500 Done

Both crews have now passed the significant milestone of 500 miles rowed.

Toby Wallace is now further west than the Fire Ant, having passed them during the day.

Fire Ant are now on a more southerly track, running with the wind.  They continue to have some issues with their automatic steering, but they have found they can quite effectively trim steer. This means they can manually set the rudder at a specific angle and leave it set for a long period of time to control their direction of travel.   Their current more southerly route should hopefully keep them in favourable conditions for the foreseeable future.

Toby Wallace have had another day of going slightly slower than they would like, but remain in good spirits. over the passed two days, it seems both boats were heading for the same piece of sea.  But during the day the crew of Toby Wallace snuck passed the girls.  It is likely Fire Ant will cross the track of the Toby Wallace crew later tonight.

Both teams report they are all well and are now acclimatised to life at sea. The each enjoyed knowing the first 500 miles is done.    They should both reach the next big milestone, 2000 miles to go shortly.  Next it is 1000 done and then half way!