Breaking Waves

It is an almost inevitable fact that when small boats are exposed to big oceans things can break.  Both our crews carry spares and tools to help make repairs. Today the spares and tools on both boats are getting used.

In the early hours of this morning Toby Wallace’ rudder post (connecting rudder and steering quadrant) sheered in half.   They put a drogue out for a few hours whilst they made repairs and waited for the glue to set.

In the early morning light, Murray put on the safety harness, tied on a line and jumped in with the repaired rudder. With Simon leaning out of the aft hatch they were able to refit the rudder and are now underway and making good speed again.

The Toby Wallace travelled another 80 miles towards barbados in the 24 hours to midnight. Their current average pace puts them slightly outside of record, but the second half of the row is typically faster than the first. So we expect them to make up some time.

Meanwhile the Fire Ant crew managed a creditable 53 nautical miles in the 24 hours to 10 AM.  They report having a dark night of very confused seas.  This is due to distant weather systems to the north and south pushing some waves into their area, while the locally generated waves are moving west.  The westerly moving waves should become dominant over the next 36 hours and improve conditions for the girls.

Not to be outdone by the Toby Wallace, Fire Ant broke an oar later this afternoon.  They will make repairs to maintain their usable oar complement.

Both crews are still in good spirits, looking forward to better weather ahead and a comfy bed in Barbados.