Both crews were entertained throughout much of last night by lightening storms.   These storms were some way from the boats and the night remained dry.

Toby Wallace continue their impressively straight track.  Simon intends to continue this track for a few more days.  Their night row was livened up a little by the their first Flying Fish landing on deck.   This will give the crew the opportunity to play a game that is probably unique to ocean rowers – Flying Fish Roulette!    The rowers will divide the deck area between them. When a flying fish lands on that area, the rower wins a suitable refreshment at the finish!  If the fish hits them and then lands in their area, the refreshment count is doubled.

Simon was keen to hear Saturdays football score today. As an avid Leicester supporter he was very pleased with the result.  The Six Nations rugby results were also pleasing to most of the crew.

Both crews broke one oar gate overnight and have replaced them from spares.

The Fire Ant crew saw a slight increase in their 24 hour distance made good. We hope this trend continues as they change to a slightly more westerly route and the weather fills in behind them.   Jane was spending some time on her off watch continuing to test possible solutions to their automatic steering problem.  Gemma is looking forward to sitting on a seat that does not move and drinking tea.    They report temperatures are beginning to rise, though it is still a little chilly at night.

The girls have asked me to remind you that they are raising money for Barnardo’s Children Charity and the Forces Children’s Trust. They would like to thank everyone who has donated at:

Both crews continue to enjoy your messages.  Ewan on TW would like to pass a personal thanks to Grid for their message.

The weather continues to look good for impressive trans-ocean times.