav and the rest of the crew hope your night wasn’t to difficult and your day will be good lots of love Mum xxxxxx. X

  563. james, Chalky, Paul and the boys. Here is one for you “Good character is not given. We have to build it by thought, choice, courage
    and determination.” Mahatma Gandhi. Now stop reading and Row!!

  564. James, fantastic mileage again yesterday. I hope you are all managing to cope with the pain of blisters and discomfort – thinking of you constantly and just remember why we set out on this journey.
    All our love home team xxxxxx

  565. Ollie and the Crew. You are doing a fantastic job. Keep going as Harry needs to go on the beach with you soon! have fun x

  566. Hi Paul and the rest of the crew! Well done with progess so far. Keep going and dig deep. You can do it! Wish you could send some sunshine to us.

  567. (Yaacov) ”Desire is the key to motivation, but it’s the determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal – a commitment to excellence – that will enable you to attain the success you seek.” Racing driver, Mario Andretti.

    Hi dad congrats, today is the half way mark!!! Fantastic team work!! Mom, carole, daph, den and all the family this side send their love and encouragements. Keep up the strength. remember only 10% is physical, the rest is mental and spiritual. You are the most determined man i have ever come across. lots of love tash

  568. Hiya Gav .listened to Matt on the radio this morning . It seems we will all be busy with the blister cream when you all get back ,I reckon Kelly will be glad of that job (ha). You are making such wonderfull progress Well Done ! I feel guilty going to bed to sleep whilst you are busy raising money for such worthy causes good night all Love you Gav xxxxx. X

  569. Hello Matt Mason….you have still got the strength and resilience of youth on your side….(I was 61yesterday…argh!!)….and of course the determination driven by camaraderie. Some R&R will be blissful on your return, in between being a local celeb and having a few well-earned drinks with family and friends…and probably giving more interviews. On behalf of everyone tuning in,I would like to express my admiration and thanks to Simon and Paul for all their hard work harnessing and honing all your skills, producing such a consistent team . We all eagerly await the next instalments….maybe some of your bravery will rub off on us!!

  570. Hi Yaacov, we had a great dinner with Bart and Liz last night and of course Savannah feel in love with the 3 dogs:-) You have been making such good progress that Savannah and I have been practicing our Barbadians dancing ready for our trip to the sun. So we hope you are getting some practice in on the boat between rows. Love and Miss you lots XXXXXXXX

  571. Night night Gav, 2 weeks in now! Missing you loads and can’t wait until you’re home.
    Love you xxxxxxx
    P.s. That certain someone my mum mentioned was me, NOT my Dad xxxxx

  572. Goodnight Matthew and crew, another great day. You must all be digging soooooo deep. I hope you can imagine the finish in Barbados? We can!
    Love mum x

  573. Give whoever’s steering a medal (or extra rations)!! Great performance over the last few days, and good daily mileages by you all too – very well done, keep it up….hope you’ve now got some helpful following winds which are making it all a little easier……

  574. Hi James – just checking on your amazing progress – wow! Keep it up – we’re all thinking of you loads and know YOU CAN DO IT!!! Keep positive and think how much money you’re raising! xx

  575. Hi Gav, well can’t believe two weeks have now passed. You are all doing brilliantly, all of the family are constantly asking about you. We all miss you but especially a certain person sitting not far away from me so keep rowing as fast as you can! Lots of love xxx

  576. Come on D A D you are doing well
    we love you so MUCH we want you back as soon as POSSIBLE!!
    Remember this phrase TO INFINITY & BEYOND!!!!!
    lots of love Family, even Mum xx

  577. Hi Matt following your progress everyday. You and the crew are doing great. You’ll soon be there keep rowing for the rum.

  578. You sounded tierd on the radio Matt , Jayden’s school is following you and sunbedz dig deep ” it’s a state of mind ” I can see lion roaring Matt your a Royal dig dig dig xxx

  579. Hi James and Crew, we have
    Just returned from half term and logged on to see your huge progress. You boys are flying! What a team! Keep it up and we are all rooting for you as you crank it up for the second half. The smarts x

  580. Amazing, inspirational and ahead of schedule x8!! Great work, you guys! As you tip over the halfway mark the lure of Barbados will pull you in. Dig deep and enjoy your time in the Hurt Locker!! Your Woodbridge Fan Club

  581. ih dad
    i am missing you a lot and can not wait till you come back!
    we could also watch need for speed when you come back maby

  582. James,
    6 nations. Scotland squeaked it against Italy,wth a drop goal as the last kick of the game England v Ireland was a tremendous game – fast and furious- Ireland now suffer from a few ageing stars over 90mins ( unlike your crew) – England great potential but not yet quite as good as the think!
    Hope the choppy water quietens for the homeward

  583. Hi Matt, sorry not sent a message for past two days internet has been down, sorry i missed your call on Saturday – I have been working all weekend,

    Hope yo and everyone is well, almost 2 weeks out – just 2 more weeks or so to go !!!!

    it looks good from here , don’t complain about the weather , it just rains day after day here.
    Tremendous effort so far – keep it up.
    Jayden’s class and many others are following your progress and asking how you are doing. xx

  584. James, fantastic keep it up. Saw Katie Stewart last week Skiing at Fortwilliam Amazing snow!

  585. Great mileage last couple of days well done keep it going! Took Rory back to school last night and saw Mark who said all Druries rooting for you!! So proud of you xx L

  586. Hi James,
    Keep that 84 nautical miles a day going and you will be in The Glossy Book of World Records. Well done your dots look good. All the best. Jamie

  587. Hi there,
    In tutor time doing some maths on your stats with Fergus and Archie. You are doing amazingly! 18.8 days to go by our calculation.

  588. Yaacov! 3rd time just has to be lucky for you! Wishing you good luck, no submerged containers and no bust rudders. From your old quad crew at Eton Excelsior Rowing Club.

  589. Hi Matthew and crew, still on track even though you’re all sore…you are heroes!
    Donations for Kerry keep coming Matthew…well done. You may be out of sight but definitely not out of mind…love mum x

  590. James!

    Heard today that you and the crew are currently ahead of the world record time-wise!! Incredible work – you’re all SMASHING IT!!

    We’ve got retweets of support from Lewis Moody, Dynamo and Utd for Colitis (I’ve turned into a right twitter stalker!)

    Keep up the good work! You can do it :)

    Rach x

  591. hi Simon and all on Toby Wallace,am watching you closely from afar and think you are doing amazingly well take care keep going as well as you are.
    love Lesley xx

  592. £300,000 a week Rooney scored on Saturday. Henderson scored 2 goals to help Liverpool beat Swansea.
    I know you will keep it up. Well done.

  593. Yaacov – Serious progress buddy. Keep it going. Coming up to 1,000 nautical miles done. Hope the hands are holding up and that your new crew have got used to the tea bagging!

  594. James – you are rocking that Ocean!! Hope the sun is shining and you are all feeling fit and strong. You are an inspiration, Sal x

  595. James, you are doing brilliantly TO INFINITY AND BEYOND!!
    Keep going, can’t be long till you are half way……
    love you to the moon and back
    Manchuria Road Fan Club xxxxxxxxxxx

  596. hi ingo,everton lost 1 0 away to chealsea in 3rd min of ferrgie time tim could have done better,glad you spoke to mum,it will keep her quite for about a week,missing you loads the house is empty without you,cheers dad

  597. Cracking stuff lads! Matt Mason – Awesome brother! Keep rowing hard lads! Lots of Love Bubs and B xx

  598. Wow, what progress!! You have inspired us to challenge our fears so we have decided to take a boat out on Helston boating lake !!!! I know we are fearless!!!!!! Keep going Ollie xxxxxxxxx

  599. Hi Ollie, fantastic to talk to you over the weekend. Can’t believe you have been rowing for two weeks already. Keep up the good work hard as it may be. Look forward to seeing you soon. Lots of love Mum xx

  600. Hi DADDY
    you are doing really WELL .
    I am going to the 4T camp, will you come with me as we have to take Dad’s? Miss you loads
    lots of love MAX!!!!!! xxxxxxxx

  601. hi daddy
    you are doing very well keep it up. can not wait till you come back.
    when you come back we could have a bit of Family time and go banan biking!

  602. Hiya Gav thank you for ringing me today son it was so nice to hear your voice . You are all doing so well I can’t imagine how tired & sore you must all be feeling .Good Night Boys all my love Gav Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. X

  603. Hi Matthew and crew, great rowing again today.
    back home so back on line properly and able to track progress…hope the night is kind to you, goodnight, mum xx

  604. Hi Paul and crew hope you are looking after your hands, feet and bottoms !!! ( nurse Di ) where do crabs and lobsters catch trains ? … at kings crustacean . Good luck keep up the hard work .

  605. Hi Gav

    So glad we got to speak today, felt like it had been ages! I had so many questions I forgot to ask you, will write them down ready for next time.

    Keep on going and I hope everyone’s blisters get better soon :)

    Love you loads xxxxxxx

  606. Yaacov – good rowing mate. Hold Fast and keep strong, especially in those graveyard shifts. Hope you haven’t been whacked by too many stinkin’ flying fish this time!

  607. Hi James
    Most of the homework is done and kit packed before the boy’s start school tomorrow. Amongst endless trips to the cricket nets Katrina and I even fitted in a Mindfulness evening so no stones unturned!
    We are missing you so much
    but constantly willing you on, keep going,
    all our love xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  608. James – Just back from our week in London. Fiona and your boys are doing you proud – such a strong home team.
    By the way, Angus really needs to get a grip on his work so please can you keep the pace up and get to the finishing line as soon as you can so normal life can resume!
    With you all the way xxxxxx

  609. Hi Yaacov -having Natalie and Savannah for dinner tonight-guess what we shall talk about all evening? Add another gear, get it over with and come back so that we can row together again unless the sight of oars would make you sick! The season starting next month !!!!

  610. hi dad
    you are about half way there
    love you with all my Hart!!!!!!
    losts and lots of love dad
    looking at the moon right now

  611. Your doing great , the sea was very rough today North Sea ! Had a good walk on the beach Suzy loved it its very cold looking forward to some sun next week !!! Dig deep guys xxx

  612. for- yaakov- HEY strauss!!!! I SALUT YOU!!!- as an old polish proverb goes- zasraysie yi niedaysie!!!! love you my brother !!!

  613. Dad you are doing amazingly!!
    I would like to tell you that I wrote a letter to the Queen!!!

  614. hi matt just telling you that your doing brill and done give and all crew carry on going

  615. Hi Ollie
    All the best to you. We hope that your arms aren’t aching too much. Weather here in Porthleven is windy and still raining!!! Everybody is talking about your progress. Keep going. You’re doing famously. Take care and good luck to all the crew!
    Joyce the Voice!

  616. Hi Yaacov, Savannah was out at a birthday party last night, it was very strange to be at home just me and the dogs on a Saturday night. Keep-up the great rowing so we can all spend our weekend together again soon :-) We Love you and Miss you Stax

  617. My daddy is a real woosie compared to you, godfather James. You are a real hero. Just keep safe! Ottie

  618. Watching your progress from Barbados…Good job. We got slammed with waves and wind fishing yesterday about 20 or so miles out. Weather is starting to look good though. Watch for some beautiful whales as you come around the top end of BGI. They have been or the west coast for a while now. You might get some great pictures in a magical moment. Man they are big.
    I will crack a Banks beer for you thirsty boys on this beautiful sunny morning at the beach house watching the Canada vs Sweden gold medal hockey right now. 2 zip Canada at end of the second period

  619. Hello Matt,
    Hope all is good for you and the crew mate. Joining 4tp on the 3rd. See you up sunny Scotland. Drinks on me after your epic adventure. All the best to you all. Legends!

  620. hi dad
    you are doing very well.
    nice to hear you on the phone. love you with all my hart.
    but just remember dont worry about the record it is about the thought that countes,

  621. HI DAD,
    hows the Atlantic Ocean?
    Weve got school temorow!!!
    Youre doeing amazingly!!!!

  622. Dear THE BEST DAD, keep going, we want you back as soon as possible, we are looking at the moon, like we said we would..
    We have Church this morning, mum said we have to go……………
    love from F A F M H XXXXXXXXXXXX

  623. Hi Matthew! can’t begin to tell you how fabulous it was to speak to you today, what a lovely surprise to hear you :-))))
    You sounded like you…whatever!!!! So I know your doing brill…you made an old bird very happy….will make sure dad keeps you up to date with Everton scores. keep rowing crew you’re doing great, love mum x

  624. Loving watching the distance to Barbados getting smaller and smaller. Brilliant effort. Did you hear about the 2 aerials that met on the roof and got married? Wedding wasn’t much but reception was brilliant! xxx

  625. Hi James
    For the first time in a month it is probably drier here than it is with you. Keep going we are all thinking of you! You are missing pre-season this Saturday but we will be looking after them for you… all the best Chris and Simon

  626. Enjoyed your call Matt your doing good it’s been a good day tim the twin got a promotion HEAD Greenkeeper !! He’s soo proud of you Joel is resting at the firemans hotel ! And I’m working my socks off at sunbedz everyone’s asking and donating at the shop, fleetwood tommorow fish chips n mushy peas Suzy will have a walk on the beach she’s missed you xxx

  627. HI DAD
    I love you so so so muck I can’t
    bare with out you!!!!
    love your favourite son HENRYXXX
    please call when you can.
    end of story

  628. Great work, James! Keep it up. Northcote urging you on! SA have the Aussies by the scruff of the neck in Port Elizabeth! John

  629. Hi James, amazing progress!! You must all be seriously tough!! We are all willing you on at every stroke! Must be an amazing experience! You’re inspiring 1000’s!!!!

  630. Simon…..being friends with you is bloody nerve- wracking… nails are down to the quick ! Oh yes, it’s raining here…again. Much love, but no tongues. Geoff x

  631. Hi James – thanks for the phone call. Having just enjoyed lunch with Mary in her club, mobile rang and those who had nothing better to do could listen to our conversation in the bedding department of PJ’s on the speaker phone with us all wrestling to talk to you!! It gave us all such a lift and wonderful to hear your voice. Hope the blisters don’t cause too much pain. You are doing brilliantly and we are willing you on every nautical mile.
    Keep going!!
    all our love xxxxxxxx

  632. Hi James, Scotland WON!!!!! today 21 . 20 against Italy with a drop goal in the last few minutes – nearly as brilliant as you guys! – keep going. xx L

  633. James & crew,
    We keep watching your amazing progress. We are so impressed. Keep up the great work. xx

  634. Hi Matthew, how ya doin?
    Looks like another good night in terms of miles…don’t know how you all keep it going.
    We are in the clubhouse….again but for breakfast this time but it is the only place I get a signal so they’ll be seeing a lot of me this weekend…Rooney is on holiday at the kennels!
    Hope you have a great day…will check in again later…love Mum xxx

  635. Archie cooked me kipper it was to boney yeuk so I didn’t eat it.then I
    had chocolate cheerios it was still
    yeuky.then I had coco pops that was nice yum yum so that was the end of the story love HENRY!!!

  636. Morning James and Crew, We have just survived a night of Rory’s mates relatively unscathed except someone has drawn faces on all of the lemons in the fruit bowl??!! Keep going you are doing brilliantly. xx L

  637. Well done for a great day yesterday – most efficient yet (almost perfect!) in terms of % of mileage traveled towards destination….. keep it going….

  638. Your doing well , gramps feeling a lot better having a trial on his new wheel chair wed ! I’m going to aldi !!!! Love Ruth and gramps xxxxxx

  639. Hi Matt and Crew, great effort over past two days, hope you are relaxed and enjoying the weekend, I am in work again today and tomorrow – some one has to keep the wheels of industry turning whilst you are all enjoying your little jaunt. Seriously, a superb effort by all of you- keep it up and you’ll soon be home and dry!!! keep safe

  640. Hiya Matt your doing great all off you , I’m releasing you from the clutches of the beautiful Zonya I’ve got my I pad back so can get back to the dot !!!! Go go go go go xxxxxxx

  641. James – I had a dream last night that I was looking at this site, and you’d SMASHED the record…
    So it’s clearly written in the stars that you will!
    Keep going, but GET OUT OF MY DREAMS!
    It makes me feel weird :-)

  642. hi dad
    I just had an idea!
    every day i will write some think i want to do when you cime back so the first one is buy a bat!
    looking at the moon as much as possible.
    Archie prior

  643. Well done, progress looks brilliant – enjoyed a lovely run over the Bridges this morning. The moon still high in the sky so had a long chat with you that way! All well with us – trying to find a Piping instructor for the boy’s; seem to be a rare and expensive breed!
    Can’t imagine how you are feeling but do know that you’ll be digging deep and as positive as always.
    all our love xxxxxx

  644. Good Morning Gav and the rest of you lads .I hope the weather is kind to you today and that you have had a good night ,whilst most of us were asleep ( I wake up feeling guilty ) love you son xx X

  645. Dad your doing AMAZINGLY!!!
    Also the boat is still ahead of the record!!I’m still looking at the moon!!! Lots of love FERGUS!!

  646. James,
    Our rinks in the medals. Men a silver, the hens a bronze. Thank goodness they didn’t win gold – Eck would have declared Independence on the spot! Another great row – well done.

  647. James and all the crew -You are doing so well , keep rowing !!!
    You can do it …………….
    Love Wendy Rob Matty Sophie and Ella X

  648. You guys are doing amazing, so proud to see that dot moving forwards so fast! Hope your heel is doing good Ollie- soldier on! Love Tamsyn xx

  649. James – inbetween watching your fantastic progress I thought I would see if I could make a sentence using all your crew’s names and came up with the following – Jimmy’s sublime crew o’ slimming’ pukka oarsmen will navigate the Atlantic to rival Sara G ‘n’ amass a pot o’ money!

    I haven’t used 3 of the letters but am sure someone else will come up with an alternative! Keep smiling x

  650. Hi Matthew,we are at the van and hanging around in the clubhouse ‘cos it’s the only place we have a signal ( our excuse anyway!)
    It looks like you’ve rowed 101 miles today….wow what a star you and the rest of the crew are…still really proud of you as always, goodnight crew, matts mum x

  651. Hi Matthew Henry , in the clubhouse with your Mum and Chris. Talking about your adventure and just wanted to let you know how very proud We are of you! Keep up your good work! God speed and come home safe and sound ……… Pauline xxx

  652. James, Great progress so far, very well done all….looking good for fair winds from here on in…keep going….just think of the waistline!! Dot watching is much more fun than helping/supervising half term maths revision!!

  653. Hi James, 5 boys, Katrina and me – Monday morning is looking appealing!! Haircuts and Samba Swirl, cinema and more popcorn. Tomorrow homework and meeting Mary for lunch in Peter Jones. Life back home ……. can’t wait for you to be back. Keep going your tracker line is moving so quickly.
    We all love and miss you so much and as proud as ever,

  654. Hi Simon & crew on ‘Toby Wallace’- fantastic to see you are rowing soooo well, I will be off-line for few days ( will have total withdrawal not able to ‘dot-watch for a while- aagh!!)so keep rowing fast,true and safe, you will be in my thoughts ( don,t let the barnacles slow you down! and watch out for the ‘Marlins’!!)and think of fantastic Barbados, rum punches, decent food and a static bed, lots of love, Lesley xx

  655. Thought this might put a smile on your face – A man was telling his friend “You won’t believe what happened last night. My daughter walked into the living room and said, “Dad, cancel my allowance immediately, forget my university tuition loan, rent my room out, throw all my clothes out the window, take my TV and my laptop.

    Please take any of my jewelry to the Salvation Army or Cash Converters. Then, sell my car, take my front door key away from me and throw me out of the house. Then, disown me and never talk to me again. Don’t forget to write me out of your will and leave my share to any charity you choose.”

    “Goodness Gracious,” replied the friend, “she actually said that?”

    “Well, she didn’t put it quite like that. She actually said, ‘Dad, meet my new boyfriend – Jimmy. We’re going to work together on Alex Salmond’s Independence campaign.’’

  656. Hy James and the guys, guess what? I met Steve Redgrave earlier…listening to his stories has made me want to take up rowing…….It was oar inspiring.

    Keep at it, apparently you’re through the hardest part

  657. Puggy
    Looks like steady progress on the map – hope it feels like it!!
    Kids on 1/2 term this week so rabbits are getting a tough time! Your Godson sends love and is well impressed with your achievements.
    Hang in there

  658. hi dad
    you are doing very well. if you keep going like that you will smash the record!
    we are going to have a good look at the moon tonight.
    love you lots and lots

  659. Hi dad
    You are doing very well. Cary on like that you will smash the record.
    Love you lots

  660. Hi Matt Ingo & crew, end of my working week, but no rest for the wicked so row faster and get home quick. Love ray & Jan

  661. Ollie just a message from’Amelies’ you are doing so good saw a very proud Mum today. Keep going and take care
    Love from us all x

  662. Keep going James, very impressive time. Thought you might like some sporting news:

    In Cricket, Pieterson drama rolls on. Murray lost in the quarter finals in Rotterdam. Britain currently 19th on the medal table in the Winter Olympics, with 1 gold and 2 bronzes. Norway are first. In short all record hopes are pinned on you – keep going!

    Oh and it’s stopped raining in London (for a bit)!

  663. Keep pushing Paul, but leave something in the tank for later on. Love from Dad and Julia

  664. Call out to the whole crew. You guys are doing an amazing job moving the dot. We look forward to meeting you all in Barbados. Love Natalie and Savannah PS Yaacov watch out for those fish X

  665. You made our day with your call this morning!!!! Was outstanding to hear for you. We love you and keep up working on those miles, we can feel the sun and goodness know we need some with all this snow :-) Love you lots XXXX

  666. Hi Matthew, agree with Dad, hurry up and row, row, row your way to Barbados…we are all missing you and can’t wait to see you!
    The whole crew are doing an amazing job when you must now be exhausted…you are all showing such incredible commitment…I am dead proud…love you mum x

  667. James,
    Another ton yesterday and the first K coming up – well rowed. Take a new guard and play down the line.

  668. just home after staying with christine for three days so immediately rushed to track boat. you are doing so well. keep it up. lots of love mary

  669. 8 men
    become a boat
    a boat becomes a dot
    a dot becomes a worm
    the worm wriggles
    then corrects
    becomes an ocean
    part of nature.

  670. Matt mason your doing awesome, I’m just having some R&R in Lake District, I’m constantly monitoring your progress in between massages and hydro therapy sessions and your doing really well, keep going all of you, keep pushing! See you soon xxxx

  671. hi dad
    i have bort a book that can reversie
    into blanck to lined paper.
    i ma writing in it for when you are gone.
    so what ever we do i will write it down

  672. (Yaacov)
    Hi dad. You and your team are doing so well. However this is a tough experience on the mind, body and soul. I found a quote that I thought would elevate my spirits should I be in your shoes “When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all your thoughts break their bonds: Your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in everydirection, and you find yourself in a new, great, and wonderful world. Dormant forces, faculties and talents become alive, and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than youever dreamed yourself to be.”
    ~ Patanjali – the author of Yoga Sutra

    Keep up the great work, keep the spirits high, you inspire me everyday! Someone very wise once told me to always keep your tail as stiff as a pistol no matter what. I love you

  673. DAD your doing AMAZINGLY!!!!!!
    Your my hero Dad!!
    To day we are wotching Mr Peabody
    and shermon to day!!
    and call on satterday morning at 8:00Clock!Also I’m still looking at the moon!!!

  674. Good Morning Matt and mates, tremendous effort, 10 days out and it looks good from here!!!. Matt, youv’e been grabbing the headlines here, with features on your efforts in two local newspapers – nothing else to write about. anyway, keep going , keep safe xx

  675. What a lovely message from Paul Jackson , If your going to have a dream make it a big one . Yes you are in the middle !! Well done to you all have a great day love you Gav Mum xxxx. X

  676. row ingo row , been following your progress your all doing amazing cant believe your keeping that pace up!!!top work guys keep it up.
    i read a quote the other day that made me think of your challenge ” if your going to have a dream , make sure it’s a big one” well congratulations guys your in the middle of yours so enjoy yourself and stay safe.!! jacko and claire

  677. The web page showing your position and the winter Olympics are both very addictive and extremely motivating!
    Keep it going lads!!
    Martin (Ollies uncle)

  678. 100 miles yesterday Wow you guys are amazing. Feeling a bit of a worried that I now creep downstairs at 2 am to check your progress??!! xx L

  679. Wow – you guys are legends! Well done Yaacov and team – you’re making amazing progress! Helen and Chris xx

  680. Sometime tonight you will break the 1000mile barrier.
    What an achievement.
    What a team.
    Keep going strong.

    Proud Dad.

  681. Hi Gav I see that you and the lads have worked extremely hard again last night & today well done to you all . I hope that you are keeping well my thoughts are constantly with you son all my love always ,hope the weather is kind to you tonight God bless Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. X

  682. Hi Matt and all the crew, hope you’ve had a good day..that match the miles you’ve covered…simply fantastic.
    You are all doing amazingly well enduring nearly a thousand miles so far, what a milestone!
    I hope the night is as good for you all, goodnight…Matts Mum xx

  683. Hi James
    A bit of culture with the boys to the V&A today but frankly all they wanted to do was to get back to the cricket nets! Wonder where they get that from?!
    We are missing you so much but immensely proud. Keep going, every stroke gets you nearer to us.
    all our love xxxxxxx

  684. Hi Gav,hope you and the rest of the lads are ok and in good spirits,we all miss you and we are keeping updated on your progress everyday,keep going and take care xxx

  685. Hi Gav

    10 days in!! Hoping that’s about a third of the way, counting down the days! Hope everyone is doing ok and you all know just how much support you’ve all got back at home.

    Hope we get to speak again soon, lots to fill you in on.

    Love you xxxxx

  686. Hi James, Just back from a lovely day in London with Archie – a little culture at Tate Modern followed by lots of pizza and ice cream – HEAVEN! All your gang in great form and F still coping brilliantly. You are doing fantastically keep going xx L

  687. Puggy, glad you seem to be going in the right direction now, thought you were headed to Cape Town at one point. Hope all well, all rooting for you here! Gorsie xx

  688. Great to see the miles reducing – here in Edinburgh we are urging you all on every hour of the day!

  689. I’m going where the sun keeps shining
    Through the pouring rain
    Going where the weather suits my clothes
    Backing off of the North East winds
    Sailing on a summer breeze
    And skipping over the ocean like a stone

    Ollie, (can’t stop singing this now!) Mum x

  690. James

    Have just had Suse staying who alerted me to the boat tracking info…….how amazing for us all back home to watch your amazing progress and speed across the ocean. Adore your comments from your family and hope they are keeping you going. Huge well done from us all and keep going…….not long now! All love, The Plums xxxx

  691. hi ingo,arsenal got beat 2 0 at home to bayern munich.i stayed over in liverpool at the weekend and the mersey was choppy,didnt fancy at trip on the ferry without my sealeg tablets,captain david

  692. James – thinking of you as we watch the white horses on Loch Lomond! Fabulous progress! Donald & Ann

  693. Great progres Dad!
    I’m still looking!
    are you!?!?!?!?????!!!!!!

  694. Hi Matthew, looks like you are still going great… home is really tidy but way too quiet without sky sports on all the time , you need to row, row, row ‘cos I prefer the mess and noise you create :-)
    love Mum x

  695. OK, here’s another joke: Two rowers in a kayak were chilly so they lit a fire, which made a hole in the boat and they sank – proving… you can’t have your kayak and heat it too!

  696. Could someone, please, say “Potato” in a really bad fake Irish accent to Paul? I’d love to know if it makes him jump as much as his ‘phone made us jump when walking last summer!


  697. Morning Ollie, so impressed to see the dot moving further out into the Atlantic, hopefully winds and currents will soo be in your favour. Thinking of you and the crew all the time, love Mum xxx

  698. For matt Inglesby:
    Glad to see your enjoying the row buy can’t wait till your back to tell you that your on the bench LOL.
    Keep going Matt,

  699. It’s now a daily ritual to start proceedings by “checking how James and the guys doing”. Your resilience is impressive and every day you put your backs into getting those miles in our admiration grows. Your efforts are inspiring.

  700. You guys are smoking it! keep up the good work. Hope that pesky current disappears. Paul – sounds like it needs cutting down? I’ll get Lucas onto it. Big hugs and lots of love xxx

  701. Another great day rowing Matt, hope you’re all still in good spirits and enjoying the experience…hope the night goes well.
    Goodnight, love Mum x

  702. Hope you are ok tonight after a wet day , did you get your coat in time Gav ? Hope it’s not been to rough for you all , your still doing so well you are all amazing . Good Night God Bless lv you Gav xxx. X

  703. Hi Matt, Looked after Ellen for 2 Days, and even she said how well you are doing. She wants rowing lessons. Ray can just about move at the moment, as he,s done his back in. He must of caught it off grandma. Hope the weather improves, for you soon.

  704. Monitoring your progress Matt. Looking forward to telling all my mates my friends a world record holder. Keep it up awesome progress so far.
    Les and Linda.

  705. Hi DAD, am I allowed to play hard ball and I already have today.
    I got 1 pound from the tooth fairy and we might be going to take Hugo to Buckingham palace.and I am going to buy some sweets tomorrow.
    Look at the moon, please can you call us at 7.30 tomorrow morning.
    LOVE MAXI!!!!xxxxx

  706. Hi Matt and all the crew. Hope you are having a good day. All is well at foxwood – everyone sends their love and are rooting for you all xxx

  707. I guess you are serious about another tattoo then. I will put my thinking cap on. I love you and miss you so stay away from the fish and row fast. I will make sure that we have a hot bath ready for you when we see in in Barbados because I remember you told me how bad those flying fish smell. Love Savannah XXXXXX

  708. Yaacov – a face guard is the one thing you never researched to take. However I hear fish oil is good for the skin. Keep safe and look after those hands. We Love you lots XXXXXXXX

  709. Hi James, all went well at Great Ormond Street for Ferg today. He was his usual cheeky self with the professor and in return was given a physics lesson!
    I hope our computer doesn’t record how many times I check the tracker!!!
    all our love, you are amazing xxxxxxxxxx

  710. Warning: rubbish joke to follow!

    The Americans and Japanese decided to engage in a boat race. The Japanese won by a mile. The American teams corporate management decided that the reason for the crushing defeat had to be found, so a consulting firm was hired. They found the Japanese team had eight people rowing and one person steering; the American team had one person rowing and eight people steering. So the team’s management structure was reorganized with four steering managers, three area steering managers and a new performance review system for the person rowing the boat. The next year, the Japanese won by two miles. The American corporation laid off the rower for poor performance and gave the managers a bonus for discovering the problem.

    Can’t believe how many dots you’ve covered already team!

  711. Gav, is it true that you have to sit inside the forward sleeping quarters to row because of your extra long, gibbon-like arms?!!! Dan

  712. Hi James and team. Looking good. We are all thinking about you as we bask in a nearly perfect Scottish Spring day. Later – Charlie, Fi, Nea, Samuel and Conrad

  713. Hi guys, first beautiful day in a while here in salford so hope it’s good for you all too and you now need your socks for protection instead of foul weather jackets :-)
    catch you later,
    matts mum x

  714. Hi James and the boys,
    We are following the dots daily. You are AMAZING!
    Look out for 2 girls, aged 23 and 24 who have been going for 75 days and still have over 1,000 miles to go. The rate you are all going, you will probably overtake them….. Keep up your fantastic progress. xxx

  715. yo ingo, man city got beat 2 0 at home to barc….,brian,mick,peter and dave from fottie all send their regards and that you are behind with your footie subs they have not had a game for weeks due to waterlogged pitches,dad

  716. hi dads it is Archie
    today i broke my BAT!!
    which i was ment to do.
    I have got the peaces.
    i miss you a lot and i can not wait till you come back. i know that it is a bit early to say that but i am missing you a lot.

  717. Yo wudup Dad<
    Thank you so much for the AMAZING post card!
    you need to improve your handwriting thou!!!
    Im still looking at the moon!!
    Are you!?!
    LOTS OF LOVE FERGUS!!!!!!!!!!!

  718. yo what’s up posy cat?
    storm coming baby?
    your doing well !!!!!

  719. Good morning Gav and Lads . Hope you have had a good night .and you don’t have hangovers from Gav’s Birthday Bash (ha) .It doesn’t mean you can row any slower now ‘cos your a year older Gav love u loads Mum xxxxx. X

  720. Yaacov – read about the “fish smack down”. Funny stuff. Glad to see that you guys are on track.

  721. Hi Matthew, good to see Faction Friends(andy Hib and Kate) and Kerry thinking of you and sending’s all very exciting as you are all doing outstandingly well.
    Happy Birthday from up north Gav :-)
    goodnight Mum x

  722. Happy Birthday Gravinator! Mum, Dad, Lauren and Joanna send their best. Are you scary in the Sea?!! Dan

  723. hi dad it is Archie.
    on tusday i played cricket with Mr Speler and hugo and the boy’s.
    you called and I was just about to talk to you hen the phone went, so next time you call please don’t hag up on the phone.
    lots and lots of love Archie

  724. Hi Olly, James’s wife, Fiona here – just to say your Mum very kindly donated to our Crohn’s & Colitis fund today. It is so kind of her and we are really touched.
    You are all doing so brilliantly, keep strong and keep going.

  725. Hi James, it was a joy to speak to you today. Sorry we were cut off just as Archie was about to speak…. Do hope you are OK; it sounded all good! Tomorrow Ferg and I are off to Great Ormond Street to have his kidney checked. Max’s tooth fell out today, fingers crossed the tooth fairy remembers.
    Keep going, we are all glued constantly to your amazing progress.
    All our love xxxoooxx

  726. So what’s new on board? A birthday party! Happy birthday Gav!! But don’t forget to row, no privilege. Keep strong everybody, you’re amazing!

  727. Thank you so much for ringing me today son , It was so nice to hear your voice , I Love you Mum xx X

  728. Matt Ingelsby …

    Great to read everything is going well for you all! Loads of people are asking me how you’re doing so lots of well wishes & good lucks being sent :) You’re nearly at 2 grand with the fundraising so doing great there.

    Hope the lucky bead is enjoying its adventure too, I’m sure the rest of the crew wish they had one as well haha!!

    Well done to you all for what you’ve achieved so far. Keep it up Matt!

    Kerry x

  729. Message for Gav Emmerson to wish him& you all the very best on your row. I rang your mother Gav I’m the Australian fireman from Barnsley you’ve been here years ago hope remember me Good luck & good speed. Ross Buckley

  730. MATT MASON.
    Your mummy asked me to post to say she can’t find her I pad and is missing posting to you so here it is. . Hope all is good out there! !!!!!
    Your doing so well Yeha go lads golads. …
    Have you used your ring yet the rubber one lol lol.
    Keep up the good work all of you were all following you. …..
    More naked piccys please Hehe Hehe xxx

  731. Hello Yaacov- another day of snow,sleet and sheer misery in Connecticut. Hope your weather is better and the hands are holding up . The whole Club talks about your effort -keep rowing!!!!!

  732. Mathew bartholomew mason!
    Do not worry about home life, your mother is in fine hands!
    Sinse you have left all farmers can now report that local flocks of sheep have been at their most relaxed over the past few weeks, hopeing for a good birth rate this year!
    There is a rumour going round that the other Matt on board is far better looking and that you are now considered a rats bloke! Hey ho keep peddling! X

  733. Matt Mason, yo mofo, not much to report here, Daz says you’ve had a week’s head start so he setting Bruce loose on your ass now so we now your doing well but my suggestion would be row faster!!!!! Gaday mate xxx

  734. ..and they’re watching your progress every few hours in Kington Langley too! You are all astonishing. Bring her home now .. What a welcome is waiting. Xxx

  735. Happy Birthday Gav Laaaa! Hope someone managed to get a cake to you (maybe a fishcake – bad joke I know)!!!
    We have become slightly obsessed with tracking how you are doing and it looks like you are all doing amazing! Keep it up and bring the sunshine back from Barbados asap! :) xx

  736. HI James, just to remind you of life back home. Took the boy’s to the park, at the further-most point Henry decided he badly needed his inhaler; having told them not to move, talk to anyone, eat anything….jumped on Max’s bike (small) and cycled madly home to return with the inhaler. Boys still in same spot having done as requested. See how much we miss you and how we need you!!
    Anyway all good today and constantly checking great progress.
    all our love xxxxxxxxxxxx

  737. Happy birthday Gav, hope you have a good day, really impressed with you all, well done lots of love xxx

  738. James,
    I am thrilled that every time I log on to check your progress you seem to have jumped another huge section across the Atlantic, it clearly shows how well it is all going, I read today’s blog to find clarification that you don’t have a favorite son, However I am sure I can be safe in assuming that I am still your favourite nephew, remember we agreed just before you set off! Hope all is well and keep going! from Your Fav Nephew Rotten Ror

  739. Just discovered the yellow dot! You’ve rowed longer than an African country! Well done your doing a great job, keep your chin up :)

    If you’re tired just remember how much you’ll enjoy bragging to Stu you’ve rowed an ocean ;)

  740. Herb, Oliver’s step dad (Nev)’s cousin!…Following your least you don’t have an engine to break down!!….All the very best to you all..

  741. hi,ingo,the spoon last seen with life jacket on doing the doggy paddle up the mersey to meet you in barbados cos he cant get a passport,dad

  742. Hi guys…great rowing.
    Matthew all calls are about you and the team now, you’ve started a Atlantic movement between you!
    Catch you later, love Mum x

  743. Very moving messages from friends and families and wow what excellent charts and info 4 us landlubbers to savour. Matt I’ve sent details of your exploits across the world so you are being rallied from the middle and far east….across the oceans may the force be with you all!! Best Wishes…Carol Whittam…and the title of the story you will write when you get back is….

  744. One has heard about Sir James Prior’s marvelous effort to doggy paddle across the Atlantic wearing nothing but a thong. One would like to see that. Crack on my son!

  745. James. What a magnificent effort! You are making fantastic progress. We have a daily tryst with the website. Keep it up!!

  746. Hi Ollie and all the crew, pleased to see your progress. Keep it up. In Porthleven, Cornwall, we are all thinking of you and urging you all onward. Good luck! Joyce E

  747. Good to see the worm has straightenrd to the west with wind and wave forecast looking more friendly. The whole team going superbly – we idle viewers are fascinated. Dig in.

  748. James. Magnificent effort. We suppose that it is one way of getting fit for the cricket season!!

  749. Hi James, you all seem to be doing brilliantly, just like your wife and the boys! Keep going and don’t sing too out of tune to Gavin! xxL

  750. Hi DAD,what’s up. Mum just doing picnic for Belleville cricket today. Can’t wait to see you when you come back.
    Chop chop love HENRY AND MUM

  751. Fantastic & amazing effort by all you guys! Following your journey from Germany. Every minute rowed is anothetr minute closer to beating that horrible desease! 25 Euros pledged!

  752. woooow! how old??? Happy Birthday Gavy! you all doing fab love watching for updates.

    Hope you not got a massive beard when you get home we won’t recognise you now you a year older.

    Keep up the great work all. lots of love Poppy xxxxxx

  753. Happy birthday Gav,well this must be one of the most memorable ones! We will raise a glass to you tonight so have a good one,you are all doing so well, Lots of love xxx

  754. Good Morning Matt
    Hope you and everyone are well after a weeks work , only 3 or so more weeks !!!!, you are doing great, keep going.xx

  755. Happy Birthday Gav . Your cards are up next to your photo . So proud of you . I don’t think any of us can imagine how hard you are all working to do this amazing task.. All my love always Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. X

  756. A big massive happy birthday to Gav!! I hope you have a really good day of it today, sure this will be a birthday to remember!!!

    Love you loads and can’t wait to celebrate when you get back (I will even go mountain biking!!) xxxxxx

  757. Greetings from the United States – heard of your GREAT rowing endeavor and woo hoo – you guys are all in our thoughts and prayers. :)

  758. Hi James & crew. You are making INCREDIBLE progress, not that I’ve grasped the meaning of DMG & VMG…it’s all OMG as far as we’re concerned!
    Day 7…things must be getting stinky on board but just think of those buns of steel!!

    You’re all rowing for such amazing causes, & the messages are so wonderfully heartfelt & encouraging.
    Keep it up…so many people are so incredibly proud of you.
    Amazing, truly amazing. The boys will remember this forever James.
    Lots of love, Fiona & Jerry xxx

  759. Hi Gav & boys you are doing so well . Hope you are keeping your spirits up . Unc sends his love ..
    Went out for a nice meal on Valentines to Bodnant . You will have to take Kel there . Write to you tomorrow love you ,and am so proud of you .Good Night Son xxxxxxxxxxxx X

  760. Matt Mason, great progress mofo! Watching all the time and your still hot topic at the bar, we sold all 25 beer barrel sponsorship in 2 days!!!! So the amout raised just keeps rising!!! The bottle of crystal is still chilled and ready for your return and your being missed but were honoured to know you xxx row hard, stay safe xxx

  761. Hi guys another great day..104 miles!
    Rooney is clearly missing you Matthew so the dirty socks Chris gave him have helped but I may have to move onto old trainers next…stinkier the better,no problem finding them eh?
    Safe night guys, goodnight, love Mum x

  762. Fantastic effort – back on track – yay!
    What is dry on the outside, filled with water and blows up buildings?
    A fish tank xx

  763. I have cricket tomorrow!! so I think it will be good!!!! and I will do what
    you told me
    love your favourite son HENRY!!!!!
    here we goxxx

  764. Hi Yaacov, just got back from New Jersey. Glad to see you guys continue to make great progress. We miss you stax so row fast :-) Love You lots XXXX

  765. Hi Gav, glad to hear you’ve got through the storm now, hope it wasn’t too bad for you all.

    Did a trip to South Wales and back on the weekend with Dad so think we are done now! Don’t think the house will be going through until early March now…not happy!!! I’ve wished I was the one rowing the atlantic at times with the constant ‘updates’ …sure you know what I mean!!

    You are doing so so well, it’s so exciting to watch. Love and miss you loads, can’t wait to speak to you again xxxxx

  766. Dear James, very proud of what you are doing. Dig deep and row hard! Ross (currently in barmy Sydney)

  767. You are probably as wet as we are! Keep on rowin’ We are following you all the way. Just had a very successful cake sale at Northcote!

  768. hi dad it is ARCHIE
    I played cricket with Hugo!!!!!!!!!!!!
    it was very fun. As usall.
    keep going dad so keep going.

  769. ckomon Dad keep rowing strait!
    Please dount forget about us!
    Remember the moon!!!!

  770. come on dad you are doing well !!
    and we are looking at the moon!!!
    you are FIRST CLASS!!!!!!!
    Henry your favourite son!!

  771. Yog!!!! Faction girls are off on half term this week so you should be glad you are away! Just done 12.1 – burpees for days, smashed it obvs(?)!! More importantly Widnes are top of the league!!!!! Sounds like you are motoring! Good work team! Kate x

  772. Matt Mason….your ‘shipmates’ have an impressive pedigree!! Now following after site details were got OVER A PINT at the Forts yesterday. I am wearing the Royal Marines armband to keep you company. Lots of love and good wishes to you all!

  773. Well done Puggy and the boys, keep up the good work and keep rowing. Our thoughts are with you all, Katie, Johnny,Rory, Alice and Eleanor

  774. Puggy ( perhaps the rest of the crew don’t know you as Puggy?) however old habits die hard and I am not changing now. So, are you of any more use to your fellow crew members than you were to us on the tay raft races of old? Somehow I doubt it…. think of that cold beer and gorgeous women in the Bahamas lads… you are making fantastic progress!

  775. Jimmy
    I guess it must be hell for you to go for a whole week now without a packet of crisps!!
    We are all thinking of you at INVOLVE and following your progress every day. Rock N’ Row! David M

  776. hi ingo, it was really cool to get a birthday call from you from the atlantic during a storm,you were so upbeat and sounded like you were enjoying the whole trip,grandma has given me some peanut butter for you for when you get home,i got a tin of peas,keep goin keep rowin…dad

  777. Good morning to everyone on the boat – I hope the seas are kind and the winds calm. Thinking of you James and wishing you speedy progress! Piero, Maria and the R2 unit.

  778. Looks like you’ve picked up the pace again. We hope that the winds are being more favourable. We had a lovely day with your gang, Katrina and Hugo yesterday. They are on on great form. We are all thinking of you guys. Dig deep and plough on! Team ALFF xxxx

  779. Morning Matthew and crew…I hope the night was kind to you?
    Everyone I speak to is following you, including a class of 9 yr olds in New Zealand, courtesy of Aunty Monica. nan and grandad send their love.
    Have a good day guys,catch you later, love Mum x

  780. Morning Ollie, the crew and customers at the Ship send their best wishes to you all. I’m following the dots all the time and hoping the conditions will favour you soon. Love Mum x

  781. Hi Matt and Guys, Hope you are all OK,
    tremendous effort, keep going, , thinking of you all the time

  782. Yaacov- the last thing you want to hear about is “more rowing” but Dan,Saman and I are making plans for a few summer regattas in Europe .Let us hope Natalie lets you go with us…… Bart

  783. Keep paddling Puggy. Hope your paws aren’t getting sore. If it makes you feel better, my team are filling 11,000 sandbags per day for the floods!

  784. Hi guys, Hope the storms have started to subside…you’ve made great progress regardless…what a team!
    I hope the night is kind to you all, I feel bad climbing into bed….goodnight Matthew and crew! love Mum x

  785. Hi Gav and all the crew! Really amazing to see your track on the map since your departure. I hope the weather for you is better than in France: too much wind, to much rain, too many floods!! keep rowing strong, you’re awesome!

  786. Hi James, had the Suffolk MacLeod’s for the day. Certainly missed you and we all clocked in on an regular basis to see your progress. Keep going, you are doing brilliantly and everyone is asking after you, so lots of love from so many people.
    Fiona xxxxx

  787. Hi Puggy, hope you’re having better weather than us! The progress map makes it look like it might take slightly longer than running round Arthur’s Seat! Wow – I think you’re all incredible! Cheers laddie, Gorsie, Friz, Sam, Milo and Marnie xxxxx

  788. hi ingo, at rays just got back from match.3 1 win for super blues, got arsenal or them from over the road in next round,city won yesterday,united not in it till next year,liverpool 1 down at moment,keep goin

  789. We are so proud of the team !!!! You are doing amazingly well, keep it up.
    Watching the dot is even more addictive than the Winter Olympics :-) LOL Natalie and Savannah

  790. Wow! Well done guys – great progress. Any flying fish yet? Following you all and thinking of you… it may be tough but pain is temporary, pride is forever xx

  791. Hope all is well Matty Mason.
    Pull over..pull over
    No it’s a sweatshirt but thanks for noticing!!
    All the best my hero!!

  792. Well done James and the crew – great effort and we wish you all well. Hope the Conon rowing has stood you in good stead! Much love from Bonny Sunny Scotland.

  793. keep rowing dad.
    I really miss you!!!!:(
    Im still looking at the moon!!!
    come on DAD hope you get out of the storm.LOVE FROM MAX!!!!!!!

  794. i have got my roubisx cube i can do the green but on other couler.
    i get closer ech time

  795. come on dad keep going.
    you are doing very well.
    the moon realy helps for when i miss you.
    losts of love archie

  796. Well done James et al. Keep it up. We are thinking of you lots and very impressed by your valentine effort ! Lots of love. Donald & Ann

  797. Obviously Ben Ainslie has been in touch and you are now tacking to find the more favorable line. Sneaky!
    Love Dad

  798. Good morning crew…I hope you’ve had a good night, just waiting for the 10 am update on progress before I head into work..some of us have to…we can’t all be rowing the Atlantic…thank goodness! :-)))
    Have a good day Matthew and all! love mum x

  799. Good morning Matt I understand the little seaside flags now you are all doing great keep it up I’m going to Manchester so il show your gramps xx

  800. Good luck James and all the crew,thinking of you all .
    It’s amazing what you are doing!
    Wendy,Rob Matty,Ella & Sophie X

  801. ..a great row today, I hear it’s been stormy…Matthew you did say you didn’t want it to be a millpond !
    I hope you’re all able to get some sleep in between rowing, take care guys, goodnight Matthew, love Mum xxx

  802. HI James, Saturday night and we can see that you are battling strong winds. Keep going and we are all with you in thought. Boys couldn’t see the moon tonight so figured the clouds would have to do!
    Keep strong, all our love xxxxx

  803. Hope you enjoyed the chocolate biscuits. Is it still “a laugh”, Matt? Thinking of you boys every day. Best luck. John & Jean

  804. Hi Gav so glad to hear about you through Kel yesterday . Now I have a better idea of your routine etc . The weather is still wet !! But the wind isn’t as strong . Stuart ‘s house next door is up for sale , Ann is off to Antartica & The Falklands on Monday . Thinking of you constantly . Hope you have another good day/ night rowing all my love mum xxxxxx. X

  805. Hi guys watching you closely, I see the wind is playing you a bit making you head south, BOY I’ve got that feeling in the pit of my stomach, I’m with you guys know how your feeling keep pushing and find them allusive trade winds ……….

  806. Yaacov & the Crew,
    Paddle slower! The weather here is nothing you want to come home to. Having a great time watching your progress, and we are all pulling for you!

  807. Here with Stacey, Scott, Jane and kids in New Jersey and we are now all watching to dot. Go guys Go !!!! We are all cheering.

  808. Hi dad, I’v been to Fins house with Jackson!!!It was AMAZING!!
    Also any interesting wild life at sea!!!!!!!!!!Have you been locking at the MOON!!Iv been looking at it morning,noon and night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LOTS of love FERGEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  809. Pleased to see that you left after the rugby match last weekend. your team are no better at rugby than you are rowing! good luck

    from the Letts Family

  810. You all know the DOORS tune.
    Riders on the storm
    Good rowing rythm.
    Keep fighting it and right hand down a bit on the rudder.

  811. Good luck to Yaacov and the team! We’ll be following your progress and looking forward to hearing the stories on the next Zambezi adventure!! From the moon row team xxx

  812. James
    Who is steering?
    You’re going the wrong way!
    Keep going….the Falklands Islands are just over the horizon!
    Keep safe!
    All love

  813. Hiya Matt hope you’ve got thought the storm ? I’ve no idea what the flags mean dooooo but your doing greeeeeeeeeat ! Xxx

  814. Hi DAD I hope you get out of the storm quickly and you havent got lost. Love from Maxi xxxxx

  815. i have got my Rubix cub dad it is so fun and i am alway geting closer and closer ech time. maby when you come back you can show me how to do them!
    lots and lots and lost of love

  816. Matt Mason, keep it up, great progress so far, you won’t believe how many people are watching the yellow dot!!!!!! and asking about you all, monies just keep coming in and good luck messages are endless from the pub regulars. We are constantly checking on progress, in fact it’s all we are all doing and talking about lol! Loads of love and best of British mofo!!!xxx

  817. Hi James, keep going you and the rest of the crew are doing so well!! Congrats on making every other persons valentines day presents look bad compared to yours!! Keep it up! Bet your hare on a motorcycle joke is getting better and better with all the practise!! :P

  818. Hi Matthew, you’ve just made a “pensioner” very happy.
    Your Dad got the best 60th present ever..a call from you in the Atlantic…nice one!
    love you, Mum x

  819. Hi James and crew – only the 100th time I have checked your progress today! Thinking of you constantly and want you to keep going as we are all desperate to see you! Busy Saturday no tennis, play-dates and Macp’s arriving later today.
    All love from Manchuria Road xxxxxxx

  820. Hi Matt and everyone, reporting in later than normal, – Only just got to the office – some of us have to work for a living – keep the good start going- hope you all have a good day

  821. Hi Paul and crew, well done so far, amazing distance you’ve travelled !! What does a Mermaid wear to her maths class…. an Algae-bra !! keep up the good work Di

  822. Hi Matt, Just to let you know, we are taking your dad out tonight, celebrating him becoming a senior citizen. Think he qualifies for his bus pass. Keep up the good work, me & Ray are monitoring your progress always.

  823. Matt mason, you and your crew are doing awesome, keep it up all of you! Thinking of you everyday! X

  824. Morning James and team – I have just been sent this quote – no chance of disappointment with you guys even if you haven’t got a sail! – Keep going and stay safe. XX Lucinda “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sail. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

  825. remember to look at the moon!!
    yesterday I got 50 runs at cricket club do you think that is good?
    and I can’t believe you rowing
    love HENRY!!!!!!!

  826. Hi Simon and crew just heard from Mikey your rowing the Atlantic again. We send you our very best wishes and we will be watching your progress all the way. Go for it guys you can do it. Roger and Karen

  827. Morning Matthew and crew, I have become a boring mother ( I know Matthew..what do I mean become!) waking now at 4 am to check your progress…! Have a great day guys…check in later,
    Love mum xxx

  828. Yacoov its great you are getting some practise in. You may need to bring the boat with you when you are in the UK we have so much flooding, but seriously well done !. Amazing going. Love Amanda, Ant and kids

  829. Awesome work guys! Doing so well!! Matt inglesby I hope you have told your jokes you practiced on me “what you fancy doing today guys” mmmmmm “rowing?” Haha rowing for days!! Keep up the good work! Hib!

  830. Hey James and Team –
    You are doing brilliantly, we have become dot dotty in Hampshire too! Jamie asks if you have used the cream yet? Two Blondes are on opposite sides of the river, “How do I get to the other side?” hollered one blonde. “You are on the other side,” the other one hollered back.
    Lots of love from Harrisons xxx

  831. Goodnight Matthew…another great days rowing. Watching corrie without you taking the Pee takes some getting used to…but I’ll try :-)))
    Love you son…catch you tomorrow, Mum xxx

  832. Well done Ollie, keep going mate. Looking forward to seeing you when you are home for Harry Potter Cluedo! We’ve got your game plan Sussed right out?! Live Rosie and Mark xxx

  833. Bins flying around in the wind, heavy rain and no tennis tonight. Thinking of you constantly, keep going and we are fundraising round the clock to reach our goal.
    all our love xxxxxxxxxxx

  834. DAD I crept down stairs to write you letter. Don’t tell mum!!!! and
    I love you evry second!!! Henry

  835. Gav, thank you so much for my beautiful flowers, chocolate heart and inappropriate card…I wouldn’t expect anything else!!

    Asked my dad what on earth he meant by ‘keep that left arm straight’ and he just said ‘I dunno, will get him thinking though won’t it’ …that’s his sort of joke that me and my mum roll our eyes at while you two laugh your head off!!

    Was so lovely to speak to you today, I’ve updated your mum on everything. Love you loads and loads xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  836. Go James, go! You are no longer a dot on the map – you are making huge progress,” OARSOME!” Lots of love from the Smarts X

  837. Savannah I will be bringing splint a coat from the uk !!! Your all amazing see you in Barbados , splint you will have a nice Scottish plod coat xxx

  838. Happy Valentines Day Yaacov , we are watching the dot move and looking at the outstanding roses you sent both of us. We love you lots keep up the great rowing XXXX000000000000

  839. hi Dad,sorry but I’m lost for words because your rowing the Atlantic ocean!!Also Huge is coming and Katrina witch will be fun!Over and
    out!Lots of love FERGUS!!!!!!!!!
    P.S.Are you looking at the moon because I am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  840. Keep going James and team. Seriously impressive so far and it looks like you’ve kept it in a straight line! Whoever drew the short straw and finds themselves sleeping in that space in the hull – thoughts are with you – that’s what you call taking one for the team! Keep going. All the best, Harris family.

  841. Keep going James and team – half term has begun.
    YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!We are looking at the MOON Are you ?LOVE YOU DAD!!!!!!!!!! From MAXIMILIAN

  842. Hi Gav, thanks for the flowers, if you catch any fish I have got a few recipies for you. Keep that left arm straight. All the best

  843. hi ingo,i hope nobody got a anonymous valentine card on board today,it could be a long night with one eye open,keep rowing mate,dad

  844. Happy Valentines Day Big boys! I am thinking of you all. See you at the finishing line xx

  845. Keep going James and the team. You are missing absolutely nothing here in the UK. It is still raining , we are probably wetter than you. Give us a wave. Great progress.


  846. Hi Ollie, is that a ginger stowaway? Keep pushing the barriers … lots of love and encouragement Mum xx

  847. Doing good fat fingers Mason!! Got the Canadian accent thing tonight….that’s a new one! Hope your bums not too sore and you’re using that rubber ring to sit on! Also hope the tan’s coming along well with minimal white bits ;-) looks like you’re doing a great job, keep it up! Jb xx

  848. Come on Matt you can do it we want you home safely so that you can get us hot and steamy on those beds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep Going your mum and everyone is so so proud Tracey Collins

  849. We watch you prepare every day of our holiday in Mogan. Unfortunately missed you setting off as we came home that day. Sue and I, and the folks here are charting your impressive progress with admiration. We wish you every success in your enterprise.
    Haven’t donated to the cause yet, but we will!

  850. Pug, have you told the rest of the crew you can’t swim? Happy Valentine’s Day! Jimmy

  851. Happy valentines Day Matthew…you are my hero…love Mum xxxx
    Remember these are the days when ” someday this pain will be useful”
    Following the dot…will see ya later, x

  852. James you’re a total legend, resilience through and through!! To all the crew – keep going!!! Everyone is willing you all on!!! Thought you might like a couple quotes……’Attitude is the difference between ordeal and adventure’ and “Any damn fool can navigate the world sober. It takes a really good sailor to do it drunk.”
    -Sir Francis Chichester while loading his boat with gin!

  853. Happy Valentine’s Day!! First look this morning was at 5am from Max and he wanted to share the good news!! Keep going.
    ? xxxxxxx

  854. Wow. Over 10% of the way there already. Average Speed Since Start has increased every single time…..despite the inevitable Sea Sickness. What a completely superb crew.

  855. Hope you are enjoying the row as much as we are watching your amazing progress. Keep it up, our thoughts are with you all the time X

  856. James you are a machine. So proud of your achievements so far. If there is a man who can do it then it will be you. You are definately a superdad and Fiona and boys must be so proud. Good luck mate just remember enjoy the burn in the legs.

  857. The Chalkley household is obsessed with the AMAZING heroic efforts. Toby Wallace satellite is on every screen. The kids are screaming with joy every morning before breakfast! You are kicking ass James and team! Go go go!

  858. Good Morning Matt and Guys, keep going, you have made an excellent start – heros – all of you!!


  860. James you just redefined Hero status – sending your wife flowers while rowing the Atlantic!! Spare a thought for those at home who may have forgotten Valentine’s Day! XXL

  861. In the grip of mid-life crises
    Chaps take on various vices
    Fall head over heels
    Buy a flash set of wheels
    Only the bold decide to be Pisces

    Yaacov and team, you are AMAZING! Anne, Jim and Catherine

  862. Yaacov, just dotted you (thumbs up) for determination, pushing through to results, driven to achieve excellence, results orientation, and being an intense badass m.f. :-)

    You ROCK! BE SAFE!

  863. Yaacov, It looks like you guys are doing really well – moving at a great pace – keep it up! We are with you over here.

  864. You guys are amazing – flying along! keep up the good work. One for Stealth (Paul) – what type of shoes does a Ninja wear? Sneakers xx

  865. Great progress again, you’ll be doing there and back at this rate!

    Gav, I’ve got a romantic evening planned with Betty Lewis tomorrow, seen as though you ditched me on valentines day! Don’t worry, I will let you make it up to me when you get back :)

    Sending lots of love, keep going Gav, love your Kelly Woo :) xxxxxx

  866. Goodnight Matthew…your fundraising for Kerry is doing really well nearly £2000 raised. Will all be worth it…keep rowing matey,
    Love you, mum xxx

  867. Hi Gav

    Been watching you every day, you are all doing so well.

    Bring us home some fish and we’ll have lots of bacon butties for you when you come home!

    Keep safe, lots of love xxx

  868. Hi Simon & crew, you are going sooooo amazingly well – is it the Irn Brew or the Scots Porridge Oats giving you the umph! my last ‘dot’ watch of day, stay safe.Lesley xx

  869. Hi Matthew, wot’s occurin ?
    I won’t lie to you Rooney is just not happy ! So I got a pair of your dirty socks out of the wash to keep him cheerful. He is strangely Quiet at the moment …
    Keep goin. Luv Chris

  870. Hope you are keeping well Gav , I’m thinking of you . All is well here today after 105 miles p/h winds reported here yesterday . Love you loads. Well done to you all , p.s did you get your jacket mum xxxxxxxx. X

  871. James, thank you for my beautiful flowers. Henry can’t work out how they have arrived and convinced you popped home to deliver them! Boys discussed your progress at tea and we are in awe of the speed in which you are travelling…….
    all our love xxxxxxxx

  872. Puggy, a joke for you and Ferg. Why did the scarecrow get a promotion? Because he was outstanding in his field!! Will try to come up with a better one tomorrow! You’re doing so well. Keep rowing mate! C & E

  873. Winter Olympic medal hopes are not looking too good so were turning to you for inspiration.! Fantastic start, keep going…

    Luke & Kirsty

  874. blimey…..looks like it’s on. this must be the best start ever. keep safe. love Geoff x

  875. James – Ferg getting a bit frisky….Valentines Day tomorrow! Wish I could put him on your boat for a bit! Fiona sounding very strong. Can’t wait to see them all on Sat. x

  876. Savanna who’s splint ? We need to know how deep the snow is in Connecticut x. Dig deep boys were all watching xxx

  877. James – what you, your family and all the crew are doing is AWESOME. It’s inspirational stuff to follow your journey. Every pull of that oar gets you closer to your goal. Dig deep; you can do it.
    Sarah, Ross and the 4 little Pipers.

  878. James called today – sounds great and all rising to the punishing regime. He is loving all the messages and makes a huge difference.
    Keep going James, we are all routing for you.
    all love the team xxxxxxxx

  879. Keep going Jimbo – hope the socks not too smelly yet??! love from us all L,R,H and R

  880. James. Devizes-Westminster race training cancelled, too much water!! It appears you have gone from pibroch to jig time- well done, keep it going.

  881. James – South Africa are 140 for 6 at the end of Day Two in reply to the Aussies 397!
    All the best and keep it up!

  882. keep going dad you can do it love you every one said that i should be very proud of you and I ma, very proud. i am looking into the moon right now.
    love from Archie :) keep going

  883. Ollie + crew
    As of 4pm today you have rowed further than I drive from Wallingford to Porthleven, which knackers me and the car. So you lot are obviously better than the Qashki!!!


  884. keep it up uncle James! you’re all doing so well and its great to see the progress in such little time! you’re doing great!
    PS. If my exam results all have ‘F’ next to them, i’m blaming it on you!

  885. Hi Daddy, keep the dot moving. Every time I look at the website there are dots far apart from each other which means you guys are as speedy as a race car.
    Love Savannah:-)
    P.S. Now the snow is much, much higher then splint, you can’t even see his ears.

  886. We may have a blizzard with many inches of snow outside but we cozy in the house. I hope you guys a getting some nice weather there :-) Love Natalie & Savannah

  887. hi ingo,noticed you have seen dolphins and a turtle,have you seen any mersey trout yet??? dad

  888. Yaacov-another blizzard in Connecticut today – sea sickness notwithstanding I’d rather be with you than here. Keep rowing and get it over with!!!!!

  889. His name is Matt… he wears a hat…
    Hope cabin fever hasn’t kicked in yet buddy. So who is captain pugwash and who is Master bates then???

  890. James
    Celtic out of cup; Rangers still in: Liverpool 5 Arsenal1; Man U drew with Arsenal; KP swanning around: You win all round.Keep it up

  891. Unbelievable progress. Drive for the line and when you get back to Blighty you can row from London to Cardiff – across country!!

  892. Chalky, Prior, Mr. Williams and all Crew. Did you do a rain dance for us as you left? That’s all kit’s done since you left!
    Glad to hear that Cash Snr. made an appearance. I got a frantic call saying he couldn’t find you all. Gemma to the rescue!
    Mileage is great fellas. Will touch base soon.


  893. Hi James and crew, can’t believe the constant distance you are covering. It is brilliant – we are all hooked on watching you so none of you are alone! We are watching every move …..
    All our love Prior team xxxxxx

  894. Good morning crew your doing great , seems like everybody is following the dot ! Great to hear you on the radio Matt love mum xxxx

  895. Good morning James and crew. Its great to watch your progress on the tracker guys… never felt more awkward sitting here in my homely comfort, with cappuccino and almond croissant in hand. You’ve got real balls of steel…talking of which hope the chaffing isn’t too troublesome. Goodluck. Louise xx

  896. Puggy
    Looks like good progress on the map!
    Snowing here today and v cold
    Most of England under water from floods!!

  897. morning guys…great rowing again last overnight…now work are hooked on the dot!
    Hey matthew your dads jokes aren’t getting any better either! love you, Mum xxx

  898. IMPORTANT NEWS FOOTBALL UPDATE…man city and EVERTON games call of due to high winds blowing out of moyes i think who drew 0 0 with arsenal.,the S team from across the park were 1 0 then 2 1 down but won 3 2 in fergie time with a pen i could see it was never a pen on my radio,keep going ingo,next game sunday fa cup moyes has got the day off,dadx

  899. Keep going lads

    What is a fish’s favourite time of the day??

    Water to three xx

    Keep smiling
    Helen x

  900. Good Morning Matt and everyone,hope you had a good nights row, its good watching your progress, looking good, keep safe,xx

  901. How about some jokes to keep you going,
    What did the hurricane say to the coconut tree,
    Hold on to your balls its goin to be a big blow job.

  902. (Yaacov) Row row row your boat gently down the stream,merrily, merrily,merrily,merrily life is but a dream.Dad great job, proud of you.remember its all in the mind. When times get tough just breath and mabye do a little singing as where words fail music speaks. I love you and keep up the good work. Sending you love and light and protection. Love tasha

  903. Great Progress James putting the word out to raise the money. Very proud and keep it up. You’ll be a professional by the end of 31 days.

  904. James, we have just done the last dot watch of the day and are so impressed with the progress you are all making. I hope you have got your hook out the back!

  905. Ollie,
    Have new addiction …dot watch.
    Keeps me out of charity bookshops I’m cured.
    You guys are amazing.

  906. Like everyone else we are dot watching, really proud of you, Ollie, and all your team mates. Keep it up lots of love Nev and Els (Mum) x

  907. Hi James, message is spreading far and wide, keep going it is amazing what you are doing.
    We all miss you dreadfully but love what you are doing.
    All love the gang at Manchuria Road xxxx

  908. James, we are watching your progress with awe! The way you have come together as a crew is impressive. Every stroke gets you closer to that first ice cold beer and rum punch! They’ll be all the sweeter for your efforts. Keep the tremendous pace. Al, Lindsey, Finlay and Floraidh xxxx

  909. WOW…201 miles in 48 hrs, you are all inspirational!
    The dot is mesmerising and at this rate could cost me my job…
    Good night Matthew…love mum x

  910. Woohoo, 201 miles down!!!! Awesome start guys, keep this pace and you’ll smash the record!!!!!!

  911. Hey guys, so pleased to see you are making such good progress. Everyone very proud of you back home xxx
    “What did the Mummy sardine say to her children when they saw a submarine?
    Don’t worry, it’s only a tin of people xx”

  912. Well done Yaacov and team….you’re making fantastic progress! We’re thinking of you and following you. All the best! Helen and Chris xxx

  913. Matt Mason, we hear you have a sore backside already, why not try sitting on your rubber ring :-D x
    Joke for you all…
    What did one ocean say to the other when they met?…. Nothing, they just waved … He he xxx

  914. Hi James, row, row, row that boat … for all the people with Crohn’s or Colitis – you’re a hero and so is Fergus … love Suzi Clark xx

  915. Hello James, Good to watch the dot which is moving speedily! Looks like you are doing really well! Emily

  916. Well done guys. Great progress! :) Matt Inglesby the Everton Match was postponed because of the weather. I’ll keep you update. Keep Safe All. Love your favourite cousin Beckie :) xxx

  917. Daddy, you can do it I know you can !!!!!!! Keep up the good work I love you and watch your progress every day.
    Love Savannah XXXX000000

  918. Hi James, wonderful start well done – lots of spare water here if your short! Keep safe lots of love L, R, H and R

  919. Hey how’s you all doing? ??? Yeha you ain’t half going for it..
    Well done to you all.
    Matt get some more naked piccys on for us girlies….
    Make sure you cock your arse s right over the side of the dingy for toileting Haha Haha. …
    Keep up the good work were all glued to the dot xxxxx

  920. Keep up the good work matt, you and the crew are doing a great job.
    Hope you are all well,were tracking you all the way, all the best matt..

  921. throwing it down here your doing realy well matt keep it up me and my dad are tracking you from jayden joel

  922. Dolphins ! Tornados here in Lancashire throwing fish from the sea at fleetwood to you southerners it’s a small fishing town on the beautiful fylde coast can’t take my eyes of the dot ! Your doing great I hope the sickness wears off Matt stick a towel down your shorts !!!!

  923. well done keep going on the road. you are 500 km ceep going Archie

  924. Great to read the update on you all! I can’t believe how obsessed I have got with dot watching! You are doing an amazing job, keep it up!

    Gav, I hope you’ve not been sea sick, missing you so so much.
    Love, your bird :) xxxx

  925. A stonkingly quick start. Blimey!!
    Hugely impressive. James, you must badly want that dinner at Boodles!! Well done all you brave rowers. We are all watching. KBO.

  926. best of luck guys ,matt already got you a keg of guiness behind the bar in the dome for your welcome home party, god bless c u soon carol & ian.

  927. Superb start Matt and the guys. Wishing you all the best of luck and decent weather for a safe and speedy crossing!

  928. Hi Gav & the Crew. You are all doing realy well, Watching your on satellite. Alan & Jane Kelly,s aunt & uncle.

  929. Hi Matt and the team
    tracking you as we speak,well done and keep safe and dry.
    Best Wishes
    Outdoor megastore Ltd

  930. Keep going James – everyone is behind you and it looks like you are flying!
    All our love Fiona xxx

  931. Genuinely very excited Mace by this adventure!!!! Keep looking at the satellite pic! You can do it mate!
    Then you can cycle the globe afterwards!!!!!!!!

  932. His name is Matty Mason… He can row a boat all day.. This poem isnt going very well… I’ve ran out of things to say!
    All the best mate. Miss you
    Dave and the PRMC lads

  933. Good Luck James and all the crew, the Brooker family are right behind you !!.. Thank you for what your doing it means a lot to us as our son has been suffering with colitis for 3 years now and we hate what this disease does to him. Seeing him suffer when he has a flare up is awful !!… Will be donating and following your journey :)…. Lots of good luck to you all, best wishes and good health to Fergus :) x

  934. yo ingo,hows it goin lar,chelsea drew with west brom 1 1 last night,victor scored again,going to see our team EVERTON tonight with ray,will give them a cheer from you,keep rowing and watch out for whale farts,cheers mate,dad

  935. Neither of us could sleep last night so we got out of bed and did some sit ups in honor of you James …..with you all the way…day and night! xx

  936. As the wife of a colitis sufferer who is having his final (fingers crossed) surgery today , what you are doing means an awful lot – thank you, good luck and may the force be with you! And Fergus!

  937. Thank you guys. As a daughter of a colitis sufferer and recently being diagnosed with crohns myself, I can’t tell you how much this charity means to our family. I’m humbled by your efforts.
    Keep rowing and keep strong!

  938. Matt and Crew your right on track well done. avenue parades DONE !! Have a great day were on it all the way with you

  939. James, the Chalkley gang are with you all the way…..clocking in at all times. You are a huge inspiration to us all. Great pace from you and your team…..amazing.

  940. James + Team

    Will be tracking you closely… think what you are doing is amazing…


  941. James, everyone at INVOLVE is so proud of you and behind you every stroke of the way.
    May the (gale) force be with you.

  942. Morning!
    Fantastic pace you’re setting…absolutely in awe…have a good day guys :-)
    Love Mum xx

  943. Following you with Mum…you are doing really well, miss you loads and see you in a month,
    Love grandma x

  944. Good morning all from a wintery Skye – you are a wonderful inspiration as we set out on a new day –

  945. Well done guys keep going. Most of my time at school now spent discussing your progress and tracking you! Keep safe xx Lucinda

  946. Yakov – row row row your boat gently up the waves, merrily merrily merrily in the rain. Keep safe, keep floating and keep to the other side. lots of love

  947. Impressive.
    First 24hrs and on target.
    Can only imagine the thresholds you are all crossing.
    Look after each other.

  948. James,
    UFFopened their season on Monday too. Tom P had 9 kelts with his his hurdy-gurdy. Get back soon and join in the fun.

  949. Yaacov and Team, just loving watching you guys making such great progress!!! Looking forward to meeting you all soon. Love Natalie XXXX

  950. James-
    should you not just have stayed with the canoe on Loch Dunvegan?
    Lots of love D&R

  951. 24 hours in the bag – we are watching the dot constantly and willing you a safe journey. Keep going. All our love xxxxxx

  952. James, guys, we are so impressed with what you are setting out to achieve! Best of luck! What is your team song that you will be belting out as you row across the Atlantic? In those moments of monotony you can always try that Python Classic “always look on the bright side of life” and call out those Brian quotes…:-)
    Bon vent! John, Andy and family

  953. We’ll done Jimmy P, your Godson is tracking you in his ICT lesson every day as no one at school believes he has such a heroic Godfather. Good luck and masses of love from us all. Will, Bean ,Ottie and Jemima

  954. Hello Yaacov – a perfect time to be on a rowing cruise across the Atlantic -the coldest two weeks in February in recent history in CT, plenty of snow.
    Just imagine -no shoveling snow on your boat!

  955. It was an utter privilege to be in Gran Canaria to watch the guys head off last night. Having spent two days with them, I can say they were in excellent spirits and raring to go. Wishing you the very best of luck guys for a safe and record breaking crossing to Barbados. You can do it!!!!!

  956. Yaakov,. You are doing what most of us can only dream about. Stay strong and keep it up. Dinner on me when you arrive in North America.

  957. Good Luck James – really thinking of you all and hope the weather is better than it is here! Be careful!

  958. You’re our hero James and the coolest dude uncle ever. Keep working on those muscles! We know you can do this.xx

  959. I spy with my little eye a Caribbean island beginning with …..
    Go James, GO! We are all thinking of you – hell what an adventure. Stay strong, dig deep, all love from the Harrison clan

  960. we would like to know if you have seen any exciting sea life yet? keep calm and carry on rowing. persevere ! we think you should get a gold medal, to barbados and beyond!!!

  961. Have you had occasion to splice the mainbrace yet? We’re all toasting your heroic effort anyway! Keep strong and savour the adventure…

  962. James,
    I hope you are enjoying your Olympics. Sod Sochi, we are more interested in your live tracker than anything else.

    Enjoy, great cause, we are thinking about you all
    Best of luck
    Stuart and Lara