Eat Sleep Row Repeat

Another day on the oars for both crews.  And progress continues at much the same pace as the previous days.  The Toby Wallace gained some speed during yesterday afternoon, but slowed a little overnight.   They have accelerated again today.   The  Fire Ant girls have rowed slightly less distance than yesterday, but due to a slightly more westerly track have actually travelled a little more towards Barbados.

The crews have now passed the 2000 miles to go mark.  One noticeable effect of the distance they have rowed west is the sun now rises and sets significantly later.   In the next few days both crews will reset their boat clocks to move the rowing watches an hour backwards.  This will mean the sunrise watch will remain at sunrise.

One of the pleasures of the row is watching the sunrise.  The endless skies make for some spectacular sunrises. The sunsets although equally spectacular are viewed less by the rowing watch as the sun is at their backs in the evening.

The weather continues favour our rowers and seems to be set to do so for some time yet .