Surfs up again.

Today it was the turn of the Toby Wallace crew for a spot of ocean surfing. Simon reports the boat lifting up  and surfing ahead of a wave at an incredible 17.8 knots (20MPH or 33KPH).   With yesterdays rudder repair, they were still able to achieve 60 nautical miles in 24 hours. Surfing and a good average pace should see them well into the eighties in this period.  Hopefully this is the start of them winning back a few miles on the record.

The Fire Ant Ladies took some time out to repair their broken oar and are pleased with early testing.  Being further east, they are experiencing some choppy conditions. Their 45 miles is a good achievement in the circumstances. The sea should start to become more consistent for them soon.

Today we would like to mention a charity Richard is supporting.   Thames Valley Air Ambulance.  The most rapid emergency medical response in the Thames valley area. They are a charity that only exist due to the generosity of their donors.

To answer a question asked by 11 year old Archie Westwood.   The longest the crew row for in one go is 4 hours – on a night watch.  The other watch can get almost 4 hours sleep then.  In all they each row for 12 out of every 24 hours.

Pictured below, Roger, Richard and Graham, modelling TVAA t-shirts – Richard is the young one in the middle! They may look like they are doing a (very english) Haka, but in fact it is a rather understated Usain Bolt.